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An audio hug

My first recorded song ever – a calming healing song in Swedish meant to remind us to relax and breathe when life is overwhelming.

A big thank you and a hug to everybody who has helped me!

Johan Borgström, Sasha Nielsen, Susanna Dalla-Santa, Fredrik Carlsson, Mirjam Wilby, Luma Nielsen, Irmgard Stünkel, Pétur Pétursson, Jonathan Nertlinge, Alexander Ravenna, Naysha Silva Romero, Sierenna Wilk, Molle Nifkin, Johan Malmborg and Patrick Bongart.

This is a Swedish translation of Ze Franks wonderful Chillout song.

Photo: from our recording session.
Sasha Nielsen on the hang drum and Johan Borgström on the guitar.

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A true spiritual path

Is it cheating to use psychedelics in the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth?


Plant teachers and psychedelic medicines are part of an especially powerful spiritual path that only few can handle. They aren’t for everyone, just as tantra or vipassana meditation isn’t for everyone. It is a genuine path of healing and spiritual growth that has been around for longer than any religion we have today and that has at some point in time been part of the practice of all of them. They are at the very core of the mystical experience that once upon a time gave birth to religions, although those religions have since fundamentally perverted the insights given. Psychedelics are the tools of healers, shamans, witches, visionaries, psychonauts, spiritual explorers and messengers. They are tools of change and enlightenment, of love and transcendence. They are catalysts of evolution and reconnect people to the source.

Photo: DJ by Catrin Austin on Flickr

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The best thing about being human

– What is the best thing about being human?
– It is to capture the energy.
– What energy?
– The energy you use to play and write and so on. But the very best thing about being human is loving each other.

Sometimes talking to my five year old can be a little like going to a satsang. The difference being that there are no pretentious wishy washy egos around, no white robes and no holy ideas that must be upheld. I trust this guru.

Photo: There’s a snow angel in there somewhere by Daniel Wilby

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My greatest heart opener

I have opened my heart chakra in so many ways – with yoga, through meditation, with the help of visionary medicine, by falling in love and by challenging myself to love more. The experiences have been delightful, wonderful, feelings of immense love, gratitude and forgiveness. But there is one thing that has opened my heart more than any other.

Having children.

Having children is a possibility to open all new doors at the heart level, in ways that my friends who do not have children must have a hard time comprehending. When my daughter was born my heart grew tenfold. I used to have a one room apartment in my heart, just about big enough for me and whoever I happened to fancy at the moment. Now I have a mansion and I’m working on making it into a castle. It’s a feeling of ever growing platonic love.

Not everyone who gets children has the same conscious expansion at the heart level, but I think many parents can recognize what I’m talking about. Nowadays I often find it much easier to connect with parents, simply because many of them have access to the same rooms of love as I do. Even if we never talk about children I find that many of them have evolved emotionally compared to their friends who do not have children.

Photo: Lil’ Heart Just For You by Kasia on Flickr

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Dishing it out with love

The first day of journalism school the teacher told us a long, detailed story about a couple of tourists that had gone missing during a hike. Our assignment was to write a short article based on what she had told us.

I thought I did pretty well. I had all the most important facts, the length was good and I had managed to make it interesting. Then along came my teacher. She skimmed through it, pulled out a red marker and went wild.
– This is irrelevant, she said and crossed things out. The wording is off, she said and circled several sentences. This is in the wrong place, she said and quickly sent arrows flying across the paper.

When I got the paper back there was more red than white or black on it. The article that I thought was a minor masterpiece had to be rewritten in full to even pass. But despite the harsh treatment I never felt bad, simply because there are different ways of dishing out critique. When there is no ill intention behind red marks, no ego trying to step on you, then it is easier to accept.

● ● ●

When coaching people I occasionally find myself in a similar situation. I can see the person trying to wriggle out of what is uncomfortable, but I’ll bring them back over and over. They might need to have that which is uncomfortable shoved in their face or even need a good telling off, so I give it to them.

And it is the same – they don’t break down or get upset, even if I am harsh, simply because there is no ill will behind my words. There is only love. The words are often not even mine, but channelled from their own higher selves. I might sit there and laugh out loud at them or even tease them, but there is no ill will. That makes all the difference.

Photo: Orange-024 by John Mayer on Flickr

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Different feelings of love

When doing readings I have often been asked ”Does s/he love me?”.

This might seem like a straight forward question, but it has a dimension to it that many people often don’t think about. There is no fixed definition of love. We might both say that we love each other, but the feeling we are describing as love might be very different, to the point where they are not even compatible.

Someone who is emotionally evolved might be well equipped to feel, express and receive love. They might be able to distinguish between different kinds of love and be able to love at different levels of their being. A person who on the other hand is emotionally crippled will not be able to do so. For that person love might actually mean something along the lines of “I don’t want to hurt you” or “I’m happy that the apartment isn’t empty when I come home from work”. But for the emotionally crippled person that might genuinely feel like love. That is what love is to them.

But for the person asking me “Does s/he love me?”, that might not at all be what they have in mind. Being someone to come home to might not cut it.

– Does he love me?
– Well, it depends on what you mean. He might feel quite strongly that he loves you, but it might not qualify as love in your book.
– What?
– His concept of love might be different to yours. What he calls love, you might not call love.
– It’s a simple yes or no question.
– I agree that it is a question with a simple answer, but yes or no depends on perspective. He seems to feel that he loves you, but it doesn’t seem to be what you would call love.
– But love is love.
– No, love can be different for different people.

For me this is all very simple, but some do get terribly frustrated when this comes up. I don’t know where they got the idea that love is a well-defined constant or that it is a yes or no question with only one possible answer. I hope you understand the difference, because I don’t really know how I can express it any simpler.

Photo: Love in Milan by 西文 Simon on Flickr

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Naysha: Why shamans aren’t vegetarians

I will talk about shamans and not about gurus or healers. I will talk about the reasons not to be a vegetarian or vegan from a shamanic point of view. I won’t say that one way or another is wrong or right. IT’S A DECISION. But there is a lot of judgment and misinformation on the subject. The silent war between meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans must stop. It is not helping nature.

We lost the connection with our food when we let go of shamanism and our shamans. We are responsible for the pain that’s going on and when we become conscious of the importance of shamanism and reconnect to nature, then we will begin to understand how to correct our errors.

The comfortable life that each of us has chosen has disconnected us from nature. The city provides you with so much comfort. You fill your refrigerator with food that you buy from the supermarket, since you don’t have time to grow your own food, because you must work 8 hours a day in order to maintain your comfort. It is the same in all aspects of modern life. We have given up our power of being INDEPENDENTS and INTERCONNECTED and instead we DEPEND on corporations and governments. These problems won’t be solved by us becoming vegetarians or vegans.

A real shaman knows how to provide their own food. All good shamans that I have met hunt and fish their own food, as well as grow vegetables. Their diet is of course depending on where they live, so shamans in northern Greenland almost only eat meat.

For me the experience of fishing has helped me develop my connection with water and other elements. When you are fishing you learn how to read the water and the weather conditions. You need to become the fish and this is how shamanism works. I can connect and feel where the better areas are and where the fish are at that moment in the day. And then when I get them out of the water I never feel sorry or offer apologies. I thank the fish for giving me its life energy.

When you kill an animal you understand life and how fabulous our existence on this earth is. Our bodies are containers than contains a great source – THE SOUL. In the eyes of the animal you can see when the spirit leaves. It’s the light that disappears from this reality to pass to another that is better. Life is a cycle. Death is not bad. It’s a process, a continuation. We are never really born; we are constantly dying since we came to earth.

When you live a genuine shamanic life you understand that everything that surrounds you in nature is ALIVE and HAS A CONSCIOUSNESS – animals, plants and even rocks. Just because they don’t move fast does not mean that they are not alive. They are just having a different experience on earth. Shamanism was born in the hunting cultures.

Is the pain of an animal a reason to become a vegetarian or vegan?

No, it’s not. Everything that is alive CAN EXPERIENCE PAIN and EMOTIONS, but this is not a bad thing. It is one of the reasons why we are here, to FEEL. Plants can also FEEL. We are just not used to listening to their pain, but they can still feel it. It is trough the pain that we know that is better to feel LOVE.

It’s a different thing when we kill animals in factories. There is no respect in it, no consideration in the way animals are killed anymore. In the shamanic traditions the animal must die fast and with as little pain as possible. In the Sami tradition for example they kill the reindeer by first cutting the nervous system and then with a knife to the hearth. Then they wait until the animal does not move the eyes anymore before taking care of the meet and everything else. They use every single part, to honour the animal, the skin, the meat, and the antlers. This is how it used to be when the shamans actively worked in the communities.

Nowadays even the vegetables are being dishonoured in the way they are being grown. People are poisoning the vegetables with chemicals in order to make them look pretty, which is not good. There are a many lands and forests being burnt down right now in the Amazon, in Africa, in Asia in order to grow vegetables.

We must find the BALANCE in OURSELVES, because that is where all these problems begin. The problem is not if people eat meat or vegetables. The problem is how it is being done. If you want to make a change and help nature, start collaborating in your community with farming projects, permaculture and such. Get active in politics.

We must stop the industrial way of producing meat and vegetables. And the most important is to truly start to reconnect with nature. It’s easy to admire nature through your car window, but to live in harmony with nature is a different experience entirely and that is what shamanism is about.

Naysha Silva

Photo: Hunting and Mentoring by USFWSmidwest on Flickr

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Breathe in glitter

Breathe in glitter.
Breathe out black smoke.

Breathe in rainbows.
Exhale grime.

Continue until the smoke and grime is gone;
until you are only breathing glitter and rainbows.

● ● ●

I have Milea to thank for this sparkly version of a cleansing breathing exercise. One often hears that one should breathe in light and breathe out smoke until all the dark is gone, but it I find it to be much fun with glitter and rainbows. And you can of course change it to what suits you best.

So go ahead.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in pink bubble gum flavour, kisses, spring air, love, respect, and the smell of freshly baked bread.
Exhale factory smoke, old sweaty gym socks, dishwater, dog poop, anger and envy.

Now how do you feel?

Photo: Breathing out the Warmth by LearningLark on Flickr

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Stepping away from monogamy

Once upon a time I only had very monogamous relationships.

Then I got my first openly bisexual girlfriend, which led to me question if it was really fair that I restricted half her sexuality by demanding she be monogamous. My gut answer was a clear no. It is not fair to expect someone to repress such a large part of their sexuality in order for me to have sexual exclusivity.

Then I thought it over for another minute.

Am I really so much of a man that all other sexual contact with men would be superfluous? Again the answer was no, since people in general are so very different. There are experiences I could never give a woman, simply because I’m too tall, short, strong, weak, or have the wrong skin color, just to mention a few things that I can’t easily change.

It dawned on me that the thought of sexual exclusivity which society programs us with is deeply inhibiting. It is really no wonder that many of us feel compelled to change partners frequently or to be unfaithful. Not everyone is stuck in the norm, but many are, and those who aren’t still need to relate to it in one way or another. Deviations are often met with punishments such as imposing guilt or shame or being ridiculed.

Of course there are many who challenge the norm of monogamy, for example by trying to have open relationships (often only sexually open) or even polyamorous relationships (having multiple intimate love relationships). But even if such an attitude is theoretically much healthier, it seems that many of the people I have met who try to live in that manner are obviously confused and divided. Most of the time I don’t feel that it is their fault, but rather that it is a result of the programming that they have been exposed to, which has in turn thoroughly messed up their minds.

As far as I can see the main difference between harmonious and disharmonious multiple relationships lies in if you approach it with the heart or the head. There are many people like me who have thought it over and come to realize that monogamy is not a healthy norm, but in order to live that insight in a harmonious way it isn’t enough that the head understands. The heart must also understand. In order for the heart to understand the person needs to work with his/her personal development to get past the thought patterns that we have been impregnated with.

To put it all in chakra terms, the person needs to rise to the level of the heart chakra where love is unconditional. The vast majority is however on the second or third chakra where the ego is ever present, manipulations are common and love comes with conditions. Many have occasional experiences at the heart level, such as when they fall in love or have children, but very few are stable at that level, which explains why many people who are experimenting with such things as polyamory or open relationships are clearly unbalanced in it. Even those who seem to be balanced are often not, since they swallow their imbalance, which of course hurts the person in much the same way as if they would swallow sadness or anger.

Photo: Threesome by Anthony Easton on Flickr

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