The success board

Vision board by Rocky Mountain High on Flickr
Vision board by Rocky Mountain High on Flickr

Many of you probably know what a vision board is. It is a board where you collect pictures and texts that symbolize everything that you want and wish to achieve in life. For great results, hang it in a visible place where you are reminded daily of everything that you want to attract and create.

I have however met many who would be as much in need of a success board, to show them what they have already accomplished. When life feels cloudy and dark it can be difficult to see that one has achieved anything at all. Then it is great to stand in front of the success board and recollect.
– I’ve actually managed to quit smoking. I have recovered after assault and I exercise regularly. I have found out why I feel bad, and although I still do not feel well, it is a big step toward feeling good in the future. Perhaps life isn’t pitch black anyway.

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