Naysha: Marihuana and spirituality

Cannabis is a hot subject that people often ask my opinion on. Every plant in nature has a purpose. I try to never make statements about which plants are good or bad, because plants just are.

When working with people that smoke marihuana very often I can note a grey cloud similar to that of a person that chain smokes. It is over and around the head. This is one of the reasons why some healers don’t like too much marihuana.

Why does too much marihuana cause these kinds of blocks?
Well, by smoking it the energy itself doesn’t really have the strength necessary to detox the body. In others words one seldom vomits with marihuana. Therefore the energies that need to be released accumulate in the head chakra, since that is where the marihuana is most active.

Is it possible to develop higher consciousness with this plant?
I have met the spirit a few times and once I managed to reach the center of it. What I saw was that the spirit of this plant helps us to get in touch with the information and knowledge that we have already achieved in our lives, but it won’t give us anything new.

smoking2This explains why some people start to take drugs – they are looking for knowledge. But sooner or later these people have reached all they have inside and their hunger for knowledge will drive them to find more with other substances or in other ways. Sadly in our society’s way of thinking there is not much difference between drugs and plants, so people can easily get confused in their search.

You can also understand why some people like artist and writers like this plant, since it helps them to easily access their own information. But if they for example would start doing diets, their abilities would increase and develop much more, in the same way as it would if they worked with such plants like Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

What about healing properties?
Marihuana can heal certain kinds of diseases, but we must be aware that not all diseases can be healed with this plant. In some cases marihuana only covers the symptoms, which is exactly what many normal medicines do.

So in conclusion – marihuana helps you access information that you already have. It helps break down the filters of the normal state of mind. That is why you feel relaxed, but it won’t help you to develop a higher consciousness. Also remember that this plant helps with pain, but doesn’t heal the pain. It only covers the symptoms that are causing the pain. If you for example have emotional problems the marihuana might cover the problems, but it won’t heal them in the way that for example ayahuasca does. At some point you will have to stop covering things up and start facing them.

Naysha Silva Romero

Photo: Vancouver Global Marijuana March 2015 – by Danny Kresnyak by Cannabis Culture on Flickr

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