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The absent minded alien professor

One of the funniest DMT trip reports I’ve heard went something like this:

I smoked DMT and all of a sudden I was all alone in an enormous lecture hall. A door opened and in walked an alien. It walked over to the podium and began giving a lecture. I couldn’t understand a single thing it was talking about so I half shouted down to it “what are you talking about? I don’t understand”. It looked up at me and the otherwise empty lecture hall and in the tone of any absent minded professor said “Oh, I’m sorry. I was giving a lecture on interplanetary mind travel, but I am clearly in the wrong hall.” The alien then collected its things and walked out the door. And then I was back in my room again.

Photo: An alien creature arrives via light beam into Taiyoucon 2011 by Kevin Dooley on Flickr

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Reprogram yourself happy

I once met a man in India who said:
– You westerners dress so much in black that it is no wonder that so many of you are depressed.
At the time I dismissed what he said as nonsense, but when I was feeling really depressed a few years later, I was indeed dressed in black and I wore heavy Doc Martens boots on my feet.

When I realized that I began to replace my wardrobe. I started with the socks. Black socks were exchanged for socks with cows and pigs on them, striped, spotted and multicoloured. It is simply very difficult to be angry or sad if you put your feet up on the sofa and look down at a pair of goofy colourful socks. Then I changed my boots for sneakers, which gave me the feeling that I was floating through life. Suddenly I could dance again.

I used to listen to singer/songwriters with a heart ache or angry punk. Quite involuntarily, I one day heard the Swedish child artist Amy Diamond on the radio and started smiling at her song Shooting Star. That’s when I realized the importance of music for my mood. So I filled my mp3 player with the happiest, silliest songs I could find; mostly Disney. It is difficult to sneer at life and be a pessimist while listening to The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book.

And I continued that way, to identify habitual patterns that made me feel bad. And I began to reprogram myself to feel good. That way I healed a four year long depression in less than three months.

● ● ●

I have a lecture on this subject called Relieve Depression Naturally, where I with humorous stories taken from life, show how we can reprogram ourselves to feel better without taking medication.

Photo: Beautiful Mannequin Woman by epSos .de on Flickr

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