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8 steps to get in contact with angels

Question: l really want to connect with angels and l feel a very strong energy when l do my meditation. Is there a way to connect with them? Thanks so much. Peace&love Cansu

There are lots of things you can do to connect with angels. I don’t have a ready list in my head, but here are 8 steps that come to mind. Please feel free to give additional tips on how to get in contact with angels in the comment section.

1. Relax.

Things generally come to us when we are ready for them, not by us forcing them or trying to hunt them down. This might be the perfect time for you to open up for contacts with angels, or it might be to soon. If it is too soon, and you don’t manage to get in contact, don’t be dissappointed. Accept what is right now and be open to what you are receiving, instead of chasing what you aren’t receiving.

2. Trust your intuition.

I can give you tips on how to do, but always trust your own intuition first. Be open to messages from the spirit world on how to go forward. If I say fire, water might be the answer for you. If I use my words to ask for something, you might be more comfortable visualizing what you are asking for. Let others inspire you, but trust yourself.

Guardian Angel by Thomas on Flickr.
Guardian Angel by Thomas on Flickr.

3. Invite contact.

If you want to work with angels, invite them to work with you. Do this in whatever way you like. I would do it by getting into a meditative state, so that my thoughts aren’t all over the place, and then simply asking for the contact. I would do that by speaking out loud, since I feel that I give my words more power in that way. I also light candles and say a blessing each day, which I trust creates an atmosphere which is open to angels, but I don’t feel that there is a need for ceremony in contacting the spirit world. A simple hello will do. What is important is that your intention is good and your approach respectful. I find that a simple hello is far more respectful than a ceremony without heart.

4. Find out what your predominant sense is.

When I began having contacts with angels I went around thinking that I couldn’t speak to them, because I had the misconception that one spoke with angels by pictures or words. That was how my girlfriend got the information, so I was trying to copy her. It was almost a year later that I realised that my primary sense is touch and feeling. I need to approach such contacts with feeling first. After that I might get pictures, but I always feel first. You might already have contact with angels, but if you’re trying to hear them, perhaps you are missing that they are pushing you around.

5. Be precise.

When you ask for a contact it often helps if you are precise. Now I’m not saying always, because many of my contacts are on the contrary such that I haven’t actually asked for them before. They just happen when they are needed, and then I act as a channel. But when you want to approach this in a conscious fashion, precise is good. You might have a certain area of your life that you need help with, or you might have some question that you are struggling with. Don’t just say “I wish I could get in contact with something”, because that will open the door for something to get in contact regarding anything, which might not be for your benefit. Rather say “I would like to have contact with a kind angel that can help me figure out what to do next in life”, or something like that.

6. Practice.

Find some kind of practice to get in contact. I would suggest meditation, as it seems to be a tool that works well for you, but it could be in prayer, walking, lighting candles or even in work. Here again it is important to find a form which suites you and your needs. Be open to suggestions sent your way.

Angel by metropilot on Flickr.
Angel by metropilot on Flickr.

7. Trust in yourself and your contact.

Many people get caught up in doubting their experiences, which hinders them from advancing. You need to take a leap of faith and accept what you are experiencing. There will always be room for a healthy amount of doubt, but we tend to doubt things far too much. If it is needed, go through your doubt routine, and then put your doubts aside, or you will be stuck in them.

8. Be thankful.

This is an important point in any work, and one that we often forget. Be thankful and show appreciation for the help that you have just received. Also, from time to time, think back to how things were before you had done any of this. Think back on your first steps and challenges that were difficult then. When you do so, you will cultivate a sense of movement, but also a sense of gratefulness for all that you have learnt and achieved.

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