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Get your head out of the books

Many religious books have been written by people who have had great insights, which they have tried to pass on. Unfortunately their followers have often totally missed the point. Instead of being inspired to find the same insight into life, many have become ignorant fundamentalist know-nothings who build belief systems and dogma from the texts.

That risk is present where ever people are trying to pass on insights. Some seem to think that the point of it all is to try to parrot what the person who seems to know has said. But a parrot does not become a human even if it wears a hat, just as someone with no insight doesn’t become insightful by reciting texts which they do not understand.

Don’t be a parrot.
Lift your eyes from the pages.
Explore for yourself.
Think and talk with your own words.

Photo: untitled by le vent le cri on Flickr

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