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An audio hug

My first recorded song ever – a calming healing song in Swedish meant to remind us to relax and breathe when life is overwhelming.

A big thank you and a hug to everybody who has helped me!

Johan Borgström, Sasha Nielsen, Susanna Dalla-Santa, Fredrik Carlsson, Mirjam Wilby, Luma Nielsen, Irmgard Stünkel, Pétur Pétursson, Jonathan Nertlinge, Alexander Ravenna, Naysha Silva Romero, Sierenna Wilk, Molle Nifkin, Johan Malmborg and Patrick Bongart.

This is a Swedish translation of Ze Franks wonderful Chillout song.

Photo: from our recording session.
Sasha Nielsen on the hang drum and Johan Borgström on the guitar.

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Warming a poor home

My friend, his wife and their two children lived in a small cottage that was a tight fit. Their study grants were just barely enough to pay for bills and carrots, with a few Euros left over for clothing and entertainment every month.

The winter was freezing cold when the thermostat in their only bathroom broke. The bathroom quickly lost all heat and became unbearable to be in. There was no other option than fixing the thermostat.

When my friend stepped into the store he still harbored the slightest hope that it would be an easily solved glitch.
– Nah, it is done for. You need a new one, the repairman said and killed my friend’s last hope.
– How much does a new one cost, he asked.
– 370 Euros.
My friend sighed and gave up.

That’s when the repairman met his eyes.
– Do you want it?
– Yes, but I can’t afford it.
– Here, take it. It’s yours.

That was the only time they ever met.
That same evening the heat was turned back on in the bathroom.

Photo: Blåsberget av Espen Klem på Flickr

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