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A New Year resolution to be true to

You can only control what you are aware of.
What you aren’t aware of controls you.


We often find ourselves being pushed around by such things like old habits that we are unaware of, past programming that is no longer relevant or blockages that we have managed to forget about. The only way we can change these old patterns is by first becoming aware of them. That is why raising awareness is at the very core of handling any change you need to do in your life. It is at the very beginning of the process and nothing can be done without it.

If you need to raise your awareness in order to work with change it therefore goes without saying that you should avoid drugs and medicines that numb you and lower your awareness. Common drugs that should be avoided are alcohol, opiates and pharmaceutical antidepressants. Caffeine, nicotine and cannabis are also numbing when used on a daily or close to daily basis. Junk food and sugar are also really bad for awareness.

Things that will raise your awareness include meditation, exercise, mindful sex, good food cooked from scratch, herbs, hugs and playing. This is of course also why psychedelic medicines are such powerful agents of change, because they drastically raise our awareness.

So do you want a tip for a New Year resolution that will help you immensely and that you can always find new ways of being true to? Promise yourself to be more aware this coming year. Instead of focusing in on one specific, such as exercise, see the bigger picture. It all comes down to awareness and you can become more aware in so many different ways. Give yourself a bigger promise this year, and at the same time make it one that you can keep.

Make 2016 all about awareness.

Photo: amber us by Shannon Kringen on Flickr

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Living what you preach

A mother came to Mahatma Gandhi with her son.
– Please Mahatma, tell my son to stop eating sweets, she begged. He eats far too much sugar and it is not good for him.
Mahatma took a look at them and them simply replied:
– Come back in three weeks.

Three weeks went by and the mother once again came with her son.
– Please Mahatma, tell my son to stop eating sweets. It is making him sick.
Mahatma looked over at the son and said:
– You need to stop eating sweets. Sugar is really bad for you.

After a short silence the mother asked:
– I was here asking you to tell him the same just three weeks ago. Why couldn’t you just have told him then?
– Well, three weeks ago I myself ate sugar. I needed to stop eating sugar before I could tell you son to do the same.[:]

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Substances that hurt us

How dangerous are different drugs actually?

The following is an excerpt from a channeling about substances, where two lists were presented. The first is an exact list. These substances are very dangerous and the list is sorted according to how dangerous they are. In the second list are some examples of substances that can be dangerous if we use them incorrectly. It is not sorted.

Inviting The Eye by Derrick Tyson on Flickr
Inviting The Eye by Derrick Tyson on Flickr

1. Heroin and other opiates
2. Alcohol
3. Nicotine
4. Amphetamine
5. Cocaine

∙ Cannabis
∙ Caffeine
∙ Sugar
∙ Ketamine
∙ Mescaline
∙ 2CB

You do not mention mushrooms, DMT or LSD. How come?
– The gods have given you psychedelics. They are not to be considered as drugs, but rather as keys to speak with the gods.

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