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Naysha: Kambo or Sapo

Kambo is an ancestral medicine that is used by indigenous tribes from the Amazon. It comes from a kind of frog that lives in the Amazon which contains substances that acts as a powerful natural energizer and helps eliminate health problems in the person by increasing the immune systems efficiency. The natives especially use it for hunting, because it sharpens the senses: vision, smell, hearing and taste.

Kambo not only works in the physical body, but also revitalizes and cleans the chakras.

How is the kambo collected?

The frog is never hurt during the process of taking the mucus from its back. Shamans pray to the kambo spirit and then the frog starts to release the substances that are then collected with a stick. The frog is then returned unharmed to the forest where they live in the trees.

How is it used?

kambo2The person should drink at least 2 litres of warm water before the kambo is applied in order to help the detox.

The shaman or person with experience of kambo uses a stick to burns dots in the skin where the kambo is then applied. As far as I know the numbers of dots can go from 3 to 15, but I am not sure about this. Normally the burning points for women are on the legs and for men on the arms. There is no mysterious reason to why. It just looks better that way. The burn marks can leave small scars.

What are the effects?

The kambo medicine works for 15 minutes. During this time the body experiences a lot of physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional changes. To be honest, you might feel as if you will die, since your heartbeat increases and most of the times you will also vomit.

The kambo works in the liver and it’s like squeezing a lemon. The kambo takes out all the toxins from your liver by tricking the body that it is being poisoned. The liver then begins working immediately to expel everything which is harmful.

Kambo treatment is good for people that drink too much alcohol or have taken too much medication. It also detoxes the blood and can help with chronic disorders. It is also great for revitalizing the immune system.

Kambo is also a medicine for the spirit, because perception generally increases, which helps with intuition, dreams and stimulates the third eye. It also unblocks that which is stopping the energy flow that is vital for our bodies.

Naysha Silva Romero

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Cleansing semi-precious stones

As I began my spiritual journey I was immediately drawn to working with crystals and semi precious stones. It quickly became apparent how important it is to cleanse them from time to time. Here is a very basic way of cleaning crystals:

  1. Cover the crystals in natural sea salt and let them lie over night.
  2. Rinse them under running water.
  3. Leave them to dry in the sun and/or light of the full moon.

As with all such things it is best when one is intuitive and adapts how one does it depending on what the crystals want. The method described above is only ONE way and it can be adjusted in a hundred ways.

Other ways that have presented themselves to me is to cleanse the crystals in running water (in a creek or the sea), by passing them through fire or by burying them in the ground. With the simple cleansing exercise above I have often been asked to leave them in the different elements and I find that the best cleansing is when I afterwards charge the crystals first in the light of the full moon, then in the sun, but after that also in the rain and wind.

Raw crystals by LeAnn on Flickr
Raw crystals by LeAnn on Flickr

Different crystals have very different personalities and properties, so one shouldn’t generalize too much, but many crystals will absorb energies as you work with them. I had a wonderful Citrine that I worked with a lot. After a while it would become quite dull and murky, but after cleansing it would shine as if it had stored the suns radiance. The feeling of the crystal would change in the same dramatic manner. When it was dull it was impotent compared to when it had been cleansed.

Many other things, such as jewellery and tools, can be cleansed in the same ways. Again, be open to change the method to fit the specific occasion and thing.

Photo: Citrine by Summer Foovay on Flickr

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Naysha: Ayahuasca brought me home

Beginning this week it is my great pleasure and honour to publish texts from the Peruvian shaman woman Naysha Silva Romero. She will be writing on shamanism, sacred plants and related topics. I thought it would be nice to introduce her with the story of her first ayahuasca experience.

Thank you for sharing, Naysha.


● ● ●

My first ayahuasca experience

My first Ayahuasca experience started before I was born. My mother was 33 years old, married and although she wanted a baby girl, she could not have kids. She tried everything in modern medicine, but nothing worked. Like many Peruvians that are disconnected from their spiritual roots, she went to the shamans first after everybody else had said that there is no solution.

My father was at that time working with some San Pedro curanderos from the north of Peru, but they decided to go to Iquitos, which was the last town in Peru that I wanted to go before I went there.

In Iquitos my parents met several shamans before they found someone that could heal my mom. After diets and ayahuasca ceremonies they left. On their way back to my town of Tarapoto they stopped in the capital Lima where my mom went to a statue of the Virgin Mary. There she prayed again to be a mother and said once more that she trusted in the plants. One month later my mother was pregnant with me.

My mother never told me this story until I returned from my shamanic training in Iquitos. She somehow knew that my path was already chosen.

When I was 16 I began studying to become a lawyer. I didn’t understand why at the time, but I knew that I needed to go to Trujillo because something important was waiting for me there. On the day that I left I remember my mother saying:
– Now your life is yours, my child. I know you won’t come back to live with us again.
I just laughed and told her that I would be back. But she was right. After that I have never spent more than a month living with my mother.

The last year at university I was working for the Peruvian government when I began to lose faith in my intuition. The corruption I saw every day made me so sad and I understood that we cannot change society with laws that do not understand the laws of nature. I realized that the problem in society was deeper and that the change we need must come from within each individual. Ayahuasca was calling me but I could not find the right person to begin. I always had a lot of respect for these plants. These medicines are sacred for us in the Amazon.

I prayed for guidance, and the man who was to become one of my greatest teachers appeared in my life. How that happened is another story, but he was finished with his shamanic training with ayahuasca in Iquitos and we fell in love. So I quit everything – my profession, my future life as lawyer, and everything that in that moment was trying to stop me. And I ended in Iquitos, the town that I never wanted to go to, where I was once again introduced to ayahuasca. I spent three years of my life living with indigenous shamans, doing diets and working with ceremonies in Iquitos.

When I returned to my mother in our home town and told her that I was planning to move to Europe, she just said:
– The plants gave you to me and now they took you from me.
Then she shared her story about how ayahuasca help her have me, and on that day my whole life finally made sense to me.

The truth is that I love my mother and we have a good relationship, but I never felt like she was my mother. I was more like a friend, but also a mother to her, but I never felt like a daughter. My mother was somewhere else and it was ayahuasca, and my father is the sun, San Pedro.

I am no longer with my husband, but I am on a journey of sharing in Europe. Sharing and working for the planet I have seen so many times in the ceremonies.

This is me.

Naysha Silva Romero

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The gift of healing

I was lying on the floor with my feet in an armchair as I began to land after the mushroom trip. Suddenly my right leg started twitching. It had been easy for me to make it stop by changing my position, but I got the feeling that I should investigate it instead. So I followed my intuition and let the twitching continue.

It grew in power and I soon noticed that it wasn’t coming from my leg, but rather originated in my pelvis. Soon I was shaking so hard that I had to move my legs out of the chair and onto the floor. I shook and when I dove into the shaking memories began to emerge.
– Please sit next to me, I asked my partner. I need to tell you what is coming up. It is quite fast.

– I’m at primary school and I’m running. I’m afraid. Some boys in the fifth grade are right behind me and they are going to beat me up.
The shaking shifted in character, just as the stories.
– I am 15 and I am masturbating compulsively.
– They’re going to beat me up. I’m afraid.
I lay there for more than an hour while the intense shaking unlocked repressed memories of times when I was afraid. Afterwards I was completely exhausted, but it felt good to have done it. Many things loosened and I felt lighter.

● ● ●

A few days later I was talking with a friend.
– I have been to a shaking course in Stockholm, he told me.
– Really? What was that like, I asked with interest.
Then he told of the exact same technique that I had practiced in my living room. The theory behind it is this: every time you get scared or frightened, your muscles tense. These constant muscle contractions create tension in the body which we never fully release and they mainly settle in the pelvis. Imagine a dog that is frightened. It pulls its tail in between its legs. Humans have the same reaction. What the technique does is to release tension and relieve the person from the emotional luggage and the fears that have been stored away, which of course also leads to one becoming less controlled by old fears.

– But it is important not to do more than 15 minutes at a time, he then said.
I giggled a little to myself, because it’s so typical of me to go all in when I find a new technique.
– What about the memories? How did you work with them, I asked.
– The memories? What do you mean?
– The memories that are associated with each event. Each event is specific and carries with it a specific memory and a specific shaking.
– They said nothing about. We just shook.

● ● ●

As the inquisitive person I am, I took to the web. I soon found Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) developed by David Berceli, PhD, who is an international expert in trauma healing and conflict resolution. The technique he described was identical to the one I have been given. It has been used in disasters around the world, from Utöya in Norway to the ghettos of Cape Town, and is used with good success also for stress and treatment of PTSD.

● ● ●

This is often the case, I’ve noticed. When I have done a good deed for the spirit world – when I have healed a place, helped a spirit pass on or done something good for nature – then I am given a gift, often in the form of healing techniques. This is particularly evident when working with psychedelics. The mushroom does not only deliver insights. It is a plant teacher in its fullest sense. When I am worthy, it teaches me things and gives me gifts.

Thank you for this technique.

Photo: Standing over the clouds by Ewen Roberts on Flickr


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Mindfulness solved my sex addiction

I used to spend much of my time obsessively sex chatting with strangers. Like in any addiction I just couldn’t help myself. As soon as I got started, all sense shut down. All respect for my relationship, all respect for myself – it just shut down.

On my outings at fantasy land I was either in fantasies of what could be, a kind of mesh of all the porn I had ever consumed and what my mind had made of it, or I was in what had been, continuously reconstructing and telling others about earlier experiences. I projected my fantasies onto other people even when I had sex for real, which in hindsight feels like an advanced form of masturbation. Of course, many of the people I spoke to back then were also sex addicts. I can see that today. There wasn’t much genuine interest in the other. Sex chatting in that manner wasn’t as much a dialogue, as it was two monologues.

For a long time I denied having any problem at all. Then came a series of rude awakenings and eventually I understood that I had to do something to break my destructive compulsive patterns. First I took therapy. Then I went to SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous). Both of them helped me to start talking about my problems, but none of them gave me the tools I needed to overcome the addiction, so it all just carried on, to greater or lesser extent.

That New Year my mistress and I took a tapas (spiritual challenge) to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day. Approximately two months in to that practice we rented a hotel room to have a weekend of raunchy sex.

Drifting away by Carsten Schertzer on Flickr
Drifting away by Carsten Schertzer on Flickr

We were lying in the bath tub when my intuition kicked in. “Wash her”, it was telling me. So I asked her:
– Is it ok if you are passive for a while? I’d like to wash you, but I’d like you only to receive.
She nodded and I bathed her entire body with outmost care. Afterwards I helped her out of the bath and dried her off with a towel. I led her over to the bed, where I lay her down and with the same care I massaged her entire body.

When I was massaging her I realised that I was totally absorbed in the here and now. I was in the contact point between my fingers and her body, and I couldn’t be anywhere else at the same time. In that moment there was no room in my consciousness for the porn fuelled fantasies (future), or strolls down memory lane (past). There was her body, my body and the contact point between them, and there was no place in the entire world that I would rather want to be.

Then and there my addiction was solved. I was again directed to the simplest and most complex of all tools – meditation and mindfulness. When consciously having the choice to meet the other in fantasies (future), memories (past) or in the here and now, it all became quite easy.

– There is nowhere else I would rather be, than here with you, right now.

Photo: Drifting away by Carsten Schertzer on Flickr

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8 steps to get in contact with angels

Question: l really want to connect with angels and l feel a very strong energy when l do my meditation. Is there a way to connect with them? Thanks so much. Peace&love Cansu

There are lots of things you can do to connect with angels. I don’t have a ready list in my head, but here are 8 steps that come to mind. Please feel free to give additional tips on how to get in contact with angels in the comment section.

1. Relax.

Things generally come to us when we are ready for them, not by us forcing them or trying to hunt them down. This might be the perfect time for you to open up for contacts with angels, or it might be to soon. If it is too soon, and you don’t manage to get in contact, don’t be dissappointed. Accept what is right now and be open to what you are receiving, instead of chasing what you aren’t receiving.

2. Trust your intuition.

I can give you tips on how to do, but always trust your own intuition first. Be open to messages from the spirit world on how to go forward. If I say fire, water might be the answer for you. If I use my words to ask for something, you might be more comfortable visualizing what you are asking for. Let others inspire you, but trust yourself.

Guardian Angel by Thomas on Flickr.
Guardian Angel by Thomas on Flickr.

3. Invite contact.

If you want to work with angels, invite them to work with you. Do this in whatever way you like. I would do it by getting into a meditative state, so that my thoughts aren’t all over the place, and then simply asking for the contact. I would do that by speaking out loud, since I feel that I give my words more power in that way. I also light candles and say a blessing each day, which I trust creates an atmosphere which is open to angels, but I don’t feel that there is a need for ceremony in contacting the spirit world. A simple hello will do. What is important is that your intention is good and your approach respectful. I find that a simple hello is far more respectful than a ceremony without heart.

4. Find out what your predominant sense is.

When I began having contacts with angels I went around thinking that I couldn’t speak to them, because I had the misconception that one spoke with angels by pictures or words. That was how my girlfriend got the information, so I was trying to copy her. It was almost a year later that I realised that my primary sense is touch and feeling. I need to approach such contacts with feeling first. After that I might get pictures, but I always feel first. You might already have contact with angels, but if you’re trying to hear them, perhaps you are missing that they are pushing you around.

5. Be precise.

When you ask for a contact it often helps if you are precise. Now I’m not saying always, because many of my contacts are on the contrary such that I haven’t actually asked for them before. They just happen when they are needed, and then I act as a channel. But when you want to approach this in a conscious fashion, precise is good. You might have a certain area of your life that you need help with, or you might have some question that you are struggling with. Don’t just say “I wish I could get in contact with something”, because that will open the door for something to get in contact regarding anything, which might not be for your benefit. Rather say “I would like to have contact with a kind angel that can help me figure out what to do next in life”, or something like that.

6. Practice.

Find some kind of practice to get in contact. I would suggest meditation, as it seems to be a tool that works well for you, but it could be in prayer, walking, lighting candles or even in work. Here again it is important to find a form which suites you and your needs. Be open to suggestions sent your way.

Angel by metropilot on Flickr.
Angel by metropilot on Flickr.

7. Trust in yourself and your contact.

Many people get caught up in doubting their experiences, which hinders them from advancing. You need to take a leap of faith and accept what you are experiencing. There will always be room for a healthy amount of doubt, but we tend to doubt things far too much. If it is needed, go through your doubt routine, and then put your doubts aside, or you will be stuck in them.

8. Be thankful.

This is an important point in any work, and one that we often forget. Be thankful and show appreciation for the help that you have just received. Also, from time to time, think back to how things were before you had done any of this. Think back on your first steps and challenges that were difficult then. When you do so, you will cultivate a sense of movement, but also a sense of gratefulness for all that you have learnt and achieved.

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