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All states are contagious

I’m pretty sure that all of us have experienced contagious laughter. Someone starts laughing which triggers others to laugh and soon enough everyone is laughing. It’s the same with yawning. Seeing someone else yawning will very often make you yawn too.

What many people are less aware of is that it doesn’t stop there. It goes without saying that it is easy to get angry when someone is angry with you, but it is less obvious that someone else’s confusion might rub off in the same way.

All states can be contagious. Laziness is contagious. Dreams are contagious, as are depressions. This is especially true when you are less conscious, have a weak third eye or lack determination. Such people are more easily swayed by others emotions and visions, but very few people are so strong of mind and heart that they are immune. Therefore it is important to be aware of what you are picking up from other people and ultimately what people and emotions you are surrounding yourself with.

If you are in a state which you do not want to be in there is a very real chance that it doesn’t actually belong to you. Then you need to track the source and disconnect. Sometimes that can mean to get rid of the relationship, but it doesn’t always need to be that drastic. In some cases it is enough to become aware of where you have been picking it up and to leave that emotion with that person.

If you are in a bad state and you are the source, then be aware that you are contagious. You are contaminating the environment around you. You might think that how you feel is your own business but that is not the case, especially if you have children. Your confusion, laziness, anger, depression, anxiety, bitterness or whatever will rub off on them. Get your act together and take responsibility for the mess that you are creating. Change to create something different.

Photo: Big yawn by Björn Rixman on Flickr

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Motivation to keep evolving

Two things especially motivate me when working with my personal and spiritual development:
1. What I do not deal with in this life, I will bring along to the next.
2. What I do not deal with is contagious and will be passed on to my children.

I have heard a few atheists say that reincarnation seems to be a comfortable thought, because then one can take a rain check on anything uncomfortable. There will always be time for that later. For me the realization that we reincarnate works completely to the opposite. I do not want to spend several lives dealing with the same shit that I can resolve here and now.

In that way reincarnation is also a view that can motivate me for life, because even if I solve something five minutes before my death, I will avoid that issue in my next life. For me there is no expiration date on personal development. However, I have heard cynical atheist addicts say things like “I’m so old that there is no point to stop drinking now.” “No, by all means. You can spend your next life doing that”, I think to myself.

It has been a great insight for me that we infect our loved ones with whatever it is we’re not addressing ourselves. We see it all around us. Alcoholics are often children of alcoholics, workaholics are children of workaholics. Misanthropy runs in the family, depression and cancer also. The challenges that we avoid, we pass on to our children. Sometimes they will pick it up as exactly the same thing, like the alcoholic who is the child of an alcoholic. But sometimes it changes form, for example from one addiction to another.

When one liberates oneself, one also liberates future generations.

Photo: Learning to Walk by Tela Chhe on Flickr

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