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My theory about Asperger’s syndrome

More and more people are being diagnosed with high-functioning autism aka Asperger’s syndrome. Some might see such a diagnosis as a confirmation that something is wrong. After meeting my fair share of people with Asperger’s I however doubt that they are actually the problem. I think it might be the rest of us that are falling behind.

Let me take some examples.

One trait that seems to me to be characteristic of Asperger’s is that you tend to speak the truth and stand by what you know is right. That is obviously quite problematic if the rest of us are used to manipulating and telling the occasional lie. But who is really the problem in this situation?

Another distinctive feature is that people with Asperger’s often have a special interest that they become somewhat obsessed with. That becomes a problem if one is expected to be a generalist who knows a little about a many things. But is the problem really that too many of us are experts? Or are perhaps too many of us talking too much about things we actually know nothing about?

People with Asperger’s often need to consciously learn behaviors and reactions in social situations.
“Now he raised his eyebrows in that way, which usually means that he is skeptical about what I said. An appropriate response to that is that I … ”
The rest of us do much of that subconsciously. We react to stimuli automatically. It can be a gift not to have to think about such things all the time, but is it really?

The rest of us often react to stimuli that we have not consciously perceived and provide a response that we are unaware of giving. We stored that response a long time ago, and many times it is not up to par. In the worst case scenario we continuously and unconsciously play back unsuitable responses without ever understanding that they are automated in us.

What is really more problematic? Is it to be unaware of one’s reactions, or is it having to deal with social interaction at the conscious level, which opens the possibility to consciously adjust reactions based on what you learn?

We often forget that we live in an ongoing evolutionary process. Since changes take place in a reasonably manageable pace we imagine that things on the whole will remain as they are now. We imagine that what is considered normal today will always be regarded as such. That is obviously wrong. Much of what is considered normal today will be regarded as completely backward tomorrow.

It must be quite tricky to have Asperger’s when everyone else is behaving in the backward manner that the rest of us often do. Then it may be worthwhile to consider who is really the issue. If those with Asperger’s are on the next evolutionary step, the rest of us could be the problematic evolutionary laggards.

Photo: Just let it be by Brigitte goes RAWR!!! on Flickr

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Beware of religion

In a previous life I was a good Christian. The branch of Christianity I belonged to did however not believe in a Bible, in churches or priests. Instead it taught everyone to cultivate their personal connection to God and Isaac (Jesus). When one has that connection there is no need for anything else, because you have access to all the answers. Then there is no need for others to interpret God’s will for you, because you know God’s will, and therefore there is also no possibility for them to manipulate you with religion for their own human goals.

Then came the Roman Catholic Church and slaughtered us all. They killed every single one of us, even the infants, in an attempt to eradicate us – in an attempt to keep people from having their own contact with the highest divine and thus becoming aware of how corrupt people try to trick us using religion.

In this life I was brought up strictly Atheist and with a great dislike for religion. As I found spirituality and grew into accepting angels, Isaac and even God, I didn’t at first understand why that dislike didn’t subside. With time it became clearer to me how detrimental religion is to spirituality. The highest divine has pointed this out to me in so many ways. Religion is a shadow aspect created by people to assert power over others, mainly using fear.

Let me give you an example. Isaac has told me several times that reincarnation is real. This was common knowledge in early Christianity and the cyclic motion of life can be observed in nature all around us. One should understand that when it comes to matters of spirituality, angels, Isaac (Jesus) and God, the Bible is not a reliable source. But still, it is of interest to point out that the early Christian scriptures had plenty of references to reincarnation – but they were all stricken and anyone that held fast to the knowledge of reincarnation was condemned as a heretic and killed.

Now why is that? In whose interest is it that people have the misconception that we only live one life? This of course goes hand in hand with the misconception that those who are compliant and do as they are told by the church are going to heaven, while those that don’t are going to hell. These are not teachings derived from Isaac or God. These are dark illusions drawn up by manipulative corrupt people who will go out of their way to slaughter anyone who has a true connection to the source, in order to maintain their power over others.

I am a channel for Archangels, Isaac (Jesus) and God, among others. With the knowledge I have received from them I can tell you this with certainty: if you are into religion you are most likely being manipulated for human purposes.

If you are searching for true spirituality and a genuine contact with the highest divine, you need to break free and find your own contact. You can of course do that together with others, but don’t accept other people’s interpretations as truths and look out for manipulations.

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