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A guide to safely working with visionary plants, psychedelic medicines and life in general

Before you even think about it

Why am I doing this?

Before you consider working with visionary plants or other psychedelic medicines it is helpful to ask yourself why you want to do so. Your purpose for using a plant or substance is very important for the outcome and you will want to create an environment for your experience that matches your purpose.

I have identified four reasons for using substances, but there are certainly many more.

Recreational use
Many use plants or substances simply to have fun and explore. They take it at a party or for an adventure with friends. The altered states that psychedelics provide are often very pleasant and uplifting, and at the same time often feel very meaningful. Some plants and substances fit well in a social context, while others do not.

Medicinal use
Visionary plants and psychedelics are powerful tools for healing emotionally and mentally, but sometimes also physically. They often bring clarity to the situation and give tools, which is a starting point for working with one’s self-healing. It is also common for them to lower mental barriers or defences you might have towards dealing with a situation. This makes them powerful tools for deep therapeutic work where breakthrough experiences are common, but working in that way takes courage, safety and it is advisable to have an experienced person by your side.

Spiritual use
Visionary plants have been used in spiritual practice for many thousands of years and all over the globe. The plants themselves have spirits that communicate with us and are often respectfully referred to as teachers. Working from a spiritual understanding opens up possibilities to such things as being in contact with the spirit world, receiving messages from the other side or other entities, extracting intruding entities, working with past life issues, and so on. Here it is equally important to have courage, work in a safe environment and to have an experienced person by your side. For someone who works with visionary plants and psychedelics at this level there is often no strict division between medicinal use and spiritual use, since the spiritual work has healing effects.

Abuse is important to be aware about, but it is uncommon that people abuse visionary plants or certain psychedelics. They are well renowned for being anti-addictive and often break abusive cycles, which make them excellent for treating and even curing addiction.

Am I ready?

Meditating by Take Back Your Health on Flickr.
Meditating by Take Back Your Health on Flickr.

Why are you considering visionary plants or psychedelic medicines? Many who consciously seek such paths feel stuck in one way or another. They come looking for healing and insight and a way to get unstuck. In some cases people are so intrigued by the medicine that they forget to ask themselves if they actually need it. They can often do more good for themselves by simple means of working out, eating healthier, taking up a meditation practice, doing yoga, making other life style choices and such.

Visionary plants and psychedelics are very powerful tools for working with personal and spiritual development and should be treated with respect. They should not be confused with drugs. To work with visionary plants or psychedelics you need to be mentally prepared to meet whatever comes up. If you know that you are not prepared to see and work through that which you have stored away sub-consciously, you should definitely not use these tools.

If you on the other hand are committed to healing and growing and want to gain access to knowledge so that you can help yourself, then visionary plants and psychedelics might be the closest thing to a miracle that you can find.

Medical background

There might be medical reasons for you not to use certain plants or substances. Check reliable sources for what might be relevant to you. Your shaman, guide or therapist should be able to help you out. In countries where such medicines are legal it might also be good also to ask your medical doctor.

It is not uncommon to be asked to hold a diet or do other lifestyle changes before or after working with visionary plants and psychedelics. If you do a one day fast before it is mainly to prepare your body and make the effect more powerful, but if you are asked to do a longer diet the diet is often also part of your healing.

It should be noted that the most popular visionary plants and psychedelic medicines are physically very safe to work with. Practically nobody dies from them. The potential risks are rather at the mental level, where people who are not willing to change can have very challenging and even terrifying experiences. The problem in that case is not the medicine, but the person’s unwillingness to work with what comes up. Such risks are greatly reduced when working under guidance with a therapeutic or spiritual intention.

There is a general caution when it comes to people who suffer from severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia. The fear is that the plants or substances might trigger the person to become even more sick. There are however other ways of understanding those illnesses. If the illness for example actually is a parasitic energy attached to the person, then visionary plants can be ideal to work with under the guidance of a shaman or such.



81078079The clearer your intention, the easier it will often be for you to find answers, simply because it will focus you in that direction. Some intentions are very precise, such as finding the answer to a specific question. Other intentions can be very broad, but still not vague. Saying “Give me what I need and the strength to handle it” for example.

The mere fact that you are setting a conscious intention sends out the signal that you are open for receiving and working with yourself, which will make it easier to receive and work with yourself. Not setting an intention sends out an unconscious garbled signal possibly inviting things that you are not ready to work with.

I do however have the feeling that the plants consciously don’t give me what I want, but what I need. If my intention is in line with what is best for me, then the answers will be very clear. If my intentions are off, then they won’t be answered. If that happens it is important to be open to listen for what is really best for me.

Promise to yourself

One part to the intention and mental preparation that I find most helpful is to consciously and solemnly promise yourself to deal with whatever comes up. However challenging, hard or nasty it is, you will be courageous, face it and work through it. Having promised yourself to do so, you will be less likely to try to avoid unpleasant challenges, and meeting them head on you will surely solve them.

Set & setting

The concept of set and setting is a great tool for understanding some of the basic steps that lead you to have a certain experience.

Set, as in mindset
Where are you mentally and emotionally right now? What is going on inside you? What is going on in your life? Your experience will in one way or another reflect what is going on with you and what you need in life right now. To be safe you should be in a mindset where you are prepared and capable to handle the challenges you face.

Someone who is unstable and unwilling to face themselves and make changes in their life should not take visionary plants or psychedelics. If one for example uncovers disturbing hidden memories and then tries to suppress them again, there is a risk of re-traumatizing oneself. The same mechanism that can make it a miracle plant or substance for some, can make it a hellish nightmare for others. When we use visionary plants and psychedelics we often delve into the subconscious and find new things to bring to the conscious level. From the conscious level we can then begin working with it in order to heal and grow. One needs to be ready to take that ride.

Is simply the surroundings. Who are you with? Where are you? Do you feel safe? My best experiences have been by myself, with one other person or with a small group of friends that I like and feel safe with. It has always been understood that we take care of each other if anything happens. And above all, they have taken place in nature.

In your mind, place yourself in different places and with different people and feel the vibe of them and how well that reflects what you want to accomplish. A garden. A national park. In a cabin by a lake. In an art studio. At a rave party. In a pub. In a hospital. In a car. On a boat. In a ceremony. With a shaman. With friends. With bullies. With drunks. With your parents. In a messy dorm room. On a tropical beach. In a hut in the rainforest.

There are so many variations and some of them are obviously bad. Make yours good. Reports of bad trips almost always begin with the person not knowing about or ignoring to create the right set and setting.

Navigating the psychedelic experience

Go with the flow

Winter Walk by jimmy brown on Flickr.
Winter Walk by jimmy brown on Flickr.

The very best way to meet that which is challenging or even frightening is by accepting and diving right into it. Meet your fears head on by accepting and working through that which scares you. When you do so you will eventually resolve whatever is bothering you and come out on the other side, wiser and free of it. As long as you try to avoid whatever it is you will still in some way be trapped by it. Distracting yourself won’t solve your problem, but only add stress to it.

Unfortunately many are so used to avoiding discomfort that it seems counter-intuitive to face what is troubling you. Instead of meeting the discomfort it is common now-a-days to put a lid on things, distract ourselves or even sedate ourselves. That attitude can be very harmful when we work with plants or psychedelics, since they work in the opposite direction by raising our awareness and pointing us to the real issue.

While there are those who warn people to get in contact with their subconscious, that is the whole point of the exercise with visionary plants and psychedelics. So when you are faced by something, however awful it might seem, your best response is to accept it and go with the flow. Work through it and come out on the other side.

Acceptance is an important step

The first step in working with change is to bring awareness to the situation. We need to become aware that change is needed, but to be able to change we also need to accept how things are right now. It doesn’t mean that we need to approve of how things are, be ok with them, or anything like it. It just means that you need to accept the current situation as it really is in order to change it. Otherwise your actions will at best be misdirected, and at worst harmful for your growth.

Being aware and having accepted what is leads you on to be able to work with your change. The actual change might be quick like turning on a switch, or it might take much hard work. When you have worked through it all it is important also to acknowledge it by being grateful. Those who forget to be grateful often forget what they have to be grateful for.

Although the emphasis here was on acceptance, these four steps together form a very simple, yet powerful method of personal development.

  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Change
  4. Thankfulness

One major aspect of plant teachers and psychedelics is to help us in that process. They help us bring awareness and often also show us how we need to change, but for the healing and growing to take place we need to accept how things are and put in the necessary work to change ourselves.

Changing the variables of setting

When you feel bad during a journey it can be because you actually have something that you need to deal with. In that case, accept it and dive right in. There are however times when people feel bad without being able to locate why. When the discomfort isn’t caused by something internal, it is caused by something external. When it is external simple changes in your environment can very quickly make you feel better. You can for example try this:

  • change your body position
  • look at your bodily needs. Do you need to go to the bathroom, drink something or are you hot/cold?
  • change the music, turn it off/on
  • change the lighting
  • change what you’re doing
  • change rooms or go outside/inside
  • change company

Any one of these variables and many more like them can affect your wellbeing without you even noticing it. By deliberately changing them you can figure out where the problem lies. The setting you have chosen has its own map of possibilities that can be changed to change the way you feel, for good and bad.

Change is the only constant

Nothing lasts forever. The effects of the plant or substance that you have taken will eventually fade away. Whatever you are experiencing right now will soon be no more than a memory. This can be comforting to remember when things are especially challenging. If someone is having a hard time and needs comforting, remind them that this too will pass.

Emergency landing

You should plan your journey so that this information is never needed, but if you really need to land from the experience you should eat. We raise our vibration when we work with visionary plants and psychedelics, so by eating we lower ourselves again. Food is earth and helps you find roots, but it can be quite a challenge to eat in that state since even a watermelon might taste like soil. Eating to land is a safe and natural way of landing, but it takes time and you will still feel some effects. It is also possible to cut the energy of some plants with lemon or chilli. I would definitely not recommend alcohol or other drugs or medicines to come down.

Calling the police/ambulance

A few people get the knee-jerk reaction to call the police if things get scary. In most cases it is a really bad idea to ask help from the police, since they really have no idea what they are dealing with. Their training does not include how to take care of tripping people and that insensitivity can be quite disrupting or even traumatizing. But of course, if there is a real emergency where the police or ambulance is needed – call them.

A spiritual perspective

The well known Mexican mushroom shaman Maria Sabina.
The well known Mexican mushroom shaman Maria Sabina.

The traditions that have worked with these visionary plants for many millennia are spiritual. They take into account such things as other realities, spirits, intrusive energies and past lives. The plants themselves are entities that can be communicated with and they are often honourably referred to as teachers. The plant teachers are naturally occurring and among others include San Pedro, Peyote, psilocybin mushrooms and Ayahuasca. These all have powerful entities connected to them who often heal and teach us things.

Chemical substances such as LSD do not have entities attached to them. LSD can give many of the same effects by unleashing the persons own potential, but without the support of a plant entity, what comes out of it is left up to the person who has taken the substance.

These traditions also work with the understanding that people have an energetic body where blockages can lead to physical illness later on.

Respecting the substance and yourself

If one understands that the plants are actually powerful entities who help us work with ourselves, it goes without saying that one should meet them in a respectful manner. In traditional settings that is reflected in the ceremony, but respectful should not be confused with tradition or ceremony. Being respectful means being of good intention, willing to better yourself and treating the plant as the teacher and helper that it is. Respectful is making the effort to integrate the insights you have gained. Respect can be seen in how we prepare ourselves for meeting the plant, in what setting we choose, what clothes we wear and how we treat and help those we journey with.

There are certainly many ways of being disrespectful, but some of the more common are using the plant as a drug, using it with bad intentions and mixing it with other plants or substances. If you want to mix the plant with something else, then first ask its permission.

Navigating alternative realities

Visionary plants and psychedelics open doors to realities that are often hidden to us. To put it plainly – there are such things as spirits, angels and demons. Many sicknesses, especially mental ones, are actually caused by parasitic energies.

Some people have a natural instinct on to how to handle other realities, while others can feel very lost and vulnerable. If you have no knowledge of how to navigate such realities it is good to have a guide who does.

As so often it is really only fear itself that you have to worry about. If you feel that you need protection, then you should absolutely call it in. If you feel that you don’t need protection, then most likely you are fine without it.

Integrate the experience, live the insight

Plants and substances are tools that will show you what you are doing wrong and what you need to do in order to get un-stuck, heal and so on. They will usually not heal you, but will rather leave that work for you to do. What you do following the ceremony is therefore of utmost importance. To heal you need to properly integrate and live the insights that you have found. As long as you do so you are still on your way.

If you on the other hand go back home and don’t bother taking care of the insights you have gained, then you will quickly find yourself in the same misery again. It might even be worse, because you have become conscious about what you should do. In that case you stagnate and stand still. A person who comes back for the same answers over and over is probably not genuinely interested in evolving, but is rather seeking thrills. If you come back for the same answers you will soon find that the plants get fed up with you, in the same way that any therapist would if you kept coming back with the exact same issue. If they do get angry with you, your journeys will rapidly become increasingly uncomfortable.

Some people are very able to work with themselves after the experience, while others need the support of others. When doing such journeying with friends one has a support group in each other, but if one takes help of a shaman or therapist for the experience it isn’t always obvious where you can get the support you need afterwards.

To make positive changes in your life you need to focus on integration. If it is all about the experience and not about the integration, you will find yourself going nowhere.

How all of this applies to life in general

If you take a step back and exclude all plants and substances from this text you will notice that most of what I have written is applicable to life in general. Let me take a few examples.

Depressed people often unconsciously program themselves to be miserable. Everything around them is carefully rigged to keep their mood down. They are in a setting which is poison to them. If they applied the same technique of changing variables in their surroundings they could often solve their situation without medication. But instead of changing the music, changing clothes, relationships or jobs, many people medicate themselves. By doing so they are in many cases actually sedating themselves in order to continue functioning in an environment that is harmful to them.

Go with the flow
Our society is obsessed with avoiding the uncomfortable, at the cost of never actually solving it. Instead of facing the discomfort we sedate or distract ourselves from problems. If people in general were given the tools and courage to face their pain, sorrow, shame, anxiety and whatever else is bothering them, we would see far more healing at the mental and emotional level than doctors, therapist, shamans and medications can ever hope to give us.

Integration is the key
People are full of bright ideas and answers, but they are all quite pointless if you do not let them live. Insights that aren’t translated into action are only insights in theory. For them to have importance in your life you must do something with them.

A last note

b0397bda0b639548ff44316fb4e1f456Much of this text deals with the issue of challenging experiences with visionary plants and psychedelics, but I need to add that most of my experiences with psychedelic medicine have been joyful, marvellous, beautiful and eye-opening. There is so much love and wonder and I function so much better because of my experiences. So even if I believe in being prepared for challenges, leave the door wide open for your journey to be something totally other than challenging, because most of the time it will be.

Main picture: part of the painting Person Planet by Alex Grey

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It all begins when I stop

I once channelled an angel that was very clear on what I needed to do. Before I had even said hello it stepped forward to tell me:
– Daniel. You must stop smoking cannabis.
I was a bit surprised and wanted to dodge what it was telling me.
– Yes, yes, I know, but that isn’t what I want to talk about.
– But that is what you need to do. You must stop smoking cannabis.
– Yes, I understand that now, but let’s talk about something else.
– No, Daniel, you need to stop smoking cannabis.
– Okay, I get it. But surely there must be other things that deserve attention?
– First, you must stop smoking cannabis.
– I get it. But what happens after I have stopped?
– Everything.

It all begins when I stop.

Photo: Touching an angel by Pixle on Flickr

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Beware of religion

In a previous life I was a good Christian. The branch of Christianity I belonged to did however not believe in a Bible, in churches or priests. Instead it taught everyone to cultivate their personal connection to God and Isaac (Jesus). When one has that connection there is no need for anything else, because you have access to all the answers. Then there is no need for others to interpret God’s will for you, because you know God’s will, and therefore there is also no possibility for them to manipulate you with religion for their own human goals.

Then came the Roman Catholic Church and slaughtered us all. They killed every single one of us, even the infants, in an attempt to eradicate us – in an attempt to keep people from having their own contact with the highest divine and thus becoming aware of how corrupt people try to trick us using religion.

In this life I was brought up strictly Atheist and with a great dislike for religion. As I found spirituality and grew into accepting angels, Isaac and even God, I didn’t at first understand why that dislike didn’t subside. With time it became clearer to me how detrimental religion is to spirituality. The highest divine has pointed this out to me in so many ways. Religion is a shadow aspect created by people to assert power over others, mainly using fear.

Let me give you an example. Isaac has told me several times that reincarnation is real. This was common knowledge in early Christianity and the cyclic motion of life can be observed in nature all around us. One should understand that when it comes to matters of spirituality, angels, Isaac (Jesus) and God, the Bible is not a reliable source. But still, it is of interest to point out that the early Christian scriptures had plenty of references to reincarnation – but they were all stricken and anyone that held fast to the knowledge of reincarnation was condemned as a heretic and killed.

Now why is that? In whose interest is it that people have the misconception that we only live one life? This of course goes hand in hand with the misconception that those who are compliant and do as they are told by the church are going to heaven, while those that don’t are going to hell. These are not teachings derived from Isaac or God. These are dark illusions drawn up by manipulative corrupt people who will go out of their way to slaughter anyone who has a true connection to the source, in order to maintain their power over others.

I am a channel for Archangels, Isaac (Jesus) and God, among others. With the knowledge I have received from them I can tell you this with certainty: if you are into religion you are most likely being manipulated for human purposes.

If you are searching for true spirituality and a genuine contact with the highest divine, you need to break free and find your own contact. You can of course do that together with others, but don’t accept other people’s interpretations as truths and look out for manipulations.

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Trying to sense the right thing

I once had a jade necklace that must have been magical. Every time I put it on I got new friends. I loved it so much that I gave it to the best boss I ever had.

Pretty soon I missed the feeling of making new friends so easily, so I ordered a new jade necklace. I was however a little disappointed when I put on it, because it didn’t give me new friends. But after a while I noticed that the necklace had a very harmonizing effect. When I put on it, I had a loving calm and felt balanced. It was a great necklace for working with others. I loved it so much that I gave it to a refugee child that needed it more than I did.

● ● ●

If you’re looking for something but are unable to find it, you might be looking for the wrong thing.

● ● ●

I was enticed to go to God Goes Deep, an electronic meditative experience in Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady) in Copenhagen. Deep House someone whispered to me, but I haven’t a clue. It felt natural to meditate, so I did so with the expectation of finding spiritual activity in the church. But it was dead. The only angel who appeared to be present was made of marble and God did not seem to care for the place.

After a while I accepted that it was not a place for spiritual contact, but wondered to myself what it was. Immediately I felt human emotions. I sat close to the altar and felt so very much love. The love between people who marry. It’s a fantastically joyous love. But gradually two other very strong emotions that were instilled in the room emerged – fear and confusion.

Church is a place for people.

It is not a place for angels, God or Jesus. It is not a place of miracles, for contact with higher realities or even a power spot. It is a place for people and people’s emotions.

Love. Fear. Confusion.

● ● ●

If you’re not getting the message, you might not be tuned in to the right frequenzy.

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The difference between different spirit beings

Sometimes people ask me how I can be certain that I was actually speaking to an angel or such. How can I know that it wasn’t some other spirit just leading me on? Well, when communicating with the spirit world it is easy for me to feel the difference between entities. They feel completely different to each other.

There is much more to know on the subject than what I can tell you. I can only tell you what I have firsthand experience of.

First of all people seem to have different resonances going into communication with the spirit world. I seldom attract anything other than pure, helpful energies, or energies that are in need of my help. It’s just the way that I am wired. I also seem to come with a finely tuned bullshit sensor, because the few times that I have been in contact with entities that might be misleading or considered dark, I have laughed out loud and dismissed them. These energies feed off our fear and insecurity, and in contact with the spirit world I am not afraid. And no, I’m not going to knock on wood while saying so, because they are nothing more than shadows.

Moving on.

Being in contact with a ghost, as I would call a deceased person that hasn’t passed over, is like speaking to someone who is drunk. The ghost hasn’t moved on, because it is confused, and it might not even know that it is dead. There is nothing inherently evil or bad in a ghost. It’s just a confused spirit that needs help.

A spirit that has moved on, on the other hand, is in the light and sees things clearly. Such a contact might be very clear and have access to the higher truths. When I first began communicating with spirits at this level it was easy to believe that everything they said was true. I still have great faith in them, but I have come to realize that they still have a personality, an ego, and might have an interest in what they are saying. One mustn’t confuse being in contact with higher truths, with being enlightened.

Now those types of energies are quite different from angels. I have been in contact with three different kinds of angels. Guardian angels and helper angels are just really nice energies, helpful a caring, and seem to be beyond or without ego.

Energetically archangels are a very different story. The archangels I have met are huge and radiant. If you have one close by, you will notice, because it fills up the room. At the very least you should notice when it leaves, because it leaves an energetic vacuum behind. It’s similar to the empty feeling that arises if someone is sitting really close for a long while, and all of a sudden decides to leave. The archangels have very archetypical energies with a purpose, such as overseeing life, death and transformation (Ishmael) or helping in healing (Raphael).

Romanian tanks attack during Combined Resolve II by 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command on Flickr
Romanian tanks attack during Combined Resolve II by 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command on Flickr

Returning to the initial question – how can I be sure it isn’t another spirit just leading me on? Well, because I have had contact with quite a few different entities by now, I have familiarized myself with them and my bullshit sensor isn’t going off. If you are speaking to an archangel, you will most likely know that it is an archangel you are speaking to. For me it just isn’t plausible that a shadow would be able to imitate an archangel, because their energetic signatures are so vastly different. It’s kind of like asking about this tank: “how do you know that it isn’t just a Mini Cooper masquerading as a tank?” Well, I must always leave room for a little slither of doubt, but I would be extremely surprised if that were the case. In fact, I find the notion so farfetched that I’m not even going to investigate it. Tell me if you find anything else that suggests that this tank is actually a Mini Cooper, and I might have a look.

Photo: I’m just walking with a ghost And it’s walking by my side by Instill Moments on Flickr

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Using it wisely

guardian angel by Chris Tolworthy on Flickr
guardian angel by Chris Tolworthy on Flickr

I was driving much too fast when the police signaled me to drive into a pocket, where she told me to stop behind a lorry.
– Do you know how fast you were going? asked the police woman.
– No, not really. We were talking, I answered.
– Way too fast.
Then she looked around at my wife and children.
– And with children in the car, she added. Not good. Now you’re in luck today, because we are busy with this lorry, but take it easy from now on.

I drove away with a sigh of relief.
– Do you understand the help you’re getting from your guardian angels? asked the wife rhetorically.
– Yes.
– You should use that protection wisely.
– That’s what I’m doing.

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Protecting yourself

Guardian of the Tree of Life by Waiting For The Word on Flickr
Guardian of the Tree of Life by Waiting For The Word on Flickr

If you think you need protection,
if you think you need talismans,
charms, stones and spells
to defend you and keep you safe,
then you need them.

If you know that you are always protected;
that nothing bad can ever happen to you,
that you can face life’s challenges
and therefore don’t need any protection,
then you do not need it.

This principle is as true in the ordinary world
as it is in the spirit world.

Don’t force anyone that has one way of working
to work in the other way.
In one case it would be a waste of time.
In the other it would be outright dangerous.
Let people do it in the manner that works best for them.

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8 steps to get in contact with angels

Question: l really want to connect with angels and l feel a very strong energy when l do my meditation. Is there a way to connect with them? Thanks so much. Peace&love Cansu

There are lots of things you can do to connect with angels. I don’t have a ready list in my head, but here are 8 steps that come to mind. Please feel free to give additional tips on how to get in contact with angels in the comment section.

1. Relax.

Things generally come to us when we are ready for them, not by us forcing them or trying to hunt them down. This might be the perfect time for you to open up for contacts with angels, or it might be to soon. If it is too soon, and you don’t manage to get in contact, don’t be dissappointed. Accept what is right now and be open to what you are receiving, instead of chasing what you aren’t receiving.

2. Trust your intuition.

I can give you tips on how to do, but always trust your own intuition first. Be open to messages from the spirit world on how to go forward. If I say fire, water might be the answer for you. If I use my words to ask for something, you might be more comfortable visualizing what you are asking for. Let others inspire you, but trust yourself.

Guardian Angel by Thomas on Flickr.
Guardian Angel by Thomas on Flickr.

3. Invite contact.

If you want to work with angels, invite them to work with you. Do this in whatever way you like. I would do it by getting into a meditative state, so that my thoughts aren’t all over the place, and then simply asking for the contact. I would do that by speaking out loud, since I feel that I give my words more power in that way. I also light candles and say a blessing each day, which I trust creates an atmosphere which is open to angels, but I don’t feel that there is a need for ceremony in contacting the spirit world. A simple hello will do. What is important is that your intention is good and your approach respectful. I find that a simple hello is far more respectful than a ceremony without heart.

4. Find out what your predominant sense is.

When I began having contacts with angels I went around thinking that I couldn’t speak to them, because I had the misconception that one spoke with angels by pictures or words. That was how my girlfriend got the information, so I was trying to copy her. It was almost a year later that I realised that my primary sense is touch and feeling. I need to approach such contacts with feeling first. After that I might get pictures, but I always feel first. You might already have contact with angels, but if you’re trying to hear them, perhaps you are missing that they are pushing you around.

5. Be precise.

When you ask for a contact it often helps if you are precise. Now I’m not saying always, because many of my contacts are on the contrary such that I haven’t actually asked for them before. They just happen when they are needed, and then I act as a channel. But when you want to approach this in a conscious fashion, precise is good. You might have a certain area of your life that you need help with, or you might have some question that you are struggling with. Don’t just say “I wish I could get in contact with something”, because that will open the door for something to get in contact regarding anything, which might not be for your benefit. Rather say “I would like to have contact with a kind angel that can help me figure out what to do next in life”, or something like that.

6. Practice.

Find some kind of practice to get in contact. I would suggest meditation, as it seems to be a tool that works well for you, but it could be in prayer, walking, lighting candles or even in work. Here again it is important to find a form which suites you and your needs. Be open to suggestions sent your way.

Angel by metropilot on Flickr.
Angel by metropilot on Flickr.

7. Trust in yourself and your contact.

Many people get caught up in doubting their experiences, which hinders them from advancing. You need to take a leap of faith and accept what you are experiencing. There will always be room for a healthy amount of doubt, but we tend to doubt things far too much. If it is needed, go through your doubt routine, and then put your doubts aside, or you will be stuck in them.

8. Be thankful.

This is an important point in any work, and one that we often forget. Be thankful and show appreciation for the help that you have just received. Also, from time to time, think back to how things were before you had done any of this. Think back on your first steps and challenges that were difficult then. When you do so, you will cultivate a sense of movement, but also a sense of gratefulness for all that you have learnt and achieved.

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Ridiculing the spiritual

Once upon a time, I was outright hateful towards anything even slightly spiritual. As soon as someone told me about such things, I was quick to mock and diminish the person.

This led people not to discuss spirituality anywhere close to me. At least not a second time. Nobody told me about their experiences, which made ​​me even more convinced that no one really had any to begin with.


Then I took LSD and I opened up extremely significant new aspects of my life. I was flooded by experiences that I could not possibly understand without ridding myself of my hostile mindset. And when I looked back on my life I understood that I had been having these experiences all along, I had just been tranquilising myself with alcohol.

Fairy Godmother by Kevin Dooley on Flickr.
Fairy Godmother by Kevin Dooley on Flickr.

Then one day, I realized…

If you tell me about an experience you had, I have nothing to gain by arguing with you about it. This was your experience. If I am disrespectful, you’ll just stop telling me about it. If however I listen and ask, you will open up and tell me more.

I don’t need to evaluate what you say. You can tell me about your contacts with angels, a trip with aliens or dancing with the fairies – without me making it my reality. It is your reality and that’s good enough.

When I adopted that attitude, to ask and listen with sincere interest, people began telling me the most marvelous things. They opened up and showed me things that few people had seen. It can often feel like taking a risk to tell about a spiritual experience you’ve had. You risk being ridiculed by someone like the person I once was.

But if you keep quiet and hide you will never find out how many people you share the same fantastic experiences with. You won’t find out that you are far from alone.

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Speaking from experience

Jesus Returns 07 by Waiting For The Word on Flickr
Jesus Returns 07 by Waiting For The Word on Flickr

The Pentecostal pastor came in for a cup of tea and our conversation came to focus on angels.
– Do you believe in angels, I asked him.
– Of course, he replied. Angels are real. I often talk about them in my sermons.
– Have you talked to them, I asked him.
– No.
– Have you worked with them in some other way?
– No.
– Have you felt their presence?
– No.
– So how can you believe that you know they exist?
– It says so in the Bible.

We often preach without really having any idea. The world is full of preachers who spend a lot of words convincing people of things that they themselves have never experienced.

I’m reminded of a story about Gandhi. A mother came with her sugar happy son and asked Gandhi to tell him not to eat sugar.
– Come back in three weeks, he answered quite shortly.
Three weeks later, the mother and son came back.
– You should not eat sugar, Gandhi said to the son.
– Why did we have to wait three weeks for you to say it, the mother asked at last.
– When you were here last time, I ate sugar myself. I needed to stop eating sugar, before I could tell your son to do the same.

Imagine the difference in the world if we spoke from our own experience.

Try this.
Talk about what you’ve experienced.
Ask others to tell you about their experiences.
Cut the nonsense about the stuff that you honestly don’t know anything about.
It will give a totally different quality to the conversation.
I promise you.

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