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The Demon God

I have been in contact with several demons and other parasitic energies. I have seen firsthand what kind of havoc they can wreck on someone’s life, but I have also seen how cleverly they disguise themselves. The cleverest among them won’t let you see them. They will simply manipulate people and make them believe that it is all their own idea.

Other demons will let you see them but will trick you into thinking they are something else. It isn’t unusual that such demons will present themselves in a bombastic manner and promise great gifts in return for something performed by you. In the beginning the gift might look huge and the price small, but with time you will pay much more than the gifts are worth; the greatest price being that you will be ensnared and make yourself dependent on the demons help. Your existences will be entangled. To help you swallow the bait the first contributions asked of you will often be such that you will want to give them for purely egoistic reasons, such as indulging in pleasure or slaying your enemies.

Of late I have been directed to look at a specific character and as I do so I realize that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is not what it presents itself as, but that it is rather mixed up with one or several demons playing with people’s minds. I am speaking about God as portrayed by the Bible.

Before going deeper into this let me say that I know God. I am not an atheist. Of the descriptions of God that I have read the one given by Neale Donald Walsch in the book Conversations with God seems to be the most accurate to me. That is the God that I know.

But the God of the Bible then? Is that the genuine God? Well, first of all the Bible was written by many people and has undergone many changes before it arrived in the version that you are familiar with. Even descriptions of the true God can be twisted beyond recognition when edited by people who are under the influence of lesser energies.

What I want to point out is that many of the biblical descriptions of God seem to be way off. They are simply not depicting God as I know him. In many cases I believe they are simply reflections of the insecurities, vengefulness and obsessive control behaviours of the people behind the pens. But all these religious accounts of God are most likely not made up to disguise the interests of the human author. Some are likely descriptions of real contacts with real entities, but many of these entities are not God. From what I know of demons and God they seem to be demons masquerading as God in order to snare people’s minds.

The result is demonic. At worst religion turns people away from God and makes them intolerant, hateful, vengeful and jealous. Religion is used to oppress, slaughter and destroy. To me this seems like the work of demons and people who follow demons. Believe it or not, but God isn’t interested in mutilating little boys penises. He isn’t jealous. She doesn’t care what you had for supper and it isn’t in the slightest worried about you being disrespectful towards it. These are all petty human concerns and are as such easily fuelled by demons.

God is far greater than so. If you believe in the biblical God it is a very small God you believe in. If you are truly worried of worshipping false Gods, begin by getting rid of these religious misbeliefs. Toss the Bible and stop listening to preachers. You will immediately be very much closer to God.

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A school caught out of time

The more I engage in life and the more I learn about myself, the worse I feel that the school system is.

I jumped more vaulting boxes than what I learnt about blood sugar levels, which has probably caused a lot of unnecessary conflict in my life. What the vaulting boxes have given me I have a hard time seeing.

I learnt a lot about clause elements and parts of speech, but absolutely nothing about how to deal with depression or substance abuse. I am a trained journalist and have never needed to know the name of a clause element. All I know about depression (5 years ) and abuse (15-20 years ), I had to learn from my own experience.

I learnt how to calculate heat distortion of railway tracks, the volume of cones and tons of other nonsense that I have never used. But I did not learn what exactly I need to eat to feel good, and what I need to avoid in order not to feel bad. I’m still struggling with that.

I had to read many pages about war, but they never taught me how to create peace. I was taught to debate my position, but not to listen.

monkeys by Karl Baron on Flickr
monkeys by Karl Baron on Flickr

The school has not given me the tools I need to live a harmonious , stimulating and happy life.

On the contrary, I see ever more clearly that the school has predominantly tried to teach me nonsense. Things that were important to me were in most cases completely ignored, or in the best case dealt with during a theme day. In the mean time I was punished because I had a reluctance to learning things that weren’t important to me.

The school that we have today is the product of a different era and is therefore completely substandard. The school system needs to be remade from scratch. I have found a good starting point for further discussion in the book Conversations With God, Part 2, in which Neale Donald Walsch channels God. God says this (THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL TEXT, THIS IS TRANSLATED FROM SWEDISH):

“Your hope is the next generation, and the next after that! But you have to stop drowning them in your old ways of thinking. It has been proved that they do not work! Those ways of thinking have not brought you where you say you want to go. And if you are not careful you will end up exactly where you are going!

So stop! Turn around! Sit down together and gather your thoughts. Create the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about yourselves as a human race. Then take the values ​​and concepts that surround such a vision and teach them in your schools.

Why not topics like…
∙ Understanding power
∙ Peaceful Conflict Resolution
∙ The parts of loving relationships
∙ Personality and self-creating
∙ Body, mind and soul
∙ Using creativity
∙ Love yourself, appreciate others
∙ Joy filled sexual expression
∙ Justice
∙ Tolerance
∙ Differences and Similarities
∙ Ethical economy
∙ Creating awareness and brain power
∙ Awareness and alertness
∙ Honesty and accountability
∙ Visibility and invisibility
∙ Science and Spirituality

A lot of this is actually being taught in social studies.
I’m not talking about small section of a larger “subject”. I’m talking about each title here above would be a single subject. I’m talking about a complete change of the entire curriculum. I’m talking about an education that is based on values. What you are doing now is mostly about facts.”

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