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Setting people up for a bad experience

Generally speaking we get what we expect because when we expect something we will be on the lookout for that experience and we will interpret things with a bias towards what we expect.

With that in mind let me say a few words about drug education in Sweden (although I guess this to be true in many countries). The drug education in Sweden is nothing less than fear mongering propaganda. The entire focus of the education is on dangers, which are either extremely exaggerated or just outright lies. Anyone who uses any substance, no matter how often or why, will be labelled an addict and other views are strictly oppressed. As if that wasn’t bad enough Swedish drug education never teaches people how to handle bad experiences.

So what does all this lead to?

Well, if you are expecting a bad experience you are much more likely to have one, so what the propaganda machine is actually doing is programming people to be afraid and thus making them more susceptible to bad experiences. And when people occasionally do have bad experiences they are not at all equipped to handle them. Now if that isn’t an asshole move I don’t know what is.

Luckily most of us weren’t actually paying attention during class. Looking back I have realized that my drug education didn’t come from school. It came from The Beatles. They didn’t actually talk a lot about drugs, but they sure showed us what great creative fun they can be when done properly.

Photo: The Bandit Beatles by ㇹヮィㇳ on Flickr

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