The Sea cow that taught me a lesson

I had a little left of several different kinds of cubensis mushrooms.
– Mushrooms are mushrooms, I thought to myself. The active ingredient is still psilocybin.
After drinking the tea with the mushroom mixture I lay down to meditate.

Cacophony and anger.
A variety of entities tried to speak at the same time.

It was an effort to regain some sort of control. I managed to make contact with an entity that resembled a Sea cow. It calmed the others down and then explained to me in detail how incredibly stupid and disrespectful I was to have mixed all these different entities. Although we humans with our rudimentary knowledge of chemistry can trace a specific chemical formula in all these mushrooms, they are by no means the same. Each plant has its own specific energy. It has an origin and has grown in a specific place. A wild Swedish Liberty cap is very different from a grown Cambodian Cubensis, even if the effects can seem similar. Plant teachers come with different skills, the Sea cow explained.

After that I got to meet each entity separately and thoroughly apologize and promise never to mix them again. I was really ashamed of myself.

Photo: Endangered Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus) by David Hinkel

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