The difference between different spirit beings

Sometimes people ask me how I can be certain that I was actually speaking to an angel or such. How can I know that it wasn’t some other spirit just leading me on? Well, when communicating with the spirit world it is easy for me to feel the difference between entities. They feel completely different to each other.

There is much more to know on the subject than what I can tell you. I can only tell you what I have firsthand experience of.

First of all people seem to have different resonances going into communication with the spirit world. I seldom attract anything other than pure, helpful energies, or energies that are in need of my help. It’s just the way that I am wired. I also seem to come with a finely tuned bullshit sensor, because the few times that I have been in contact with entities that might be misleading or considered dark, I have laughed out loud and dismissed them. These energies feed off our fear and insecurity, and in contact with the spirit world I am not afraid. And no, I’m not going to knock on wood while saying so, because they are nothing more than shadows.

Moving on.

Being in contact with a ghost, as I would call a deceased person that hasn’t passed over, is like speaking to someone who is drunk. The ghost hasn’t moved on, because it is confused, and it might not even know that it is dead. There is nothing inherently evil or bad in a ghost. It’s just a confused spirit that needs help.

A spirit that has moved on, on the other hand, is in the light and sees things clearly. Such a contact might be very clear and have access to the higher truths. When I first began communicating with spirits at this level it was easy to believe that everything they said was true. I still have great faith in them, but I have come to realize that they still have a personality, an ego, and might have an interest in what they are saying. One mustn’t confuse being in contact with higher truths, with being enlightened.

Now those types of energies are quite different from angels. I have been in contact with three different kinds of angels. Guardian angels and helper angels are just really nice energies, helpful a caring, and seem to be beyond or without ego.

Energetically archangels are a very different story. The archangels I have met are huge and radiant. If you have one close by, you will notice, because it fills up the room. At the very least you should notice when it leaves, because it leaves an energetic vacuum behind. It’s similar to the empty feeling that arises if someone is sitting really close for a long while, and all of a sudden decides to leave. The archangels have very archetypical energies with a purpose, such as overseeing life, death and transformation (Ishmael) or helping in healing (Raphael).

Romanian tanks attack during Combined Resolve II by 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command on Flickr
Romanian tanks attack during Combined Resolve II by 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command on Flickr

Returning to the initial question – how can I be sure it isn’t another spirit just leading me on? Well, because I have had contact with quite a few different entities by now, I have familiarized myself with them and my bullshit sensor isn’t going off. If you are speaking to an archangel, you will most likely know that it is an archangel you are speaking to. For me it just isn’t plausible that a shadow would be able to imitate an archangel, because their energetic signatures are so vastly different. It’s kind of like asking about this tank: “how do you know that it isn’t just a Mini Cooper masquerading as a tank?” Well, I must always leave room for a little slither of doubt, but I would be extremely surprised if that were the case. In fact, I find the notion so farfetched that I’m not even going to investigate it. Tell me if you find anything else that suggests that this tank is actually a Mini Cooper, and I might have a look.

Photo: I’m just walking with a ghost And it’s walking by my side by Instill Moments on Flickr

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2 thoughts on “The difference between different spirit beings”

    1. Om du vill ta kontakt med andra sidan så tycker jag i så fall att du ska göra det tillsammans med någon som är trygg och kunnig, som kan garantera att det känns säkert, såsom ett professionellt medium. Att vara rädd attraherar sådant som skrämmer, på samma sätt som att hundar verkar dras till människor som är rädda för dem.

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