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Heart opening at the Tivoli

Paying three Euros for a single ride at the children’s Tivoli felt like a total rip off. Three Euros for a ride that does absolutely nothing but go round in a circle for a few minutes. But as any good parent I payed the absurd sum and let her climb into a silly little car.

She rode the ride and every time she came around she waved to me. She was smiling and laughing and I was so utterly filled with joy seeing her so happy that I couldn’t buy more tickets fast enough. I had found my new favourite ride at the entire place and I was happy just standing there handing over tickets for three Euros a piece.

I have mentioned earlier that having children really opens up the heart chakra. Many people suffer from being closed off at this level. They are envious, jealous and closed hearted. They can’t stand seeing someone else being successful or happy when they themselves are not. There are certainly parents and partners that are envious or jealous of children, that have a hard time seeing even children being loved and happy, but for most people having children will challenge them to overcome that. They can’t help being filled with joy when they see their child happy. For some that might actually be the first time they can look at another human without underlying resentment.

For those that choose to heal and grow it will open their eyes to see other people in the same light. It will make them all the more capable to be happy for other peoples success, to genuinely wish them well in life and to smile when they smile.

Photo: Mirjam at the Tivoli by Daniel Wilby

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The best thing about being human

– What is the best thing about being human?
– It is to capture the energy.
– What energy?
– The energy you use to play and write and so on. But the very best thing about being human is loving each other.

Sometimes talking to my five year old can be a little like going to a satsang. The difference being that there are no pretentious wishy washy egos around, no white robes and no holy ideas that must be upheld. I trust this guru.

Photo: There’s a snow angel in there somewhere by Daniel Wilby

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My greatest heart opener

I have opened my heart chakra in so many ways – with yoga, through meditation, with the help of visionary medicine, by falling in love and by challenging myself to love more. The experiences have been delightful, wonderful, feelings of immense love, gratitude and forgiveness. But there is one thing that has opened my heart more than any other.

Having children.

Having children is a possibility to open all new doors at the heart level, in ways that my friends who do not have children must have a hard time comprehending. When my daughter was born my heart grew tenfold. I used to have a one room apartment in my heart, just about big enough for me and whoever I happened to fancy at the moment. Now I have a mansion and I’m working on making it into a castle. It’s a feeling of ever growing platonic love.

Not everyone who gets children has the same conscious expansion at the heart level, but I think many parents can recognize what I’m talking about. Nowadays I often find it much easier to connect with parents, simply because many of them have access to the same rooms of love as I do. Even if we never talk about children I find that many of them have evolved emotionally compared to their friends who do not have children.

Photo: Lil’ Heart Just For You by Kasia on Flickr

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What would you have done?

Now try this on for size.

You are single with three children. One day when your daughter is seven and a half years old the left side of her face is suddenly paralyzed. She can’t talk, swallow or breathe properly and begins hyperventilating. She can’t blink and saliva is running from her mouth. You rush her to the emergency room, but before the doctors have an opportunity to see her, the symptoms are gone.

After that it continues coming back and you ride the ambulance with your daughter many times. It takes the doctors one and a half years of testing to conclude that your daughter is epileptic. After that the medication begins and the side effects are severe. Your nine year old daughter goes lost as she begins scratching and biting herself and is aggressive towards you. You no longer reach through to her. She has problems sleeping, she has memory gaps and tics. She wakes up in the middle of the night with panic attacks and runs around the house screaming until she falls asleep of exhaustion many hours later.

The doctors want to continue medicating, but you see firsthand how the medication is driving your daughter to the brink of committing suicide, so you look for other alternatives. On the internet you find a lot of first hand stories from parents in similar situations whose children have been greatly helped with non psychoactive cannabis oil. It is oil that doesn’t get you high; it only has medical effects. You buy some oil and try it on your daughter and keep her off the medications. As you do so the daughter that you haven’t seen for the past year comes back, smiling and eager to play. During the following six months that you medicate her with cannabis oil she doesn’t have a single seizure and life as a family is good again.

But then you run out of cannabis oil and you don’t have enough to buy more. After two weeks your daughter has another seizure. You rush her to the emergency room where you tell the doctor about the remarkable recovery she has done on cannabis oil. The doctor orders a drug test which is sent to the girls regular doctor who then reports it to the social services. So now social services are going to determine if you are a fit parent for your child.

What is right and what is wrong in this case? What would you do?

● ● ●

This is Titti Assarsons story. If you read Swedish you can read it in her own words here.

She has also started a petition to legalize medical cannabis.

● ● ●

UPDATE 2015-06-16

Social services have terminated their investigation, since they have reached the conclusion that there seems to be no threat to the daughter.

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About indigo and crystal children

What are indigo and crystal children? I have read that they only have one chakra and that they have no karma. I have also read that they are helpers sent to heal this wounded world. Is that true?

● ● ●

My understanding is that indigo and crystal children are a couple of concepts (among many) that attempt to describe the next generation in the human evolutionary process, which centers around a rising of awareness. They have certain characteristics that they share with many, but which are so prominent in those generations that it stands out.

To take an example, it is common that indigo and crystal children do not automatically accept authority or orders. They need explanations, not reprimands, which is a trait that is often attributed to the 80’s baby boomers and beyond.

Another characteristic feature is greater empathy. They are generally more sensitive than the often somewhat blunt generations before them. Their ability to pick up on things that others miss lets them; for example, see through the many everyday lies that surround us. Lies are also something they often sharply distance themselves from. These are traits that are highlighted also in concepts like HSP or in increasingly popular diagnoses, such as high-functioning autism (Asperger).

I have not noticed that these children are essentially different from others in terms of the chakras or karma. They face life’s challenges, just like everyone else, and they bring their life lessons with him, just as we all do. The difference is that they have other, refined if you so will, prerequisites. When the environment is wise and loving these children blossom to be totally amazing people with extraordinary gifts, but when the environment is unsympathetic and blunt they are violated as we try to convince them that they are wrong. Without support they easily slip into depression, mental illness or addiction.

Sure, it would be easy to perceive them as “helpers sent to heal the world”, because if we follow their lead the world will recover. But I do not perceive that they necessarily come with that purpose and we should not have that expectation of them as individuals. It isn’t their thing to save us, but rather each one of us needs to take responsibility for our own salvation.

I sometimes make the comparison to different operating systems. These children are Windows 10, while a typical person from the 1960’s is Windows 3.11. It would be best if the older generations tried to follow the younger and update their systems. Unfortunately we often do the opposite. Our social system tries to educate children to be less than what they are, ie downgrading them. The former Swedish education minister Jan Björklund, for example, is a typical 3.11 person. He loses it when he meets Windows 10, because he does not understand how the system is built and it is way too fast for him to comprehend. But because he sees himself as what is normal and desirable, he tries to reduce the performance of the children. Of course he has the best of intentions in doing so, but he lacks the understanding that the generation that he wants to help actually overtook him a long time ago.

Another who has described that eloquently, but in a different time, is Kahlil Gibran in his text about the children in The Prophet. Our children are teachers send to us from the future, and so it has always been. It has just not always been as clear as today, since we are in the midst of a shift in consciousness.

Photo: Dream of an Orphanage child by SAM Nasim on Flickr

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Small, small dreams

– What did you dream of becoming or doing when you were a teenager?

I thought back of what I expected from life and dreamed of, and eventually came to the conclusion that my expectations were not only way off, but that they were also set far too low.

My great desire for a long period was to be a journalist and work at the same newspaper as my mother. I eventually became a journalist and worked at several newspapers, but never at the one where my mother worked. After a few years I felt I was done. I had learnt what I was there for.

Then began a journey of personal and spiritual development.

I recovered from addiction.
I healed and got to know my true essence.
I got in touch with the spirit world and my children.

I found transition points between realities.
Got to know angels.
Explored my psyche and universe.

It is sometimes said that a psychedelic trip can be the same as ten years of therapy in one evening. I’m nowhere close to being finished, but I have by now had many lifetimes of therapy and in contact with others I can really notice the difference.

I connected upwards, downward, inside and out.
I ran to face my fears and to challenge my traumas.
Did found both the guru and the shaman in me.

My teenage dreams seem so small now. Journalist at a newspaper. So simple.

I am an explorer. I move between realities, times and levels of awareness. I am a father who takes care of his children. I am an expression of the highest divine. I am Daniel.

But I still wonder what I should be or do when I grow up.

Photo: Close Up of the Human Eye by Hugo A Quintero G on Flickr

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On the subject of upbringing

Chandra Mohan Jain was born in 1931 in the small Indian village Kuchwada. During a part of his childhood his parents could not take care of him, so he was shipped off to his grandparents.

They thought a while about how to raise and educate young Chandra.
– We raised our daughter to the best of our ability and see how that worked out. She can’t even take care of their own children, they reasoned.
– What if we do the exact opposite this time…

That is how it came to be that the grandparents sternly instructed the entire village not to raise the boy. No one was to tell him what to do or tell him off for anything. The villagers were told only to share their knowledge with the boy when he himself expressed an interest and wanted to find out more.

The untraditional upbringing left a deep impression on the boy. He grew up and eventually became one of today’s most interesting gurus – Osho.

That about upbringing. If possible – refrain.

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Motivation to keep evolving

Two things especially motivate me when working with my personal and spiritual development:
1. What I do not deal with in this life, I will bring along to the next.
2. What I do not deal with is contagious and will be passed on to my children.

I have heard a few atheists say that reincarnation seems to be a comfortable thought, because then one can take a rain check on anything uncomfortable. There will always be time for that later. For me the realization that we reincarnate works completely to the opposite. I do not want to spend several lives dealing with the same shit that I can resolve here and now.

In that way reincarnation is also a view that can motivate me for life, because even if I solve something five minutes before my death, I will avoid that issue in my next life. For me there is no expiration date on personal development. However, I have heard cynical atheist addicts say things like “I’m so old that there is no point to stop drinking now.” “No, by all means. You can spend your next life doing that”, I think to myself.

It has been a great insight for me that we infect our loved ones with whatever it is we’re not addressing ourselves. We see it all around us. Alcoholics are often children of alcoholics, workaholics are children of workaholics. Misanthropy runs in the family, depression and cancer also. The challenges that we avoid, we pass on to our children. Sometimes they will pick it up as exactly the same thing, like the alcoholic who is the child of an alcoholic. But sometimes it changes form, for example from one addiction to another.

When one liberates oneself, one also liberates future generations.

Photo: Learning to Walk by Tela Chhe on Flickr

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Parenting on LSD

“Hey, is this nitrox on?” Me checking out the equipment while my son was being born.

So it arrived, the expected letter from the social services. The one you get if you are a parent and express anything positive about drugs. The “we’d love for you to come in and talk with us” letter with the time already booked without anyone asking me when it would suit me.

– How have these psychedelic drugs affected your ability as a parent?
– I have become much more empathetic, kinder and more open. I’ve managed to get past my ego and it is therefore easier for me both to give and to receive love. I am more honest, safer and calmer.
– Huh?
– Yes, it has really developed me as a person. It has given me stability and calm of mind and soul. I cannot imagine what kind of parent I would have been before LSD. I’m really grateful that I didn’t become a parent earlier, because it would not have ended well.

That conversation didn’t really play out according to the “interview with a parent that does drugs” form. Of course I still have my children.[:]

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