Fear, sadness and parasitic energies

How do you recommend getting rid of/dealing with fear/sadness/low frequency energies or entities and patterns, shamanically or just normally?

Well, first I’d divide it up. Fear and sadness are feelings which are often best dealt with by facing them. That is my main method in such things. Go where the energy is strongest. If something is scary, go there. Often things are scarier at a distance than they are up close. When we face them we are eventually done with them and can move on. Having said so it is important not to get caught up in things either, which I have seen many be with sadness.

Entities are a different thing altogether for me. They are actual parasitic energies which often give you certain emotions, such as fear or sadness, but they do not actually belong to the person. In most cases though the person will think the emotions are theirs. This is quite common when it comes to mental health issues and diagnoses. I have done some extraction work and it depends very much on the type of energy and on the clients determination. Some energies are really nasty and will put up a gruesome fight, while others are just lazy, heavy. The latter are much easier to remove. It isn’t unusual that people have several such energies. I’m always careful to point out that having such energies does not make you a bad person in any way, even if such energies often convince people to do bad things.

Patterns or repetitions can also be connected to parasitic energies, but are also something quite different. I use a four step process for practically all work with personal development. I think it is an excellent way of working through such things.

When you say go into the energy, what do you do after you go into it (for fear or sadness)?

Why do bad parasitic energies exist and is it possible for us to eradicate them from existence? Does a very pure diet help? What do you do about the nasty ones that fight back?


Fear and sadness have the most power over when we don’t dare to face them. They thrive in the corner of our eye, but lose their power over us when we look directly at them. To go into the energy simply means to dare to meet that which scares us. Looking straight at these feelings and acknowledging them usually makes them evaporate all together. Most fears are nothing but imaginations. They are tricks played on us by the mind, and the same goes for much sadness.

In some cases our fear and sadness have real reasons. The same is still true; even emotions that have real causes have the most power over us when we try to evade them. By confronting them they will lose most of their power over us, but they will also give us information on how to solve the underlying issues. Go into them, be conscious and aware. Investigate. What is this? What are the reasons? Are there specific situations that need to be healed? Where in the body is it located? How does it manifest in my life? These are the kind of questions to ask.

What many find when examining themselves is that the feelings they have aren’t actually theirs. I have already mentioned that the mind can play games with us. It is also possible to pick up feelings from other people. Feelings are contagious, just as laughter or yawning is. Sensitive people often pick things up from others. Becoming aware of which feelings are our own and which belong to others can make it easier to close the door on feelings that don’t belong to us.

Parasitic energies

It is also common that feelings that aren’t ours still seem to originate from within and that is where parasitic energies come into the equation. Parasitic energies have their own agenda and will often give us feelings, but disguise them as our own. It can help to simply be aware of which feelings are our own and which belong to the parasitic energy, so that we can sort our feelings accordingly, but doing so won’t actually solve the problem. It will only help us handle the situation.

A pure diet is always good for you and many parasitic energies will undermine you by luring you to keep a poor diet, but a pure diet will not remove such an energy. At least I do not know of any such diets. They need to be removed, but to do so you should work with someone who knows what they are doing, or it might be dangerous. I recently wrote a post about a method to remove such energies and gave a few other tips that can be useful in that process. There I also briefly mention how to deal with the nastier types of parasites.

Let me elaborate a little from that post. There are different kinds of parasitic energies and they are more or less difficult to handle. Here are three common types that I have encountered:

  • Lazy parasites. These are quite unconscious and are more like slugs or ticks. They suck energy from the host and give them bad thoughts and habits, but they are not aggressive or consciously manipulative. Such energies can give laziness, low self-esteem and such. They are quite easy to remove and won’t put up a fight.
  • Past life parasites. Trauma from past lives can take on the form of parasitic energies in this life. It is more conscious than the lazy parasite and can be both communicative and manipulative.
  • Demons. A demon is conscious, communicative, very manipulative and can be very aggressive. They are also parasites, since they feed off the person’s energy, but in other aspects they are quite different from the two other that I have mentioned. I have a feeling that demons are souls that are part of the human reincarnation cycle, but I’m still missing some parts of the puzzle.
Eliminating bad energies

Good and bad are human concepts. At another level of consciousness good and bad cease to exist. Things simply are. For the human soul there is no such thing as good or bad. There are simply different experiences and the soul wants to experience them all. Before we are born our soul will choose many of the experiences we have in life and it will not only chose the happy stuff. It will choose sickness, abuse, addiction, poverty, hunger and stigma too, simply to have the experience and by that also the possibility to draw lessons from it.

Wanting to eradicate what we conceive as “bad” is a very human thought. No, we cannot eradicate parasitic energies, but we can free people of parasites and by doing so we can also help such energies to evolve and become something other than what they are right now, or become “good” in the long run, to put it in human terms.

Photo: Adrian ii by Joel Bombardier on Flickr

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