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Heart opening at the Tivoli

Paying three Euros for a single ride at the children’s Tivoli felt like a total rip off. Three Euros for a ride that does absolutely nothing but go round in a circle for a few minutes. But as any good parent I payed the absurd sum and let her climb into a silly little car.

She rode the ride and every time she came around she waved to me. She was smiling and laughing and I was so utterly filled with joy seeing her so happy that I couldn’t buy more tickets fast enough. I had found my new favourite ride at the entire place and I was happy just standing there handing over tickets for three Euros a piece.

I have mentioned earlier that having children really opens up the heart chakra. Many people suffer from being closed off at this level. They are envious, jealous and closed hearted. They can’t stand seeing someone else being successful or happy when they themselves are not. There are certainly parents and partners that are envious or jealous of children, that have a hard time seeing even children being loved and happy, but for most people having children will challenge them to overcome that. They can’t help being filled with joy when they see their child happy. For some that might actually be the first time they can look at another human without underlying resentment.

For those that choose to heal and grow it will open their eyes to see other people in the same light. It will make them all the more capable to be happy for other peoples success, to genuinely wish them well in life and to smile when they smile.

Photo: Mirjam at the Tivoli by Daniel Wilby

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Needing more out of life

I have a friend who has a dream job. After having cooked and blogged his way through a large portion of the Italian cuisine, he got a job as a food writer at the newspaper where he works. His Facebook updates are full of delights and it shows that his job has a positive impact on the rest of his family life. I do however get the feeling that if it is not accompanied by wine, cheese and friends laughing, it doesn’t seems to fit into his life.

Another friend has focused on both family and career. He has gone from one high position to another, and commands a price tag that is way above the mine. He is intellectually razor sharp and a creative thinker. Sure, last time I spoke to him he was burnt out and on sick leave, but I suppose that’s all part of the job. He seems to define freedom mainly as being financially independent and debt free.

Just the other week I was at the home of another friend who lives in a modern villa. My instinctive reaction when I walked in was that the place was a temple of stuff. Objectively speaking, I can see that it was a fairly standard equipped home, but in my world it equals gadget hysteria. “I chose security,” she explained. That apparently means a fully equipped home, a man who supports her and a fancy car.

I live in a small rented apartment, I’m separated and my economy has a serious limp at the moment. But I am at the same time incredibly happy that I live my life and not theirs. For although I think that what they are doing is great and seems fun in many ways, to me it feels very flat. I sincerely wish them all the best and hope and believe that they are very happy with their choices in life, but personally I would go crazy if I had to live a life that seems so very superficial. What if life was actually about security, satisfying the senses or climbing the career ladder and being rewarded with money and prestige. I wouldn’t want it that way.

I would love to have security, a dream job and earn obscene amounts of money. But for me life needs to be so much more to be the slightest bit interesting.

Photo: The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear by Caroline on Flickr

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