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First LSA trip with a client

Anders notes

When I came to Daniel in the middle of the day I did not felt very good. I had some anxiety which I had for about a week. Now I was in my low state, I felt afraid that I would meet terrible feelings during the session, think that Daniel was my enemy and run off. I had a lot of expectations and some fears. Among other things I thought that I would revisit terrible traumas from my childhood, get stuck in them and go home with even more pain. It turned out that none of those fears or thoughts would come true!

We drank tea and talked for a few hours, among other things about safety, and the anxiety disappeared. Daniel did a tarot reading regarding the dose, and a little about what to expect of the trip, which was inspiring! We used nine seeds each. We prepared the session by crushing the seeds and making cold tea from the crumbs. We sat on a pillow on the floor and invited the entities we wanted help and support from during the session. Daniel did a shamanic purification ceremony with smoke from a special type of wood. (Palo Santo)

We drank our tea and it tasted quite ok. After only 15 minutes I started to feel the effect – I felt somewhat dizzy/sluggish, drowsy and a bit cozy. After a while Daniel thought it was time to meditate with the substance, so we lay down and closed our eyes. I felt curious and also afraid of the new, unknown and “dangerous”, but that soon passed and I slept some.

After a few hours it was time to venture out into the forest. I felt that my body was very sluggish and that I was sleepy. As soon as I got the opportunity I sat down and rested. We dressed in our warmest clothes and went out. I felt a little afraid that I would look drugged or sound drugged when I talked. I worried that the neighbors might see and hear us, but there was no danger and everything went well. I felt so tired that it took much effort for me to walk. Finally we sat down by a sheep pasture.

Daniel asked me to lie down and bury my hands in the grass to make contact with the earth, and then to hand over all that which I no longer needed or which no longer benefited me to the earth. I spoke loudly, and Daniel walked a little further to give me space. The tiredness disappeared. I did as he said, and it felt ok, but I was not 100 percent there. After a while I was absorbed by a thought: I did not want to remain in my relationship! I felt really scared that it might be true and that I would need to break up!

I went to Daniel and told him about my thought, and was very surprised to immediately be given confirmation that I need to make this tough decision in order to be true to myself, develop and feel good. Of course I could make other choices, such as choosing security and convenience, and they were in no way inferior, but they would not lead me to where I really want to go. What I realized later was that Daniel was channeling my higher self. His voice was quite different, and the answers he gave to my questions were so confident and calm, and I noticed that I actually already had all the answers.

As soon as I felt convinced that it was “right” for me to leave my relationship the next terrifying thought appeared: would I have to give up my main occupation? I was aware that it is a bit destructive for me, but it is also very rewarding and what would I do instead? With the same confidence Daniel affirmed my fear and I realized once again that I already had the answer within, but did not dare listen and follow my conviction. Both of these things seemed enormously frightening and painful to me, but I felt that there was no other way for me if I want to get closer to myself, find my strength and create my own life.

There were many questions and I got good answers to everything except that which was too much in the details. Even though I felt terrified to have to tell my girlfriend, employer and everyone else about my decisions, which to some must seem absolutely crazy, I was relieved to finally dare to trust my inner voice. I even laughed several times when I realized how true it was, and how I had tricked myself in different ways! Daniel’s explanations were so obvious, and I felt very fascinated by our conversation. I also felt very present and in safe hands.

When I eventually ran out of questions we went for a walk in the woods, to finally get back inside. I thought it was nice, but I felt the drowsiness coming back, even if the effect of the seeds was much weaker than a few hours earlier. I was assigned to write down everything I was grateful for with my girlfriend, and once I got started I was no longer disturbed by the otherwise rather heavy fatigue. I wrote several pages of things that I am grateful for, and it felt incredibly sad that I would leave a woman who has done so much for me, and who I love. There were doubts, but I realized why I have to leave her. There are things that I have to learn, process, and I cannot do so while I’m with her. What happens later in life remains un-written.

We once again laid down and went on channeling. I was very present and focused. I noted that I really had not had any hallucinations or distorted perception of time or similar effects throughout the session. I understand that sessions with psychedelics can be very different, but this was certainly not what I had expected!

I slept very little that night, and I felt alone with my big challenges. The thoughts whirled around and I was afraid to be perceived as strange by my parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and so on. How can I leave a woman who is so amazing in every possible way, and how can I leave a job that is so fun, desirable and income generating?

I’ve actually done this once before, about 15 years ago. I left my wife and my job at the same time, because it did not feel right in the heart. It was incredibly hard at the time, and it took time to get back on my feet again, but with hindsight I don’t regret it the slightest. Imagine that I would make the same mistake again! Obviously I have not learnt to fully believe in my inner voice yet.

In the morning Daniel was talking as himself again. We talked for a while, ate breakfast, and did a tarot reading, among other things, to gain perspective on what had happened and what will happen, what my biggest problem is (lack of intuition) and how to solve it. Daniel recommended me not to seek other therapies or therapists right now, since it would not benefit me and my development. Most likely I would not take more trips with him in the near future, because I had enough to do with the insights that the session had given me. We thanked each other and with that this amazing, transformative and almost surreal trip was over.

It baffles me that so much could happen in just one session! Now begins the process of taking care of the external reality and manifesting all that the session taught me!

The Woods by Boudewijn Berends on Flickr
The Woods by Boudewijn Berends on Flickr

Daniels notes

As usual I talk to my client (Anders) about how we best manage difficult situations on psychedelics and how we interact to make the situation as safe as possible. We are working with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and together we decide on a dose of nine seeds.

To avoid the heavy body load that I experienced when I chewed the seeds we crush and make tea of them, putting the pulverized seeds in teabags and letting them soak in cold water for 30 minutes. That process is supposed to extract the active substance, but leave some substances that are heavy on the body. The water became murky green.

After having purified ourselves, we created a sacred place and called in the four archangels Ishmael, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, as well as friendly nature spirits. Then we drank the tea.

● ● ●

00:15  The effect comes very quickly. I feel a slight nausea.

00:35  We lay down to meditate with the seeds. I ask the plant several times to reveal itself to me, but it is evasive. The only thing I can see is a mask that looks to be African or West Indian. The plant asks me to lay in different positions for it to work through my entire body.

02:15  A very short purge (vomit) and then a very creative flow.

02:30  Anders remains in meditation, but asks where I am. He says it would have been easy to just be cozy and continue to lie down, which is one reason why we set an intention and decided that we would go out before taking the trip. This is obviously something that applies throughout life. If you have no intention it is easy to lapse into passivity. He comes along even though he isn’t really keen on it.

approx. 04:00  We are in the woods and I have told Anders to lie down, bury his hands in the grass and let go of anything he no longer wants to mother earth. I lie and do the same some 20 meters away, to give him privacy so he can speak loudly. After 5-10 minutes, he asks if he can come over to me. He has a question.

I connect and begin channeling answers to him. Initially it isn’t entirely clear from where the messages are coming, but they are to the point and obviously correct. After finding that it is neither plant, nature, angels or I speaking, I reach the conclusion that it is his higher self that is speaking through me.

In addition to the answers his higher self emphasizes two things that go together. One is that everything in his life is based on his own free will. He has the power to choose what kind of life he wants to create and live. The second, which is a natural consequence, is that it is his own choice if he wants to do as his higher self advises. His higher self advises him to end his relationship, his job and move out to the woods, but points out that the advice is based on what is best for his healing and growth. He can make the choice to rather emphasize such things as security and convenience, and those choices would in no way be better or worse than any other choice. They are just different choices that lead to different life paths.

approx. 06-08: 00  We go home and I ask Anders to write down the things he has to be grateful for with his girlfriend. Then we continue channeling, but unlike the situation in the woods, I am now passing along equal parts from his higher self and of my own knowledge. The effect is still strong.

10:15  We go to bed. The effect is still very noticeable.

● ● ●

In conclusion it is much easier for the body to absorb the LSA when you first make cold tea of the seeds. However, it does seem to take away a little of the effect. I guess that nine crushed seeds is the equal of seven chewed seeds.

I can see that LSA has a therapeutic and shamanic potential, but I do not understand why it is hiding from me. I do not feel that it is the plant itself that helps the work, but rather it is my ability to use the psychedelic state which makes LSA a useful substance.

Photo: The woods by Boudewijn Berends on Flickr

Thanks to Azarius for sponsring me with the seeds:
Azarius_general_728x90_ENAzarius bannerYou can also visit Azarius new Swedish website here.

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Notes from my first journey on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, which contain LSA.


I am trying the seeds on my own, but I have told friends what I am doing. I don’t have my children for five days, or any other appointments, so I have plenty of time to land comfortably afterwards.

The night before I have slept very well. At 14:00 o’clock I eat four sandwiches and two eggs. After consulting my tarot cards I decide to begin my journey at 21:00. As I do so I put on a watch and set it to 12, so that I always know how much time has passed. The times noted in the journey are hours and minutes after I have eaten the seeds. I always have my phone in my pocket, in case I need to get in contact with someone.

I open a sacred space and invite archangel Ishmael, archangel Gabriel and my friend in spirit, Walter. I also invite all beneficial energies to work with me, especially Mother Earth.


One of Azarius customers recommends that you take no more than three seeds the first time, but Azarius also write that a normal trip is four to eight seeds. Erowid places three seeds as a threshold or light dose, a common dose as five to eight seeds and a strong dose as seven to twelve seeds.

I am use to high dose sessions and very familiar with working with psychedelics, so after consulting my tarot cards I decide on a dose of nine seeds. I sing for and plant the tenth seed.

I would not recommend such an initial dose for beginners or intermediate users.

The journey

00:05   As with all psychedelics so far I can feel the energy as soon as I take the seeds in my mouth. They are quite hard and I chew them thoroughly.

00:40   The effect is really coming on and I lay down in bed to meditate with the seeds. It tells me how to place my body, but not much more. It doesn’t present itself, as mushrooms do for me. I have no closed eye visuals.

02:30   The seeds have worked through my entire body and also my face, which is new to me. I have a short purge (vomit).

02:40   The body load is very heavy and quite crippling. It lacks the clarity of LSD. I must focus to remain conscious.

Note to self: I must find ways to lessen the body load.

03:00   I need to remind myself not to compare the seeds to LSD, to let them be what they are in their own right. I have no problems operating things like my phone, but I do have a serious problem getting off the floor. No thoughts are buzzing.

03:20   Toilet break. It feels good to stand up, but I am being pulled to lay down.

Note to self: where I am now is not a good therapeutic dose. Too strong, since I am having to focus on being conscious.

03:30   I have beginning heartburn. I eat one Novaluzid, seven almonds and drink a glass of water. Even though the dose is excessive, I am fully able to monitor myself and I am aware of my bodily needs.

03:45   The experience is calming down slightly. I can move around a little more.

04:20   It is not good to lie on my stomach, since it lures me to become unconscious (unconscious as un-aware, not as in falling asleep). I lie on my back and practice a surrendering meditation. The dose is too strong to allow me to do this effectively, since I am putting more effort in to keeping aware and focused, than on surrendering. I do have brief breakthroughs though.

A friend checks in to see how I’m doing.

04:35   Significant increase of body load.

I go outside and notice that it is a full moon. I feel a strong activation of my left side of my body, lie down on the grass and bury my hands in it to strengthen the connection to mother Earth. I begin thanking her, saying things like “Thank you for cleansing me, thank you for taking care of all the rubbish I have, thank you for cleaning me”. I do so for approximately five minutes and then all of a sudden, as if my prayer of thankfulness has been heard, I instead begin saying “I’m thankful that I am cleansing myself, I’m thankful that I get rid of all my rubbish, I’m thankful that I clean myself”, which goes on for another five minutes. Mother Earth helps me and empowers me, but she also works through me as I work with myself. I feel grateful and happy, blessed, as I stand up with a big smile on my face and begin walking to the forest.

On my way I begin singing my first icaros (shaman song). “Hey. You’re ok. You’ll be fine. Just breathe.” I sing it with full heart and as I’m walking along a fence I become aware of something walking next to me. As I look through the fence there is a white sheep there. I put my hand through the fence to pat it and end up standing there cuddling and talking with it for a good ten minutes. I have grown up with sheep, but I have never seen one act this way. It is like a really affectionate cat rubbing it’s head against my hands.

Roar by Sarah Laval on Flickr.
Roar by Sarah Laval on Flickr.

I say goodbye, walk another 50 meters and feel the need to purge once more. I throw up violently and then lie down on the ground. As I lie there panting I thank mother Earth for receiving and transforming that which I no longer need. I feel a great release, especially in the throat area. A growl grows within and I soon find myself growling with immense power and joy as I connect to my inner lion. After having growled and sung and thanked mother Earth for a good 30 minutes I get to my feet feeling deeply relieved. I rub my medicine bag in the dirt before I continue walking along the forest path in the dark of the night.

As I continue to sing my first ikaros, my second icaros soon arrives. It seems very fitting, seeing that I am walking in the forest. “I am a walking tree, you are a walking tree :ǁ Feet on the earth, head in the sky. Our hearts join together, the two to one to meet :ǁ Bringing the light down, to the darkest ground. Releasing the dark side, into the light. :ǁ” The forest very much enjoys my presence and my song.

I get slightly lost and wander around the dark forest laughing about it all, but never have the urge to get my flashlight out or check the map in my phone.

07:15   Home again. Still very intense, but also very manageable. I have a cup of tea, feel happy and free. I begin working on cleansing unwanted energies from my life.

09:00   Still very strong. I feel a need to begin landing, since I am tired and hungry.

10:15   The experience is still going strong when I eat a baked potato and go to bed afterwards. No problem going to sleep.

19:20   I have slept for a little more than 8 hours. I am still a little spaced out, but more than that I feel relaxed, comfortable and content. I feel much lighter and grateful to have released whatever was in my throat. I am grateful for the guidance from mother Earth, for having connected with my two ikaros and for the strong connection to my inner lion.

After another night’s sleep I am back to normal, but still very happy and content. I seem to be dreaming more vividly after the experience.

In conclusion

Keeping in mind that this is my very first trip on seeds containing LSA I would say that the experience was very rewarding. Nine seeds is a strong dose with a lot of body load, but also great potential for solo shamanic work, or work with other shamans. For working therapeutically I would lower the dose somewhat, at least for the therapist, so that it wouldn’t be a challenge to keep focus.

I didn’t feel that the experience was as clear as LSD or as mystical as mushrooms, but it was certainly a psychedelic experience that can be used both for spiritual/shamanic and therapeutic work. I wasn’t able to have clear communication with the seeds, but will continue trying in future sessions. There seems to be a connection to earth and nature.

It was good that I drank more water before the second purge, or it would have been very painful.

I recommend a much lower dose for beginners and intermediate users, at least without a proper guide present. Also one should set aside the next day for integrating the experience and make sure to get enough sleep.

Photo: The Full Moon of Glen Ellyn by Jim Larrison on Flickr

Thank you Azarius for sponsoring me with the seeds:
Azarius bannerYou can also visit Azarius new Swedish website here.

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Daniel tries legal psychedelics

Press Release 2014-12-31:

In 2015 the Swedish/English blogger and shaman Daniel Wilby will try legal drugs to investigate their therapeutic and spiritual potential.
– It is my hope to be able to offer legal psychedelic therapy and healing in the near future, he explains.

Nine years ago he himself recovered from long-term alcohol abuse and a deep depression when he came in contact with the illegal psychedelic substance LSD. Since then he has worked intensely to learn how to use psychedelics for healing and growing, both for himself and with others.
– I see the criminalization of psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms as a violation of every person’s inherent right to heal and practice their spiritual beliefs. For me, these substances saved my life and I can never be grateful enough for the help I received through them.

Daniel works in the shamanic tradition, but has also recently begun studying social work at the university of Malmö with the hope of being able to work with legal psychedelic therapy in the future.
– At first I imagined that I would have to open a center abroad to bring clients to, but this fall we had a big discussion in Sweden about the harmful yet legal Spice blends. That made me think of all these substances that are not yet classified as illegal. I want to examine them to see if there are some that are good to work with in the same manner as I have previously worked with LSD and mushrooms.

The Internet-based smartshop Azarius in Holland sponsors Daniel with products from their selection, and he will continuously report his and others’ experiences on his blog.
– Two things have been particularly important when we have selected which substances to try. The first is that the substance must be safe. There cannot be the slightest risk for my health. The second is that the substance must be legal in Sweden.

Psychedelic plants have in shamanic traditions been used for many thousands of years to heal and help people grow, and to get in contact with the spirit world. During a short period leading up to the 1960s, they were used extensively in Western therapeutic contexts and generally showed great results, but all such research was suppressed when the war on drugs began.
– The reason that psychedelics were banned in the 1960s was not that they were dangerous, but because they were perceived as subversive. Suddenly people let their hair grow, they listened to strange music and refused to go to war. For militaristic-minded nations who expected a certain conformity and obedience, this was very scary. Compared to other drugs and medications psychedelics are very safe, but as with anything you obviously need to know what you are doing.
– In a therapeutic context psychedelics allow us to quickly go very deep. They strip away unnecessary walls and help us to dive into the subconscious, which means that we can often go further in one single psychedelic session than you would in months or even several years of regular therapy.

Photo: Daniel Wilby by Jamin Pirnia

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Stop Swedens human rights violations now!

This is a statement by the sami shaman Jungle Svonni that was recently given at a human rights conference in Warsawa.

● ● ●

My name is Jungle Svonni, and I am a Sami shaman. We Sami are the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula. Currently our land is occupied by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. My family migrates with our reindeers between Sweden in winter and Norway in summer.

Our ancestral culture and religion is shamanic. However, the colonizing countries, like Sweden and Norway, have for centuries acted to exterminate our religion. By cutting our spiritual connection to nature through shamanism, the connection of all our culture is lost.

Practicing shamanism has been illegal for centuries. Any cultural expressions related to shamanism, such as joik (the sami way of singing) or having a shamanic drum was severely punished, even by death. The heavy persecution resulted in the near extinction of shamanism among us. The persecutions of our roots have created social marginalization, a high rate of suicides and environmental problems, due to a decreased understanding for nature.

My grandfather and great grandfather were all shamans, but without any possibility to know or practice it fully. As a child I realized that this destructive situation must be fixed, if we Sami people are going to have any future. About ten years ago I left on a journey to the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon, to rediscover my shamanic roots. I stayed with the native people for eight years, learning my own culture. In the end I worked as a shaman on a large healing center, where we among other things were curing drug addictions with great success.

Jungle Svonni.
Jungle Svonni.

Two years ago I moved back, to share the shaman knowledge with my people. Swedish authorities arrested and jailed me for 18 days. They confiscated my sacred plant medicine, the San Pedro cactus, and I was accused of smuggling narcotics – mescaline. The San Pedro plant is completely legal and can be bought in any Swedish flower shop. It was only the shamanic context that triggered the judicial to actions and imprisonment.

Media portrayed me as a criminal, fuelled by ignorant and false statements from the prosecutor. Surprisingly it took the judge one and a half year to find that the legal San Pedro has nothing to do with mescaline or the drug market. I became the first Sami shaman ever to win against the Swedish authorities, without denying being a shaman. But the core problem remains. One of the most important shamanic and natural sacraments Ayahuasca, is still not fully legalized.

Today shamanism is supposed to be legal in Sweden and Norway, protected by the fundamental rights. In reality shamanism is still persecuted. It is only accepted as a “play” for eccentric adults. If it is serious, if you gather knowledge from the nature as our forefathers did and use the natural plants sacraments, you can still today get arrested and imprisoned. The Swedish authorities would use the excuse that you allegedly have violated their narcotic law. But the shamanic ceremonies of Sami people have no connection to the drug problems of Swedish society. What about our human rights to search our roots and practice our religion, shamanism?

Today, the Sami people are prevented by law to educate us directly from nature through natural medicine. Plant medicine is a fundamental part of shamanism and to prevent people to practice their traditional religion is a serious violation of human rights and minority rights.

The wounds on my people are so deep after centuries of persecution that we must turn to our shaman brothers in the Amazon for our cultural survival. For centuries we were forced to practice a foreign religion, and speak a foreign language, our own being forbidden. Our mountains are destroyed by foreign mining companies, the lichen necessary for our reindeers are polluted by a foreign society. Our forests are cut down by foreign companies with foreign technology. But WE are NOT allowed to share the shamanic plant knowledge from our shaman brothers and sisters, which we so badly need to recover our own culture.

I was imprisoned and prosecuted. The reason was not the fully legal San Pedro itself. The prosecutor tried to incriminate me because it would be used in my Sami shaman practice. The human rights violations in my case show the arrogance and ignorance of Swedish authorities. Sami shamanism is finally reawakening after centuries of oppression. Sweden and Norway must reconsider how to deal with it, in order to hinder further violations of our fundamental rights!

Jungle Svonni

Main photo: A Sami Lapp family in Norway around 1900 by tonynetone on Flickr

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