Extracting parasitic energies and demons


A method for removing parasitic energies from a person

This method was explained to me by mother Ayahuasca and pieced together the understanding I already had. When doing such work I ask for help from Archangel Ishmael, but other angels and spirits can be equally helpful to work with.

  1. Call in/meditate with the energy you are working with. When I do so Ishmael appears right behind me and I can easily channel his energy to my hands.
  2. While standing up, locate the parasitic energy. It will likely be attached in a specific place, such as a chakra or the spine.
  3. To remove the energy you must first detach it. I do so by channelling Ishmael’s power through my hands into the spot where the parasitic energy is attached.
    ∙ Another way that I have encountered is by pumping in energy at the base of the spine to detach the parasitic energy.
  4. When the energy is detached, push the energy out into a limb and out, for example through a foot into the ground. It is best to do this in nature. If done indoors the parasitic energy can linger and try to get back in, but once it realizes that it won’t be getting back in it will move on.
    ∙ Another way of doing this is to have the client hold a crystal in one hand and to push the parasitic energy into it. After that it can be released somewhere else.

In the event of possible violent extraction

If the parasitic energy is strong and aggressive it can take over the person’s body and violently fight for its survival. If the person is well rested and fit that can pose quite a challenge or even a hazard. One way of lessening the intruding energy’s ability to do so can be to weaken the body, so that there is less force in the fight. That can be done by dieting, fasting and working with the person when s/he is tired. I have heard that it is quite common to also have several strong helpers that can hold the person if s/he becomes violent.


If a parasitic energy has been in place for a long time there will be other unfavourable patterns that have gathered together with it, such as habits, ways of thinking and so on. Removing the parasitic energy doesn’t mean that habits and thought patterns automatically disappear. You need to be aware of which behaviours are your own and which are effects of the intruding energy. Work to find patterns that aren’t yours and change or reprogram them.

There will also be a void after the energy and you need to be careful not to invite new parasitic energies in its place. As with many things in life uncertainty is often more scary than that which you know is bad. We stay in bad relationships because we are afraid to move out into uncertainty. It is the same with parasitic energies. You not only need to kick them out, you also need to keep the door closed.

Closing the door

There are many things one can do to close the door. Here are a few:

  1. The Promise. Promise yourself to keep them out. One way of doing that is to say out loud that no such entity is welcome in your body. Here is a technique for giving yourself a strong promise.
  2. Protect yourself. Some like to imagine themselves surrounded by heavenly light, call on angels or wear protective jewellery. Others feel no need for protection and don’t need it. Do or don’t do in any way that you feel is good for you.
  3. Fight off attacks. Be observant of your body, feelings and thoughts. If you feel that you are under attack, call on your protection, say “you are not welcome here” and stand your ground. Keep the door shut.
  4. Change behaviours. As I wrote above we may have other negative patterns that are linked to the parasitic energy, but that have not been removed. Observe yourself and make changes or reprogram yourself. Here is a post about reprogramming.
  5. Solve underlying issues. Many parasitic energies are covering up deeper issues or trauma. By solving them you permanently close that door, because the energies can no longer use your triggers and insecurities to sneak back in.

Photo: Christine by Kurtis Garbutt on Flickr

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