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The shit the Dalai Lama doesn’t give a shit about

DSC_0027I have a hard time understanding this picture. I took it on my way up to McLeod ganj, the suburb of Dharamshala where the Dalai Lama lives. Less than a kilometer from his residence this beautiful spot in nature has been littered with plastics, diapers and all kinds of crap.

You can call me an eco nut, but for me this is a sign of zero respect and zero intelligence. It takes a certain kind of stupid to shit all over nature like this.

But what really bewilders me in all of this is the fact that it is less than a kilometer from the Dalai Lamas residence. He must have personally seen this creek a hundred times. A thousand times. It’s practically in his backyard. He MUST have seen it.

Why hasn’t he asked his chauffeur to pull the car over so that he can personally clean it up? If he did a hundred people would be falling over themselves to help out and five minutes later the mess would be gone. Or if he is too lazy or busy to do it himself he could ask his monks or servants. Or by all means, while giving away scarves to the thousands of tourists that visit each year he might mention that he’d appreciate it if they all chipped in and picked up some crap on their way down.

Instead this is what you’ll see. It isn’t what I would expect when visiting a spiritual leader of his caliber. In fact, it makes me question the whole thing.

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Proof that Westboro Baptist Church are legit

You know Westboro Baptist Church? They’re the ones with all the signs saying how much God hates fags, soldiers, Jews, America, Muslims, Sweden and pretty much everyone you know. I don’t know how it happened, but I came to think of them as I was taking a crap. A lot of people seem to be very offended by them – some don’t even think of them as a legitimate religion – but as I was sitting there I realized that they really capture the essence of religion very well.

God hates fags

Now what is more offensive? Is it a) a Westboro Baptist Church sign saying that God hates fags, or is it b) the fact that religions have persecuted homosexuals for thousands of years, killing, maiming, imprisoning, torturing and just being their nastiest towards people because of a difference in sexual orientation? And hey, don’t pretend that it isn’t still happening. Religion has been so effective in its hatred that the hatred has been woven into the very fabric of society, justifying hate crimes across the globe.

God hates the troops

What is more offensive? Is it a) Westboro Baptist Church picketing the funerals of dead soldiers, or is it b) sending millions of people to their death in the name of God, encouraging the soldiers to pillage, rape and torture their way across the land before they meet their maker? If one takes religion seriously God seems to be on every side of every conflict since the dawn of man. This God character the preachers claim are blessing all troops must really hate everyone.

God hates Jews

What is more offensive? Is it a) Westboro Baptist Church making signs saying that Gods hate Jews, or is it b) the ongoing persecution of an entire people, where the Holocaust was nothing more than a logical outcome of thousands of years of systematic harassment? Even Jews must think that God hates them, seeing what a total dick he is being to them.

What is more offensive? Is it stating the obvious, or is it justifying all nasty shit that we do to each other with religion? Who is the actual problem here? Is it a) Westboro Baptist Church, or is it b) organized mainstream religion?

Photo: MarriageEquality (14 of 109) by Stephen Luke on Flickr

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