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The absent minded alien professor

One of the funniest DMT trip reports I’ve heard went something like this:

I smoked DMT and all of a sudden I was all alone in an enormous lecture hall. A door opened and in walked an alien. It walked over to the podium and began giving a lecture. I couldn’t understand a single thing it was talking about so I half shouted down to it “what are you talking about? I don’t understand”. It looked up at me and the otherwise empty lecture hall and in the tone of any absent minded professor said “Oh, I’m sorry. I was giving a lecture on interplanetary mind travel, but I am clearly in the wrong hall.” The alien then collected its things and walked out the door. And then I was back in my room again.

Photo: An alien creature arrives via light beam into Taiyoucon 2011 by Kevin Dooley on Flickr

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Planting an alien in the flower bed

5 grams B +

I was meditating and invited the mushroom to work with me. Once again I got the same feeling of large insectoid creatures chewing on me that I had had at the beginning of my last journeys. This time however, I had the opportunity to go into it.

The insectoids continued chewing at me. It did not hurt and there was no ill will in their actions, but it was very uncomfortable seeing the giant insect jaws. Despite the discomfort I fully emerged myself into the experience without wincing. Eventually the discomfort subsided and the insect entities elevated a few inches above me. Only then did I understand why they were chewing me. It was to cleanse my energy structure before that which was about to come. I understood that my experience of the process as unpleasant only had to do with my own feelings about insects.

After 5-10 minutes the insectoids suddenly disappeared straight up, but soon returned with a much more powerful entity which in its energy reminded of an archangel, though it was clear that it was not an angel. The entity sat next to me and connected something in my side, which felt like a couple of tubes transferring liquid. I tried several times to communicate with the entity, but did not succeed, which gave me the feeling that it was ignoring me.

After a while I felt a little wriggling up my side. It felt like a tadpole of some kind. I understood that I needed to give it nourishment and soon after the powerful entity disappeared upward, which left a significant void. I rolled over on my side and nursed the tadpole which grew rapidly. From a few centimeters to 10-15. I felt it physically, though it was obvious that it was rather an energy body. At one point it lay over my neck to get energy from it.

Then it showed me that it want roots and I asked my travel companion to fetch a pot of soil. Before I got it in the pot, I however realized that I would have to plant it outdoors because it grew so fast. I went out and planted the entity in front of the house. When it made contact with the ground it quickly began to develop an energetic root system. By having my hand on the spot I could several times, both during that evening and later, connect with it and feel how the roots had grown far, far beyond the house.

Photo: Woodfrog tadpole by Brian Gratwicke on Flickr

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