“I have overcome alcoholism, sex addiction and trauma”

Shaman, Life coach, Psychedelic medicine

Daniel has helped me work on my personal development for about a year now. Before that I have gone to several ordinary therapist and psychologists, but Daniel is far beyond anyone else I have spoken to before. One thing I very much appreciate with him is that he is very available. He sets aside plenty of time for a session and it is always possible to get in contact with him between sessions.

Photo: Grasp the wine by Brad Higham on Flickr
Photo: Grasp the wine by Brad Higham on Flickr

With his support I have overcome alcoholism and sex addiction, and I have also been able to work through much of the trauma that has left me with. It isn’t he who has solved these problems of mine, but he has rather helped me to find and deal with them myself, which is much more powerful. I haven’t just solved a problem – I have learnt how to solve it myself.

Another thing I very much appreciate is that he is very straight forward in his communication. He finds what is important and addresses it without tip-toeing around things.

As part of my process we have also used psychedelics, which has been a fantastic help. He is very knowledgeable in that area and I have felt very safe with him.


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“He creates a space that feels safe and loving”

Life coach, Speaker

I came in contact with Daniel as I was going through a tough life-transition. At that time I was experiencing some confusion regarding moving on from a past relationship, and facing some emotional challenges in life. We sat down and talked about what I was going through and what help I needed.

During the following weeks Daniel helped me discover tools that I had with me that I could use to find balance in my life and be present with what I experienced. He helped me untangle some negative thought patterns I had about my self-worth and replace them with a healthier and more constructive perspective.

I think that Daniel is an attentive listener with a lot of compassion and understanding for the human struggles we all go through. He himself has undergone a healing journey for many years, and he brings that life experience with him in the meetings with others. When listening he creates a space that feels safe and loving, and with all of his knowledge he has helped me understand myself better.

I warmly recommend anyone going through emotionally or spiritually challenging times to contact Daniel and see how he can help.

Daniel is also a great speaker. I had the privilege of attending a lecture he gave about his unique journey from addiction to love and spiritual wholeness. It is with part humor, part seriousness and a lot of knowledge that he talks about the experiences that brought him to where he is today.


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“Daniel is genuinely interested”

Shaman, Life coach

Daniel has worked with me during several occasions and I find him very soothing and humble. Whenever we talk or discuss my opinions or experiences he always hold them as valid, he is genuinely interested in what I say and is very good at asking the ‘right’ kind of questions.

He gets you to think, to reflect, to reveal and to shift perspectives.

For me feeling safe is key, and Daniel is one of the few men that I feel safe around, I know he would never harm or hurt me in anyway. He would push me by asking and digging around in my opinions and thoughts but he would never cross any lines to make me feel uncomfortable.

I respect him deeply for what he has gone through and for what he has done for me and taught me and I highly recommend his service to anyone who is willing to dig a little deeper.


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“The real thing”

Life coach, Psychedelic medicine

When I met Daniel I had only ever tried alcohol and cannabis but my spiritually inclined friends had talked quite a lot about hallucinogenic mushrooms, Ayahuasca and other hallucinogens. Listening to them I heard a calling within that this was a path for me also, but I am a cautious person so I wanted someone who could guide me properly.

I found several shamans travelling around doing group sessions, but that didn’t feel quite right for me. Having researched it all a little more I landed in three things that felt especially important to me. I wanted a guide who spoke my native tongue (Swedish), I wanted a one-on-one session and I wanted someone who really knew what they were doing.

Eventually I found Daniel and I knew right off the bat that he was the real thing. He asked me questions about my life and purpose that made me think and he really listened to my answers.

I was excited when we agreed to do a psychedelic journey together. I didn’t have a big question or problem going into it. I just wanted to know what it could give me, which I understood afterwards was more than I could ever imagine.

The day that we were going to go on our journey Daniel gave me an extensive lecture on how to use hallucinogens safely and how to handle challenging situations. As it turned out I didn’t need any of the safety tips, but knowing it all made me feel very safe and also safe that Daniel knew what he was doing.

Picture: 2016-01-03 strolling among the forget-me-nots of the angels by Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr
Picture: 2016-01-03 strolling among the forget-me-nots of the angels by Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr

We began with a cleansing ceremony and after we took the hallucinogens we meditated with them. I immediately had a very clear connection with my body where my body told me what I needed to change to take care of myself properly.

After the meditation we went out into the woods where I lost all track of time. We walked and laughed and talked and cried. I didn’t realize it, but my life was stuck in so many ways. I was in a relationship that wasn’t right for me, I was doing far too much for others and too little for myself. The hallucinogens helped me immensely by letting me see things in a new light, let go of old patterns and Daniel helped me by asking the right questions, telling stories from his own life and by summarizing what I had understood.

I slept for 12 hours that night. The next day we spoke some more and it was great to have Daniel help me remember what I had realized that night. I often felt confused and unable to put things into words, but Daniel always seemed to be crystal clear and sober. I guess that is why he could remember everything we had talked about so well.

Although I didn’t have that expectation I got a lot to work with after that experience and I know I will be coming back to it. When I do so I will definitely ask Daniel to guide me, not only because he obviously knows a lot about hallucinogens, but because he is a super good coach and knows more than most about growing spiritually.


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“He helps me see challenging truths and is a great support”

Life coach

Daniel has really helped me move forward in my spiritual and personal development. He has helped me structure what I want and need to work on with myself and has given me interesting and helpful exercises to do so. He helps me see challenging truths and is a great support in my process.


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“His wisdom is unique”

Storyteller, Writer, Speaker

Daniel really knows how to convey stories, paint scenarios and further knowledge through the written word. His talent shines through via his blog posts to where he speaks out as a father, rebel, prankster, life guide, shaman, lover, (former) addict, friend and deep philosopher. Also he lays himself bare as friend sharing his most private stories face to face and through his writing.

The wisdom behind it all is unique in how it speaks to the reader on a level of mutual respect. This makes the whole experience graspable in way that you are entertained, get all those wonderful “Aha! Never thought of or look at it like that!” resolutions and personal epiphanies.

Daniels talents with words continue to show when he stands in front of you and tells his tales out loud. The melody of how he speaks enchants and takes you in. The weight of his words show the immense experience on the different subjects and topics.

He is also a great listener and takes your questions to heart. Acknowledges them with proper respect and time to give a well thought through answer, looking upon it from different perspectives.

Daniel is a person that can open eyes to new sights and make you find new aspects of yourself. He has both enriched me and my life and continues to do so and I’m truly grateful for it!


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“I am amazed”

Shaman, Life coach, Psychedelic medicine

I had major issues related to my feelings of low self worth and with self destructive behaviours with sex. When we met for the first time Daniel told me to have reasonable expectations, that even if psychedelics can be miraculous I shouldn’t expect miracles. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear then. I wanted a quick fix.

Before that first psychedelic session I thought that we would spend a year or more trying to fix me. We ended up doing three psychedelic sessions and perhaps six coaching sessions. Between them all I had plenty of homework to deal with. It all took three to four months and I covered more ground in that time than I have even come close to in the several years I have had therapy and done yoga.

Looking back I am amazed at how quick it all went, but it was far from a quick fix. It was quick and it fixed me, but we both put a lot of work into it and I learnt a lot about myself.


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