Talks & storytelling

Here are a few examples of talks I can give, but I am happy to tailor to the event.

My healing journey
One day a depressed alcoholic, the next on a path to healing which has eventually led him to help others do the same. Daniel shares his story and also many of the insights that his journey has given him.

Relieve depression naturally
We program ourselves to be unhappy, which of course means that we may at any time reprogram ourselves to be happy. In the borderland between storytelling and talk, Daniel shows ways to cure depression without psychiatric drugs.
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Work safely with visionary plants and psychedelic medicines
Daniel discusses how to use psychedelics in a safe, stimulating and healing manner. But those who are attentive will understand that he is speaking about much more than how to handle psychedelics. He is giving a lesson on how to face life.
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Grow through forgiveness
Daniel talks about his contact with forgiveness and shares the forgiveness technique he was given by the ascended master Isaac.
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With an energetic and unabashed style Daniel tells strange and funny stories taken directly from life. Guaranteed true, thought-provoking and entertaining about such things as travel, prejudice, drugs and spirit connections.

Heal and grow