My first meeting with Ishmael and Liv

Cincinnati - Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum Angel in Contemplation by David Ohmer on Flickr
Cincinnati – Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum Angel in Contemplation by David Ohmer on Flickr

One winter my girlfriend, I and three friends got the opportunity to take care of an isolated retreat farm. Already at the first visit my girlfriend noticed a male figure in the bushes behind the house. She pointed to him, but I saw nothing. When we moved in it did not take many days before two of my friends, without having mentioned anything of the sort before, told me that they felt a grumpy man’s presence behind the house.

One of my friends used a ouija board when he was younger, so we decided to see if we could get in contact that way. Immediately we got a strong contact with two spirits who told us that they were stuck in the old cellar behind the house. A third spirit, the grumpy man, was unconsciously stopping them from passing on. He was angry for everything; for life’s injustices. His wife died at childbirth a few years before him and since the man and the two boys died in an accident a few years later, he wandered around looking for her.

Eventually we got in contact with the grumpy man’s wife, who had passed over to the other side. The spirits on the other side gave us guidance and at one point we were asked to go to an old altar with a cross and pray. None of us are Christian, but we realized that we needed to work from the belief that the spirits had, not our own. We prayed, and after a few minutes we felt a mighty presence that gave us goose bumps. We went in and were in contact with the archangel Ishmael, who travels through the cross and helps spirits over to the other side. From him we received instructions to go to the church of St. Olof and pray to God to receive the spirits. Ishmael would bring them along and pass them on from there.

We followed the instructions and after a while at the church we felt an immense relief. We went back and found that it felt like the farm had exhaled. To ensure that it had all worked, we got in contact with Ishmael.

Mirjam aka Liv and me.
Mirjam aka Liv and me.

He confirmed that the work was completed. The spirits who had been stuck had moved on. To round off the conversation we asked if Ishmael had anything more to tell us and he said:
– Yes. Sara, Mother. And Daniel, Father.
A shudder went through us. We had not had any plans to become parents yet. Then Ishmael said:
– Do you want to talk to her? She is here now.

There began the conversation with Liv, our future daughter.

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3 thoughts on “My first meeting with Ishmael and Liv”

  1. I have been speaking with Ishmael for years. He refers to me as Little One. I thought I was crazy until I realized he has reached out to many. So gives me the conformation I was seeking. He never steers me wrong.

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