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Why psychedelics are illegal

Many people crudely think that all illegal drugs are illegal because they are physically dangerous to the user. That is not the case. Different substances have been made illegal at different times and for different reasons.

Some substances are rightly illegal because they are physically dangerous. Heroin, crack and GHB are examples of dangerous substances that pose a very real risk to the user. Ironically though the two most dangerous drugs – alcohol and tobacco – are not illegal.

Other substances are however illegal for very different reasons. Two reasons are very prominent: because they are perceived as dangerous to the status quo and to target and persecute specific groups.

Just the other day I was asked why psychedelics are illegal. They are obviously extremely useful medicines and also very safe when used correctly. Well, there are several reasons for them being illegal and most of them have nothing to do with health, but let us begin with the health issue.

Psychedelics are commonly non-toxic and pose no physical threat even at extreme doses. Most of these substances are not even possible to overdose to the degree that they would be life threatening. But there is one real health risk and that is to the user’s mental health. Psychedelics have the unique capacity of unlocking the doors of the unconscious mind. They can release what has been carefully locked away and repressed. This is of course what makes them such powerful therapeutic tools, but if the person isn’t open to taking care of what comes up the experience can be quite traumatic. The same goes for other kinds of therapy, meditation and contemplation. If you aren’t ready to meet what you have repressed you shouldn’t do or take anything that will uncover what you have buried.

nixon_militaryBut besides this, what were the perceived dangers that made psychedelics illegal? To grasp this one must look at the historical setting. Where did the push to criminalize come from and what is the backdrop? To understand this we need to go back to the USA in the mid 1960’s. Government at all levels were in a cold war state of mind trying to root out possible dissidents within. The Vietnam war had dragged on for ten years, US involvement was sharply rising, as was the death toll. It was a time for hardliners and hawks. JFK had been murdered and the much less diplomatic Lyndon B Johnson took his place. He was then followed by one of the fathers of the War on Drugs – Richard Nixon.

At the same time a very vocal and at times even revolutionary opposition was forming at home. There were many different movements with many different objectives, but when talking about psychedelics the hippies are of course at the focal point. What were they up to? They protested, burnt draft cards, let their hair grow, dressed strangely and promoted free sex, just to name a few things. In the eyes of a person like Nixon, and there were many like him at the time, they were trouble makers who were upsetting the status quo. They were anti-establishment peacemongerers and as such perceived as threatening by the establishment.

At the very core of that opposition was the experimentation with drugs and the one that has forever been associated with the hippie movement is of course the psychedelic LSD. So what was it about LSD that sparked this opposition and backlash towards the establishment? I think the ethnobotanist psychonaut Terence McKenna was spot on when he said that “they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

Photo: DaveHippie by studio muscle on Flickr
Photo: DaveHippie by studio muscle on Flickr

What LSD did was to awaken people from their cultural programming and indoctrination and let them see the world with other eyes. When they did so they could not accept what they had been taught, so they rebelled. They rebelled against violence, militarism and domination and instead sought “peace, love and understanding”.

On a side note both the CIA the American military had experimented heavily with LSD before it found its way to the hippies. One notable side effect was that quite a few soldiers that had been given it laid down their guns and refused to pick them up again.

For a person like Nixon this was all extremely threatening. To him America was losing its youth to a drug culture that was in direct opposition to the establishment. And he certainly had a point. If you want people to follow orders, be aggressive towards one another, go to war and kill people you will not want to give them LSD, because they will start thinking for themselves, refuse to follow orders and will refuse violence.

LSD was not made illegal because it is physically harmful to the person taking it. It was made illegal because it makes people question authority and social injustices and prompts them to do something about it. LSD and psychedelics threatened and still threatens the fabric of domination culture by showing people that another world is possible.

While many believe that our drug laws are there to protect us we have in fact inherited most of them from a time when domination culture was scared of losing control. Our drug laws are in many cases in place to hinder mind expansion and rebellion against the violent domination culture and the status quo, and most certainly so when it comes to psychedelics.

This is a pattern of dominance which is repeating itself.

Today the political establishment are the ones oppressing and persecuting the users of psychedelics. Yesterday it was the church. The brutal persecution of witches, witchdoctors, healers, shamans and anyone seeking other modalities of healing or other ways of reaching the divine was the church’s version of the War on Drugs. The vocabulary surrounding it all was different but still quite similar. Instead of safety and health concerns the church would talk about being in contact with or possessed by the devil or evil spirits.

Witch BurningWhile they might well have believed their own story, just as many do with the story of domineering culture of today, it was ultimately based in a fear of losing control over people. As many, perhaps even most, who work with psychedelics will attest to, psychedelics are often a door to the divine. They break down the limitations of our cultural programming. When it comes to the church there has often been an idea that certain people should act as intermediaries for the rest of us, thus the control over the contact with the divine and the divine will has been hijacked by priests and such. What psychedelics often do in that case is give the user his/her own personal contact with the divine, making the intermediary superfluous. For someone who wants to maintain control over other people this is of course extremely threatening and also provocative to the point where the church would be willing to kill people.

One needs to remember that the greatest threat to the church is that each and every one of us would be able to have our own contact with the divine. If we did have that contact the church would soon be redundant, at least as an interpreter of God’s will,  so it lies in the interest of the individual career makers within and also in the organisations themselves to see to it that people do not have their own contact with the divine.

And that is of course the pattern of domineering that is repeating itself today. A lot of people, organisations and companies stand to lose a lot of money and power when psychedelics are let free. It is in their interest to keep them illegal. If you could solve addiction, PTSD, depression and such with one or a few psychedelic trips the medical and pharmaceutical industry would take a huge dive. If people would stop tolerating violence that would mean the end of the military and the industries that profit from war. If each and every one would be given the tools for connecting with the divine themselves the world religions would lose their strangle hold on the minds of people.

It is in the interest of anyone who wants to dominate someone else that psychedelics are kept illegal and are continually persecuted.

That is why psychedelics are illegal.

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Beware of religion

In a previous life I was a good Christian. The branch of Christianity I belonged to did however not believe in a Bible, in churches or priests. Instead it taught everyone to cultivate their personal connection to God and Isaac (Jesus). When one has that connection there is no need for anything else, because you have access to all the answers. Then there is no need for others to interpret God’s will for you, because you know God’s will, and therefore there is also no possibility for them to manipulate you with religion for their own human goals.

Then came the Roman Catholic Church and slaughtered us all. They killed every single one of us, even the infants, in an attempt to eradicate us – in an attempt to keep people from having their own contact with the highest divine and thus becoming aware of how corrupt people try to trick us using religion.

In this life I was brought up strictly Atheist and with a great dislike for religion. As I found spirituality and grew into accepting angels, Isaac and even God, I didn’t at first understand why that dislike didn’t subside. With time it became clearer to me how detrimental religion is to spirituality. The highest divine has pointed this out to me in so many ways. Religion is a shadow aspect created by people to assert power over others, mainly using fear.

Let me give you an example. Isaac has told me several times that reincarnation is real. This was common knowledge in early Christianity and the cyclic motion of life can be observed in nature all around us. One should understand that when it comes to matters of spirituality, angels, Isaac (Jesus) and God, the Bible is not a reliable source. But still, it is of interest to point out that the early Christian scriptures had plenty of references to reincarnation – but they were all stricken and anyone that held fast to the knowledge of reincarnation was condemned as a heretic and killed.

Now why is that? In whose interest is it that people have the misconception that we only live one life? This of course goes hand in hand with the misconception that those who are compliant and do as they are told by the church are going to heaven, while those that don’t are going to hell. These are not teachings derived from Isaac or God. These are dark illusions drawn up by manipulative corrupt people who will go out of their way to slaughter anyone who has a true connection to the source, in order to maintain their power over others.

I am a channel for Archangels, Isaac (Jesus) and God, among others. With the knowledge I have received from them I can tell you this with certainty: if you are into religion you are most likely being manipulated for human purposes.

If you are searching for true spirituality and a genuine contact with the highest divine, you need to break free and find your own contact. You can of course do that together with others, but don’t accept other people’s interpretations as truths and look out for manipulations.

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The inquisition in our time

Shaman with mushrooms.
Shaman with mushrooms.

The attack on psychedelics began long ago and was led by the church. The mushroom, the cactus, the vine, the bushes and seeds that gave access to the wisdom of natures kingdom, that opened doors to communicating with spirits and gods, healed and helped – was the tool of the witch, the shaman and the medicine wo/man.

Wherever the church came they executed everyone who had the knowledge. Inquisition and violent proselytizing destroyed entire populations, to prevent that more people would get to know. Today, the state, as the church’s extended arm, continues the war against the imaginary devil.

Thou shalt have no other notions than mine, the Christian un-God seems to hiss. Kill the witch, imprison the shaman and hunt the medicine wo/man to the edge of the world and throw her/him over it. Do not let the plants speak to anyone, do not let anyone be healed by them, do not let anyone gain access to God through them. Forbid what is natural, destroy everything they think they know and sedate them with alcohol and synthetic drugs. Taunt them, persecute them and stone them. One God, one way, one law, one way of seeing reality. Accept it or become our enemy.

Do you honestly trust these people and systems that try to fool you that plants need to be banned and that the devil lives in plants used by indigenous healers for many thousands of years?

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My first meeting with Ishmael and Liv

Cincinnati - Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum Angel in Contemplation by David Ohmer on Flickr
Cincinnati – Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum Angel in Contemplation by David Ohmer on Flickr

One winter my girlfriend, I and three friends got the opportunity to take care of an isolated retreat farm. Already at the first visit my girlfriend noticed a male figure in the bushes behind the house. She pointed to him, but I saw nothing. When we moved in it did not take many days before two of my friends, without having mentioned anything of the sort before, told me that they felt a grumpy man’s presence behind the house.

One of my friends used a ouija board when he was younger, so we decided to see if we could get in contact that way. Immediately we got a strong contact with two spirits who told us that they were stuck in the old cellar behind the house. A third spirit, the grumpy man, was unconsciously stopping them from passing on. He was angry for everything; for life’s injustices. His wife died at childbirth a few years before him and since the man and the two boys died in an accident a few years later, he wandered around looking for her.

Eventually we got in contact with the grumpy man’s wife, who had passed over to the other side. The spirits on the other side gave us guidance and at one point we were asked to go to an old altar with a cross and pray. None of us are Christian, but we realized that we needed to work from the belief that the spirits had, not our own. We prayed, and after a few minutes we felt a mighty presence that gave us goose bumps. We went in and were in contact with the archangel Ishmael, who travels through the cross and helps spirits over to the other side. From him we received instructions to go to the church of St. Olof and pray to God to receive the spirits. Ishmael would bring them along and pass them on from there.

We followed the instructions and after a while at the church we felt an immense relief. We went back and found that it felt like the farm had exhaled. To ensure that it had all worked, we got in contact with Ishmael.

Mirjam aka Liv and me.
Mirjam aka Liv and me.

He confirmed that the work was completed. The spirits who had been stuck had moved on. To round off the conversation we asked if Ishmael had anything more to tell us and he said:
– Yes. Sara, Mother. And Daniel, Father.
A shudder went through us. We had not had any plans to become parents yet. Then Ishmael said:
– Do you want to talk to her? She is here now.

There began the conversation with Liv, our future daughter.

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To find the divine through the mushroom

Somnolence by Angelo Juan Ramos on Flickr
Somnolence by Angelo Juan Ramos on Flickr

– My cousin sometimes uses mushrooms, and it has never given him a spiritual experience. Why not? my friend asked.

I pondered that for a while, because based on my experiences, it does indeed strike me as a little strange. How can someone take what I feel is a holy sacrament that puts me in touch with a higher reality, and just have a fun and a somewhat flipped out night out? I found the following explanation.

Imagine that you go to a church. What are the chances that you’ll meet God there? Well, it depends on your intention. If you go to the church with the intention to meet God and you are sincere and open for such a meeting, the chances are probably much greater than if you go to church to study 17th century architecture .

If you are there to study architecture, there is of course still the possibility that you’ll meet God, but if you do, it is because you subconsciously carry with you an openness to meet God. If you are closed to the possibility of meeting God and actively reject such connections, then you will only see architecture.

The same applies to psychedelics. Many people find spirituality through psychedelics because they are open to the possibility. Some work with psychedelics as a spiritual tool and tell of fantastic meetings. But then there are people who do not get such effects at all. They are simply not open to it.

Main photo: Outside the window there’s light by Nishanth Jois on Flickr

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