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An audio hug

My first recorded song ever – a calming healing song in Swedish meant to remind us to relax and breathe when life is overwhelming.

A big thank you and a hug to everybody who has helped me!

Johan Borgström, Sasha Nielsen, Susanna Dalla-Santa, Fredrik Carlsson, Mirjam Wilby, Luma Nielsen, Irmgard Stünkel, Pétur Pétursson, Jonathan Nertlinge, Alexander Ravenna, Naysha Silva Romero, Sierenna Wilk, Molle Nifkin, Johan Malmborg and Patrick Bongart.

This is a Swedish translation of Ze Franks wonderful Chillout song.

Photo: from our recording session.
Sasha Nielsen on the hang drum and Johan Borgström on the guitar.

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Reconstruction under way

I have seen this coming for some time, but I have been too comfortable in my routines to actually do it. Now I have reached the point where I really need to do it, in order to be able to do other things.

This blog has been bi-lingual from the start – Swedish and English. English is my mother tounge, but having lived in Sweden since I was a child my Swedish is better. I had two reasons to start blogging in English. One was to reach readers outside Sweden, which this blog has really done. The other was to improve my English, which I have also done.

But there has been one definitive down side to blogging bi-lingual and that is the translation work. It is really boring, sucks energy out of me and slows me down considerably. I often have posts lying around waiting to be translated.

The past month I have looked at possibilities to open up new social channels and I am super excited to do so, but I need time. So now, long over due, I am going to do what I should already have done. I am switching over to English.

It will take some time to get everything in place, so give me some patience and a week or so. When I’m done with that I’ll show you the new stuff I’ve been fiddling around with. I think you’ll like it.

Photo: Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction by Wayne National Forest on Flickr

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