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The best thing about being human

– What is the best thing about being human?
– It is to capture the energy.
– What energy?
– The energy you use to play and write and so on. But the very best thing about being human is loving each other.

Sometimes talking to my five year old can be a little like going to a satsang. The difference being that there are no pretentious wishy washy egos around, no white robes and no holy ideas that must be upheld. I trust this guru.

Photo: There’s a snow angel in there somewhere by Daniel Wilby

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Naysha: Sacred plants and exorcism

During my shamanic training it was never easy to take the next step and it was never easy to overcome a fear. A shaman with fears is not good, especially in the moments when bravery is needed. At the same time that higher light energies exist, there are also dark energies. Dark energies are not God or the spirit creation. Dark energies are a human creation.

When we came to this experience as humans we forgot our divinity and got lost in pleasures. Our souls went down different paths because of our free will. We learnt to hate, to steal, to lie, and more. These feelings, actions and thoughts also are energies; low frequencies of energies. But also inside this dark energy there exist levels of consciousness. Some souls decide not to return to the light after death. They continue living the emotions that they could not let go of, such as hate and resentment. This is not about hell or heaven. For me that does not exist.

I believe that what many religions describe as “hell”, and people with near death or other kind of supernatural experiences describes as hell, is an intermediate state between the human and spirit world. A state in between, a shadow state we can call it. You cannot pass to the light until your decide that light is your origin and you cannot return as human. These spirits are still attached to the human world. But also when we are spirits, we have a choice. We always have a choice. They will see the light when they understand that only light is possible, and that the light is where they come from.

For me this intermediate dimension that we have created with our bad feelings and attachments is the shadow state which can explain things like witchcraft. Witchcraft is not Gods creation. Witchcraft was created in Africa, were researchers’ claim the first humans came from, so we can assume that witchcraft and humans came together. Exactly when and how? No idea, but I believe that at some point in our story there was a really dark moment and it was from this dark time the shadow spirits could communicate with the shamans in the ceremonies. Remember that plant medicines OPEN spaces, not only for different dimensions inside yourself, but also in reality. So these shamans got in contact with these shadow spirits and before that the shamans did not know of those kinds of energies, so some shamans learnt from those spirits. The shadow spirits understood very well the tricks of the human ego and some shamans felt really great with all this new information. And since then dark spirits also come to ceremonies and can again enter the human dimension and continue spreading hate and other bad feelings.

It’s very easy to learn witchcraft. Learning how to heal is what is difficult. Witchcraft is a sad reality and I will take time on this subject for another article.

Ok, until this point we are clear that these shadow states are what we can call the demon state. Every bad feeling, every bad thought, like “I want to kill myself” creates a demon, a low energy vibration around you. This is what we see as ugly visions during plant ceremonies. It’s our own creation. And every bad feeling, thought or reinforcement to this kind of thought, “I want to kill myself” for example, will feed the energy. That’s why there are different levels of consciousness to the low frequencies. Some of them have personalities like you and me. Yes, I have seen them. My first experience with exorcism in ceremonies started in my third year, when I was helping a shaman during ceremonies. I was watching his back , especially during exorcisms.

In my experience there are three kinds of “demons”.

  1. The ones that have a mission, like wanting to stop you from finding your mission. Normally the people experience these kinds of demons. They are born with these energies, they feel depressed almost all their lives and they describe something like “I really want to feel, but I cannot. It’s like I have a block in my heart that does not allow me to feel. I want to feel love. I know my family love me, but I want to feel it. I know I love them, but I cannot feel them. What’s wrong with me?”
    These energies usually have a very clear mission. When they manage to disconnect people from their hearts they disconnect them from their life path as well. Life becomes a sad reality for these people.
  2. The ones that came by accident, for example through playing with a Ouija board. Some of these games are not so innocent and really work. Sometimes people get in touch with energies that were passing by and they call them to our human dimension through portals like the Ouija board, and because these energies don’t have a particular mission, they manifest more intensely. Then it can be like in movies with exorcism, because these energies are not supposed to be here. They don’t have a purpose.
  3. The ones that come by trauma. Sometimes during our spiritual experience as humans we experience very traumatic situations that OPEN US, such as the death of someone very close. When you are open and vulnerable energies that are around you can attach. Normally these are not very strong energies, but they can create discomfort like the sensation of being disconnected.

People with the first and second group of demons are difficult to work with using plants. They normally do not feel anything; they cannot see. They are disconnected, so then it is good to work with diets. A shaman will recognize the demon energy inside of the person, normally through a plant ceremony and sometimes before that. We can smell these entities. I have personal experience from a very difficult exorcism where I could literally feel the evil in my skin. It was awful, but I am still here. That’s why, dear readers, working with plants is not a funny hobby. It’s serious work.

What shamans do when people with these kinds of entities come to ceremonies?

First is to check in a ceremony to be 100 % sure that there is an entity.

Second is to evaluate the power of the entities. Some are easier to take out than others.

Third. Normally all people with entities should go to diets to clean energies. This makes the demons energy weaker and weaker, so they will show up during the ceremony. Normally they will try to hide from the shamans, if they can.

Fourth. After the diet there is a ceremony, normally with special Ayahuasca or San Pedro cooked with an extra plant, like Toe, Ajosacha or Pinon Colorado. There are different sorts and it always depends on the level of energy that we are dealing with. In cases of San Pedro shamans cactus with four lines are the favorites for exorcism. During the ceremony the demon is expelled with help of the shaman’s icaros. These ceremonies are not violent like in movies, but there is always a risk, so the shaman will have support from another shaman to do the exorcism.

After the exorcism people normally do not remember much, but they suddenly feel much much better. Finally they can get in touch with their hearts and some, if not all, can finally get in touch with the visions of Ayahuasca.

My personal experience with demons and dark energies is not to fight them. When you deal with these energies , what you do is to increase your light. When your light is strong there is no space for darkness. Nature does not support these dark energies. They are tired of them, so nature is a big ally. When the shaman has taken out this kind of energy, then the nature spirits take care of the rest. Once I saw a Roman army coming from the forest to take an entity with them. I look at them and asked “What are you going to do with him (the demon)?” They just said “Do not feel sorry for him. He does not feel for you. Do not worry. We have been looking for him for a long time.” And then they disappeared with the screaming entity.

Love and gratitude
Naysha Silva

Photo: Cuckoo by andrea floris on Flickr

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Leaving Facebook

A couple of years back I decided to leave Facebook as part of my purge. Facebook took far too much of my time and although I create content, it made me more of a passive consumer of bollocks than a creator. When I chose to end my Facebook profile my ego went bananas. It literally tried to convince me that I would die if I left Facebook. It sound utterly ridiculous, but the hyperventilating and fear of being forgotten was all very real.

So one day I pulled the plug. The first couple of weeks were really awful. My ego had me thinking that I would die, but I recognize ego and was set on not letting it get the best of me, so I persevered. After a month I felt ok again and after two I was happy to be rid of it. The only thing I actually missed were the invitations.

Leaving Facebook freed up very much time and over the next half year I wrote my first book. Eight months later the book was finished and I began looking for a publishing house. That’s when I remembered that I had a few such contacts among my Facebook friends, so even if I wasn’t keen on the idea I decided to open up my account again.

Those first two weeks were as awful as leaving had ever been. From the peace and quiet of writing I was hurled into the information overload of Facebook. Drama, news, status updates of little or no importance, or as we would say in plain English – rubbish. I’m not saying that Facebook is without pearls, but they are mostly hidden from you by the pigs and muck of it all.

The first two weeks I was really ill. I was sickened by the whole thing, but as with all bad things you get use to them soon enough. If you light a cigarette after having been free for a couple of years the first one tastes disgusting, but by the end of the second pack you are used to poisoning yourself again and think nothing of it. It was the same with Facebook. My whole body screamed that I was hurting myself, but I was focused on getting those contacts and before I knew it I was once more knee deep in the muck and after three weeks I didn’t think much of it anymore.

But deep down I have known since then that I am harming myself on Facebook, so this winter solstice (in one weeks time) I will convert my Facebook profile to a business page. By doing so I will still be able to post my original content, but I hope to cancel out the meaningless and depressing chatter which has become Facebook for me.

I will be converting that time to meeting people in real life and to work on the many projects that want my time and attention. There are so many more interesting things out there than the Facebook feed and I’m about to explore them once again. Among other things I will soon be opening a YouTube channel and I am working on a meditative trance journey.

Stay tuned with me here:
My blog
My newsletter
My YouTube channel (coming soon)
My Facebook business page
My e-mail

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What I learnt by fleeing Macau

When I landed in Macau, China, as an exchange student, I saw myself as quite the globetrotter. It is easy to suffer from hubris if you are a white, well-off European. One might even say that it is part of the role. My hubris was particularly severe with a super inflated ego.

If I had gone to Hong Kong, just east of Macau, I might have managed. There the British successfully ruled together with the local Chinese people, which gave a certain respect. Macau on the other hand was ruled by the Portuguese, and they imposed an apartheid like regime that systematically oppressed the Chinese people. The shoe now being on the other foot, the Chinese in Macau let the Whites know what they are worth. They ranked me lower than a dog.

I went to a shop.
In shops clerks usually dealt with me in one of two ways. Either they had me under constant surveillance, as if I were a thief. Or they would constantly move around in the shop to make sure to stay as far away from me as possible, which made me feel like a leper.

I went to a restaurant.
– I do not eat meat. Can I get vegetables? I stammered in beginners Chinese.
The waitress looked at me as if I was an idiot, turned away and began to fold napkins. I tried to attract her attention. She didn’t give a shit. Finally I went up to her and interrupted her napkin folding with sign language.
– Here, look, menu. My mouth, here. Need food. Give me anything. This. Please.
– Yawn, she gestured back and continued folding napkins.

I needed a taxi.
I went to the first in the queue. The driver hastily took off without me in the car. So did the next one. And the next. They obviously didn’t want me in their cars. The only way for me to actually get a taxi was to sneak up from behind, jump in and buckle up before the driver had managed to escape.

During one of the few lessons I actually took at the university in Macau I got to know the I Ching – a Chinese divination book. In desperate need of guidance I asked what I should do. It warned of the consequences of a panicky retreat.

It didn’t take more than a month before I broke down completely and fled in panic. That evening I squeezed aboard the boat to Hong Kong and then lied to get on board the first flight back to Europe.

My culture clash with Macau left me with a broken ego and zero self-esteem. I was annihilated. Worthless. Just as the I Ching had warned I fled instead of confronting my hubris, which left me a wreck.

The depression that ensued lasted for four horrible years.

Looking back I can honestly say that it is among the best things that have ever happened to me. If I wouldn’t have crashed I probably wouldn’t have been on the healing journey that I am on today. I would still have been super inflated.

Another thing that I learnt from the entire ordeal is that I am still a pampered European, simply because it is in my power to have such a panic reaction and flee. Others are less fortunate. They flee from their homes and when it gets too hard for them, when people are racist and cruel, they are not able to swiftly escape the situation. They are forced to remain in it, which often comes at a terrible cost. We should help refugees far more and far better than we do today. One reason why we don’t is that our Western society as a whole has a super inflated ego and hubris. We could all need a trip to Macau so that we can get our priorities straight.

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Pain and suffering don’t need to go hand in hand

We will experience pain in life. It is inevitable.

How we choose to meet that pain is on the other hand a choice. Many choose to suffer and many also think that suffering is the natural outcome of pain. It is not. To suffer is a choice and as such we have often learnt it.

I realized this a few years back when my life was and needed to be in turmoil. I needed to face pain. When I understood that I did not also need to choose to suffer I could take much more pain that I would have been able to otherwise. Since I didn’t have to deal with the distraction of my suffering ego I could see the pain in sober light and deal with it.

When you disconnect the two you will see that your suffering is of your own making and the pain itself is often manageable. And just as you choose to suffer, you can also choose differently.

Photo: Do you need to Love by Alexandra Bellink on Flickr

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Two monks came to a river

Two monks were on their way back to the monastery. The eldest of them walked first because younger monks are expected to go behind the older ones. They came to a river crossing where a beautiful young woman was standing.

– Please, can you help me cross the river, the woman asked the older monk. I dare not cross it by myself. The current looks strong and I don’t know how deep it is. Can I hold your hand?
The old monk closed his eyes and pretended not to notice the woman. As a monk you should not be tempted, so he rolled up the legs of his trousers and stepped into the river without her.

A few steps after came the younger monk.
– Please monk, begged the woman. Help me across the river. I don’t dare to by myself. The current looks strong and I don’t know how deep it is. Can I hold your hand?
– It is deep here and holding hands won’t be enough, he replied. Climb onto my back and I’ll carry you over to the other side.

Many miles later, outside the monastery the old monk turned to the younger:
– You have committed a sin, and I will report you! Not only did you talk to the woman, not only did you touch her, but you carried her on your back, her body pressed against yours. You should be expelled from our order!
The young monk laughed and said:
– I let her down on the other side of the river more than three miles back. You’re the one who is still carrying her around in your thoughts.

Photo: faith by jenny downing on Flickr

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A little more than two years ago the Archangel Ishmael pushed me into a powerful purge of my life where all things that were no longer beneficial for me were expelled.

IMG_7891I burnt and erased everything I had made up till the age of 36. From my very first drawings I made at preschool to my latest work and study related stuff. As I danced around the fire that devoured it the sentence “my history starts here” was ringing in my ears.

My marriage went the same way and even though that was the most difficult part, I can see that it is what was best for us all. I am happy to say that I am now good friends with my ex and an active, loving father of my children. With the marriage out the window I also lost 95 percent of my friends, so I ended up spending my 40th birthday alone wondering if I had any at all. I used to think I had very close and dear friendships, but when it came to it most of them just vanished. Having lost all friends I slowly began attracting new ones that are on similar paths as mine, although I don’t consider many of them as close as I thought my previous ones were. It left me feeling very lonely, but from that loneliness I have found new confidence in myself and the conviction that I need to follow my path with all my heart, no matter what other people think about it.
My job met the same fate, even though I was too comfortable to take that step myself. But when I didn’t life stepped in and cast it out. That gave me three months to write my very first book which was a purging of another relationship.

One of the most powerful aspects of the purge has to do with truth, which has been one focus of this blog up until now. We all carry things within that we don’t want others to know about. Things that we are ashamed of; secrets that we don’t want to admit to. I have consciously used this blog to rid myself of those secrets, which has been a very challenging process. I have often sat in front of the computer with the feeling that I really don’t want to push the publish button, but every time that feeling has come to me I have known that I really must. And I am happy to say that I have pushed that publish button every single time, even though my ego has gone bananas trying to persuade me not to. For every time I have let something that I am ashamed of go I have walked a little taller and loved myself a little more.

In the very beginning I also did my forgiveness walk which was a powerful release of negative emotions that I held onto regarding others and myself. That day was year’s worth of emotional healing that also made me realize that I have a tendency to feel guilt and shame even when I shouldn’t.

● ● ●

At first I thought that the purge was only going to go on for a month or so, but the more I went into it, the more there was to work on. It dragged on and has challenged me in all aspects of life, to the point that I was unsure if I would ever be done with it. Then just last week a message came to me loud and clear.

I am done. The purge is over. Now the adventure continues. Work awaits.

● ● ●

Of late many things have become very clear. I now know what I need to do next to be of service and I will be happy to share that with you as things unfold. For now I have made some important changes to my blog. The tagline for my blog used to be “Being brave is only the first step”. At the time I didn’t really understand how well that would sum it all up. Now I am on my next step, so the tagline has changed to “Healing and growing”, because that is what I help myself and others to do.

psychedelic_blotter_art_640_07You can see big changes in my presentation and I have also added a short description of psychedelic medicine. I have also erased all blog posts that solely had to do with my truth purge, because they are no longer relevant to what this blog is to be. That isn’t to say that I won’t be paying attention to the truth. On the contrary. The truth is ingrained in me.

Now let’s get started. Tomorrow I will publish one of my most important blog posts to date – A guide to safely working with visionary plants, psychedelic medicines and life in general. I hope it will be of help to you.

Photo: Spread Love! by Vinoth Chandar on Flickr

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Mårten on the subject of time and how it can break

These are notes from a channelled conversation with a spirit contact named Mårten. In it he discusses time, trauma and identity. This is a rough translation from Swedish.

● ● ●

– Trauma changes time, there becomes a gap in it. Strong traumas fracture our experience of time. When something happens in a place that time is carved into it. In a place with many traumas, such as Auschwitz, time is fragmented and chaotic. It still is. Time has not moved on, which means you can go there and experience it again.

– It is the same for people. Time can break for them. For someone traumatized by losing someone, for example, time can become so fragmented that the experience could just as well have happened 7 seconds ago, as 7 years ago. A person like that breaks every day.

– Thus both a place and a person can get stuck in a certain time.

Identity and time

– Time is linked to the identity we create in the life we ​​live now. In our basic state that time does not exist, it is only now. When we are through meditation work our way down to our basic state we come to now, which also brings great security. In the ego, identity, we create time. It is with the help of the time we then create memories, what we’ve been through and what we dream about.

– Our memory teaches us the basic, practical social things. Therefore we need time, in order to learn and create our selves. We build our dreams on what we have experienced.

– When it works you go from one time to the next, but when there is a trauma time is fractured. Small images are spread and shattered. If that happens you can get stuck or move on without the image. It is the image of one’s self or expectations for the situation.

Fragmented time

– People with traumas have fragmented time. This may occur in many ways, for example by assault, accidents, vulnerable situations, lost love, alcohol and drug addiction, psychoses, neuroses, depression and apathy.

How can we mend fragmented time in a person?
– It depends. The person has to want to.

– One way is by remembering. A piece of time breaks. The pieces are still there in your backpack. You feel broken. Putting together the pieces begins by remembering how the image was before it was broken. This is not something to do by yourself.

– Go into the difficult things to reach the realization that it is okay that it happened.

Can you bring such time fractures to the next life?
– Yes, as karma.

How does one work with time that has been shattered by alcohol?
– By remembering. It is still there, that what was before the intoxication. There is something about yourself that you do not remember.

I forget who I was during that time. I don’t remember the hardest parts.
– You behaved in a way when you were drunk that you now do not want to remember as a part of you. Compare before and after. What disappeared in-between?

– The biggest key is identifying yourself. Every day and in every situation you decide how and who you want to be. You have to decide all the time, facing each new situation. A large part of our identification is based on how we have been and what we have been through in life. It determines our decisions and how we choose to be today.

Paused and enlarged time

– Sometimes time is broken in a way that it stops right there. We note details that we always remember afterwards. Pause. Then the problem is not to remember, but to get the image to assume the same proportions as the rest. The image stands out from everything else. That is as great a trauma. An equal displacement in the ability to identify.

– It depends on how time was broken, what one has done since, and our attitude.

Remembering and patterns

– There are some keys, but they have so many different variables. To remember has so many different variables. Remembering with the mind can be one tool, but you can also remember with the body or by saying things aloud.

– Then there is the aspect of patterns. We have time to create patterns and logic. We learn order and how to create patterns. This means that trauma of various kinds also create patterns, which often makes it happen again if it has happened once. Maybe that could also be a way to remember, until we actually remember it, until we actually see what is going on.

– The process is the whole thing, our process. Things happen and we get stuck. That’s why we have all these lives and continue to reincarnate, because we didn’t learn. So we bring it along to the next life too.

– It is through our identity and the experience of this life that we can get through the illusion and down to ourselves. See it as our core or essence. On it are various layers. Identity is one layer. That means that whatever we do in life can not damage the core. Any dirt will be on the outside of it.

Energy inward and outward

– Energy that harms, that stems from the illusion that the ring of identity is the self, is directed outward. We create the illusion that we are separate from God.

– Real healing energy can mend the identity ring. Then the energy is directed inwards, towards the core, and then we realize that we are God, that everything is connected, that everything has meaning, that we are complete. When we look for explanations outside of ourselves we direct the energy outward.

How do we direct the energy inward?
– Just do it. When we actually do what we know is right for us. It all ties together. When I know what I need to do I am in contact with the core, and then the energy is directed inwards. When we disconnect the mind, which is a huge process. When we become aware that we are not our thoughts. When we wake up.

– Most people have a little energy inward and little energy outward. Being in contact with ones intuition and feelings makes the energy go inward. The mind switched on, then the energy will go outward. The more energy goes inward, the greater humility the person will have. It becomes a tool. Such a person is aware that she is not the work she performs. She doesn’t identify strongly with such things.

– The essence, our soul – whatever we experience, we cannot damage it. Our identity can be damaged and create a “broken person”, slit personality and other disorders, but inside of that the soul is intact.

– With techniques for getting in contact with oneself so much healing occurs by itself, because that is the nature of energy – to heal.

Hallucinogens as medicine

– Hallucinogens can be excellent tools in this context, but the identity ring cannot be too broken. The identity ring needs to be quite intact, because it is through it that we create the context and intention. If the ring is broken the energy goes outward and becomes harmful.

– How noticeable hallucinogens are depends on how strong your identity ring is. If your ring is full, you are in balance.

Getting stuck in a time

– There is another way for time to break. We talked about 1. gaps, 2. that it is frozen and magnified, and 3. that a piece of time breaks so that it becomes choppy and fragmented. One can also get stuck in a time, often in a sequence. With a longer period of difficult things you can start reliving what is happening. It is repeated for real or it feels like it is being repeated. Outside time continues, but on the inside the same time pattern is repeating itself.

Four time injuries

– The person who has had a time injury needs to identify what kind.

Four time injuries:
● gaps
● frozen and magnified
● broken, shattered, fragmented, choppy
● stuck in a time

– In recovery we need to create a new identity based on the present. The past is no longer relevant.

Photo: Trolley Drain by darkday on Flickr

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Stepping away from monogamy

Once upon a time I only had very monogamous relationships.

Then I got my first openly bisexual girlfriend, which led to me question if it was really fair that I restricted half her sexuality by demanding she be monogamous. My gut answer was a clear no. It is not fair to expect someone to repress such a large part of their sexuality in order for me to have sexual exclusivity.

Then I thought it over for another minute.

Am I really so much of a man that all other sexual contact with men would be superfluous? Again the answer was no, since people in general are so very different. There are experiences I could never give a woman, simply because I’m too tall, short, strong, weak, or have the wrong skin color, just to mention a few things that I can’t easily change.

It dawned on me that the thought of sexual exclusivity which society programs us with is deeply inhibiting. It is really no wonder that many of us feel compelled to change partners frequently or to be unfaithful. Not everyone is stuck in the norm, but many are, and those who aren’t still need to relate to it in one way or another. Deviations are often met with punishments such as imposing guilt or shame or being ridiculed.

Of course there are many who challenge the norm of monogamy, for example by trying to have open relationships (often only sexually open) or even polyamorous relationships (having multiple intimate love relationships). But even if such an attitude is theoretically much healthier, it seems that many of the people I have met who try to live in that manner are obviously confused and divided. Most of the time I don’t feel that it is their fault, but rather that it is a result of the programming that they have been exposed to, which has in turn thoroughly messed up their minds.

As far as I can see the main difference between harmonious and disharmonious multiple relationships lies in if you approach it with the heart or the head. There are many people like me who have thought it over and come to realize that monogamy is not a healthy norm, but in order to live that insight in a harmonious way it isn’t enough that the head understands. The heart must also understand. In order for the heart to understand the person needs to work with his/her personal development to get past the thought patterns that we have been impregnated with.

To put it all in chakra terms, the person needs to rise to the level of the heart chakra where love is unconditional. The vast majority is however on the second or third chakra where the ego is ever present, manipulations are common and love comes with conditions. Many have occasional experiences at the heart level, such as when they fall in love or have children, but very few are stable at that level, which explains why many people who are experimenting with such things as polyamory or open relationships are clearly unbalanced in it. Even those who seem to be balanced are often not, since they swallow their imbalance, which of course hurts the person in much the same way as if they would swallow sadness or anger.

Photo: Threesome by Anthony Easton on Flickr

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Trapped in an unhealthy system of healing

We seem to be trapped in an unhealthy system of healing. We are so set on modern Western medicine having all the answers that we don’t see what else is out there. Alternative and traditional healing methods are being kept away from the public under the pretense of science, but with time there is coming overwhelming evidence that there are often far better treatments out there. But even with evidence the best treatments are often being opposed because they don’t fit in to our way of thinking.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that we have a patient that is suffering from severe chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia. And let us say that we have four treatments which might help.
A. Painkillers.
B. Massage.
C. Cannabis oil.
D. Ayurveda.

Painkillers are a wonder of modern medicine and I think we should be truly thankful that we have them. When they work they are a great relief, but there are several very serious drawbacks to them. One is that they don’t always work, especially when it comes to more complicated conditions that modern medicine yet doesn’t seem to fully understand, such as fibromyalgia. While modern painkillers might be effective, they are far from 100 percent so. Another one is that these modern medicines come with a long list of side effects which are often worse than the ailment that they were first used to treat. Yet another one is that these medicines are addictive and possible to overdose and die from. People die every year from either unintentionally overdosing or mixing medicines which aren’t compatible, but also from intentional overdosing when committing suicide.

Some drawbacks are much less in alternative therapies, or altogether non-existent. Massage for example has much fewer side effects and counter indications, and I still haven’t heard of anyone killing themselves by overdosing massage. Hands on physical therapy is often effective for treating fibromyalgia, but the availability within the system of the modern Swedish health service is at best patchy. Many doctors will outright refuse to refer you to such treatment or even take your condition seriously. I have met a practitioner within the health care system that will give such treatment, but who will disguise it as something else in the paper work. And I have met others that are true miracle workers with their hands, but are written off as quacks by the health care system and thus excluded.

When the legal options are exhausted a few courageous people take matters into their own hands and try therapies and medicines which are illegal. Just yesterday I published a text by Andreas Thörn, a man who broke his neck and was paralyzed at the age of 15. He has suffered since and after having gone through the entire stock of modern medicines, except Methadone, he chose to try Cannabis. It turned out that it worked wonders for him, in a way that modern medicine hasn’t been able to for the last 20 years. Another person that I have featured here is Jens Waldmann who overcome his severe depression with the help of Cannabis. The doctors wanted to give him Bensodiazepin instead, fully aware that he had abused that medicine before and that it would not solve the underlying problem. Coming back to the subject of chronic pain Cannabis and Cannabis oil are well known for their ability to relieve pain, even such pain that painkillers won’t touch. In my experience smoking Cannabis is addictive, but definitely much less so than for example opiate painkillers. It might also have counter indications, but is less toxic than most medicines. It is actually physically impossible to die from a Cannabis overdose.

Ayurveda is a different thing all together. Food is the basic medicine in Ayurveda, since most (if not all) of our imbalances are a result of or can be alleviated with food. When you eat right you heal and stay healthy. It is a way of healing which requires dedication, but which also teaches you a great deal about yourself and how you can function better. Lifestyle changes are often fantastic medicine.

● ● ●

Going back to what I was first saying – there seems to be an unhealthy emphasis on one way of healing. When modern medicine doesn’t do the trick, we are left hanging with no help. And even then we are openly discouraged to seek other healing methods.

There is no one system which works for all. No one truth that holds true for all. The painkillers might work for some of the patients, but what kind of healing system seeks to heal some of the patients while leaving others stranded? By bringing in alternative and traditional therapy we could be healing close to everyone. We just need to find out what works for them.

Of course there will be areas where Western medicine will still keep its dominance, simply because it is superior. One such area is acute physical trauma. But there will also be areas where Western medicine will be obliterated, simply because it is inferior. An area where Western medicine would probably quickly lose credibility is mental health, since it has a great lack of knowledge about people’s inner workings. Why else would the system be mass drugging us with such medicines like anti-depressants, even though they don’t do much more than put a lid on things and lower our motivation to heal?

For the sake of the people who need to heal is time to get rid of this dominance that Western medicine has had, but to do so we will also have to overcome our white egos, our bullying tendencies and the paternalism that has come with it.

Photo: Lost in Field by Rudolf Getel on Flickr

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