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A true spiritual path

Is it cheating to use psychedelics in the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth?


Plant teachers and psychedelic medicines are part of an especially powerful spiritual path that only few can handle. They aren’t for everyone, just as tantra or vipassana meditation isn’t for everyone. It is a genuine path of healing and spiritual growth that has been around for longer than any religion we have today and that has at some point in time been part of the practice of all of them. They are at the very core of the mystical experience that once upon a time gave birth to religions, although those religions have since fundamentally perverted the insights given. Psychedelics are the tools of healers, shamans, witches, visionaries, psychonauts, spiritual explorers and messengers. They are tools of change and enlightenment, of love and transcendence. They are catalysts of evolution and reconnect people to the source.

Photo: DJ by Catrin Austin on Flickr

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Telepathy on the dance floor

I was hugging my friend on the dance floor when all of a sudden a girl I have never seen before or since grabbed my arm.
– She needs your help, she said before vanishing into the crowd again before I could answer her.
I looked around and tried to find my girlfriend but couldn’t. When I looked toward the entrance I saw a friend gesturing to me to come.
– Your girlfriend needs you. She’s outside.
Police were moving in to close down the party and I found her outside the entrance a little stressed over the situation.
– I really wanted you to come so I asked your friend to get you and also called to you telepathically.

Photo: People on the dance floor, Capitol Hill, John Forbes party, Seattle, Washington, USA by Wonderlane on Flickr

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Talking to a stone

I know that stones are alive and can communicate, but I had never attempted to talk to one. So one day I lay down on a small boulder and tried to talk to it. Being a stone it spoke very slowly indeed. It took 15 minutes to get a single sentence out.
– Get off, you’re blocking the sun.
So I got up and took a walk instead.

One time we were channelling for a friend and she very much wanted to get hold of her grandfather who had passed on, so we did.
– Why are you bothering me? he opened by saying.
– It’s me, Jane. Your granddaughter. I want to know if you’re alright and if you perhaps have some advice for me.
There was a short pause and then:
– Oh, that life. That was a really boring life and even miserable in some parts. I don’t want to talk to anyone from then. Please don’t bother me anymore. I have moved on since that.

Answers like those are often quite funny and for me they reinforce my certainty that the communication with other energies is true. Most of my experience with channelling deceased relatives is that there is a focus on love, helping and healing. There is often a purity and in some cases even something divine to the answers, but after a while you still get used to them. And then along comes an answer that is just off the wall, something that I couldn’t have imagined. It brings a smile to my face.

Another kind of answer I really like is the one where the answer is so self-evident that I feel like a fool having asked the question. As humans we often make things considerably more complicated than they actually are. We over-think things and we make decisions from the wrong perspective. And as we get mixed up in detail, so do our questions. For example, when we had just begun channelling we had a long contact with our daughter from before she was conceived and a few months into the pregnancy. At that time there was talk about 2012 and where to be and what to do on December the 21st. So I asked my soon to be baby daughter:
– Where should we be on December the 21st 2012?
Two words.
– With me.
I felt so stupid. My question was way off. The important thing for us was not where we would be, but with whom. And the answer to that question was nothing but obvious.

The odd answers help me trust what I feel and hear. They often also come with new insight and give me an opportunity to laugh at myself. A lesson to take from it is not to take for granted that everything wants to communicate with you.

Photo: Meditating Monk Boy by Surian Soosay on Flickr

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My first out of body experience

When I was 17 I happened to get hold of a bag of weed. I knew nothing about cannabis and had no one to show me so I thought about dosage for a long time. In the end I rolled up a joint that was so weak that I’m surprised that I felt anything at all.

I smoked it and lay down on my bed to meditate, unsure what to expect. After a while I opened my eyes… and looked down at myself. I was hovering just below the ceiling looking down at my body which was still in bed.

I hovered there for a few minutes and just watched. Amazed. Light.
– I wonder if I can move about, I then thought.
So I floated over into the living room and then out onto the porch. A car passed by. A dog barked.

Then I became a little worried about being apart from my body and went back to my bedroom. I sank down into my body and at once I felt my physical self again. Flesh. Weight.

Photo: 2016-01-03 strolling among the forget-me-nots of the angels by Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr

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The Demon God

I have been in contact with several demons and other parasitic energies. I have seen firsthand what kind of havoc they can wreck on someone’s life, but I have also seen how cleverly they disguise themselves. The cleverest among them won’t let you see them. They will simply manipulate people and make them believe that it is all their own idea.

Other demons will let you see them but will trick you into thinking they are something else. It isn’t unusual that such demons will present themselves in a bombastic manner and promise great gifts in return for something performed by you. In the beginning the gift might look huge and the price small, but with time you will pay much more than the gifts are worth; the greatest price being that you will be ensnared and make yourself dependent on the demons help. Your existences will be entangled. To help you swallow the bait the first contributions asked of you will often be such that you will want to give them for purely egoistic reasons, such as indulging in pleasure or slaying your enemies.

Of late I have been directed to look at a specific character and as I do so I realize that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is not what it presents itself as, but that it is rather mixed up with one or several demons playing with people’s minds. I am speaking about God as portrayed by the Bible.

Before going deeper into this let me say that I know God. I am not an atheist. Of the descriptions of God that I have read the one given by Neale Donald Walsch in the book Conversations with God seems to be the most accurate to me. That is the God that I know.

But the God of the Bible then? Is that the genuine God? Well, first of all the Bible was written by many people and has undergone many changes before it arrived in the version that you are familiar with. Even descriptions of the true God can be twisted beyond recognition when edited by people who are under the influence of lesser energies.

What I want to point out is that many of the biblical descriptions of God seem to be way off. They are simply not depicting God as I know him. In many cases I believe they are simply reflections of the insecurities, vengefulness and obsessive control behaviours of the people behind the pens. But all these religious accounts of God are most likely not made up to disguise the interests of the human author. Some are likely descriptions of real contacts with real entities, but many of these entities are not God. From what I know of demons and God they seem to be demons masquerading as God in order to snare people’s minds.

The result is demonic. At worst religion turns people away from God and makes them intolerant, hateful, vengeful and jealous. Religion is used to oppress, slaughter and destroy. To me this seems like the work of demons and people who follow demons. Believe it or not, but God isn’t interested in mutilating little boys penises. He isn’t jealous. She doesn’t care what you had for supper and it isn’t in the slightest worried about you being disrespectful towards it. These are all petty human concerns and are as such easily fuelled by demons.

God is far greater than so. If you believe in the biblical God it is a very small God you believe in. If you are truly worried of worshipping false Gods, begin by getting rid of these religious misbeliefs. Toss the Bible and stop listening to preachers. You will immediately be very much closer to God.

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Naysha: Sacred plants and exorcism

During my shamanic training it was never easy to take the next step and it was never easy to overcome a fear. A shaman with fears is not good, especially in the moments when bravery is needed. At the same time that higher light energies exist, there are also dark energies. Dark energies are not God or the spirit creation. Dark energies are a human creation.

When we came to this experience as humans we forgot our divinity and got lost in pleasures. Our souls went down different paths because of our free will. We learnt to hate, to steal, to lie, and more. These feelings, actions and thoughts also are energies; low frequencies of energies. But also inside this dark energy there exist levels of consciousness. Some souls decide not to return to the light after death. They continue living the emotions that they could not let go of, such as hate and resentment. This is not about hell or heaven. For me that does not exist.

I believe that what many religions describe as “hell”, and people with near death or other kind of supernatural experiences describes as hell, is an intermediate state between the human and spirit world. A state in between, a shadow state we can call it. You cannot pass to the light until your decide that light is your origin and you cannot return as human. These spirits are still attached to the human world. But also when we are spirits, we have a choice. We always have a choice. They will see the light when they understand that only light is possible, and that the light is where they come from.

For me this intermediate dimension that we have created with our bad feelings and attachments is the shadow state which can explain things like witchcraft. Witchcraft is not Gods creation. Witchcraft was created in Africa, were researchers’ claim the first humans came from, so we can assume that witchcraft and humans came together. Exactly when and how? No idea, but I believe that at some point in our story there was a really dark moment and it was from this dark time the shadow spirits could communicate with the shamans in the ceremonies. Remember that plant medicines OPEN spaces, not only for different dimensions inside yourself, but also in reality. So these shamans got in contact with these shadow spirits and before that the shamans did not know of those kinds of energies, so some shamans learnt from those spirits. The shadow spirits understood very well the tricks of the human ego and some shamans felt really great with all this new information. And since then dark spirits also come to ceremonies and can again enter the human dimension and continue spreading hate and other bad feelings.

It’s very easy to learn witchcraft. Learning how to heal is what is difficult. Witchcraft is a sad reality and I will take time on this subject for another article.

Ok, until this point we are clear that these shadow states are what we can call the demon state. Every bad feeling, every bad thought, like “I want to kill myself” creates a demon, a low energy vibration around you. This is what we see as ugly visions during plant ceremonies. It’s our own creation. And every bad feeling, thought or reinforcement to this kind of thought, “I want to kill myself” for example, will feed the energy. That’s why there are different levels of consciousness to the low frequencies. Some of them have personalities like you and me. Yes, I have seen them. My first experience with exorcism in ceremonies started in my third year, when I was helping a shaman during ceremonies. I was watching his back , especially during exorcisms.

In my experience there are three kinds of “demons”.

  1. The ones that have a mission, like wanting to stop you from finding your mission. Normally the people experience these kinds of demons. They are born with these energies, they feel depressed almost all their lives and they describe something like “I really want to feel, but I cannot. It’s like I have a block in my heart that does not allow me to feel. I want to feel love. I know my family love me, but I want to feel it. I know I love them, but I cannot feel them. What’s wrong with me?”
    These energies usually have a very clear mission. When they manage to disconnect people from their hearts they disconnect them from their life path as well. Life becomes a sad reality for these people.
  2. The ones that came by accident, for example through playing with a Ouija board. Some of these games are not so innocent and really work. Sometimes people get in touch with energies that were passing by and they call them to our human dimension through portals like the Ouija board, and because these energies don’t have a particular mission, they manifest more intensely. Then it can be like in movies with exorcism, because these energies are not supposed to be here. They don’t have a purpose.
  3. The ones that come by trauma. Sometimes during our spiritual experience as humans we experience very traumatic situations that OPEN US, such as the death of someone very close. When you are open and vulnerable energies that are around you can attach. Normally these are not very strong energies, but they can create discomfort like the sensation of being disconnected.

People with the first and second group of demons are difficult to work with using plants. They normally do not feel anything; they cannot see. They are disconnected, so then it is good to work with diets. A shaman will recognize the demon energy inside of the person, normally through a plant ceremony and sometimes before that. We can smell these entities. I have personal experience from a very difficult exorcism where I could literally feel the evil in my skin. It was awful, but I am still here. That’s why, dear readers, working with plants is not a funny hobby. It’s serious work.

What shamans do when people with these kinds of entities come to ceremonies?

First is to check in a ceremony to be 100 % sure that there is an entity.

Second is to evaluate the power of the entities. Some are easier to take out than others.

Third. Normally all people with entities should go to diets to clean energies. This makes the demons energy weaker and weaker, so they will show up during the ceremony. Normally they will try to hide from the shamans, if they can.

Fourth. After the diet there is a ceremony, normally with special Ayahuasca or San Pedro cooked with an extra plant, like Toe, Ajosacha or Pinon Colorado. There are different sorts and it always depends on the level of energy that we are dealing with. In cases of San Pedro shamans cactus with four lines are the favorites for exorcism. During the ceremony the demon is expelled with help of the shaman’s icaros. These ceremonies are not violent like in movies, but there is always a risk, so the shaman will have support from another shaman to do the exorcism.

After the exorcism people normally do not remember much, but they suddenly feel much much better. Finally they can get in touch with their hearts and some, if not all, can finally get in touch with the visions of Ayahuasca.

My personal experience with demons and dark energies is not to fight them. When you deal with these energies , what you do is to increase your light. When your light is strong there is no space for darkness. Nature does not support these dark energies. They are tired of them, so nature is a big ally. When the shaman has taken out this kind of energy, then the nature spirits take care of the rest. Once I saw a Roman army coming from the forest to take an entity with them. I look at them and asked “What are you going to do with him (the demon)?” They just said “Do not feel sorry for him. He does not feel for you. Do not worry. We have been looking for him for a long time.” And then they disappeared with the screaming entity.

Love and gratitude
Naysha Silva

Photo: Cuckoo by andrea floris on Flickr

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Fear, sadness and parasitic energies

How do you recommend getting rid of/dealing with fear/sadness/low frequency energies or entities and patterns, shamanically or just normally?

Well, first I’d divide it up. Fear and sadness are feelings which are often best dealt with by facing them. That is my main method in such things. Go where the energy is strongest. If something is scary, go there. Often things are scarier at a distance than they are up close. When we face them we are eventually done with them and can move on. Having said so it is important not to get caught up in things either, which I have seen many be with sadness.

Entities are a different thing altogether for me. They are actual parasitic energies which often give you certain emotions, such as fear or sadness, but they do not actually belong to the person. In most cases though the person will think the emotions are theirs. This is quite common when it comes to mental health issues and diagnoses. I have done some extraction work and it depends very much on the type of energy and on the clients determination. Some energies are really nasty and will put up a gruesome fight, while others are just lazy, heavy. The latter are much easier to remove. It isn’t unusual that people have several such energies. I’m always careful to point out that having such energies does not make you a bad person in any way, even if such energies often convince people to do bad things.

Patterns or repetitions can also be connected to parasitic energies, but are also something quite different. I use a four step process for practically all work with personal development. I think it is an excellent way of working through such things.

When you say go into the energy, what do you do after you go into it (for fear or sadness)?

Why do bad parasitic energies exist and is it possible for us to eradicate them from existence? Does a very pure diet help? What do you do about the nasty ones that fight back?


Fear and sadness have the most power over when we don’t dare to face them. They thrive in the corner of our eye, but lose their power over us when we look directly at them. To go into the energy simply means to dare to meet that which scares us. Looking straight at these feelings and acknowledging them usually makes them evaporate all together. Most fears are nothing but imaginations. They are tricks played on us by the mind, and the same goes for much sadness.

In some cases our fear and sadness have real reasons. The same is still true; even emotions that have real causes have the most power over us when we try to evade them. By confronting them they will lose most of their power over us, but they will also give us information on how to solve the underlying issues. Go into them, be conscious and aware. Investigate. What is this? What are the reasons? Are there specific situations that need to be healed? Where in the body is it located? How does it manifest in my life? These are the kind of questions to ask.

What many find when examining themselves is that the feelings they have aren’t actually theirs. I have already mentioned that the mind can play games with us. It is also possible to pick up feelings from other people. Feelings are contagious, just as laughter or yawning is. Sensitive people often pick things up from others. Becoming aware of which feelings are our own and which belong to others can make it easier to close the door on feelings that don’t belong to us.

Parasitic energies

It is also common that feelings that aren’t ours still seem to originate from within and that is where parasitic energies come into the equation. Parasitic energies have their own agenda and will often give us feelings, but disguise them as our own. It can help to simply be aware of which feelings are our own and which belong to the parasitic energy, so that we can sort our feelings accordingly, but doing so won’t actually solve the problem. It will only help us handle the situation.

A pure diet is always good for you and many parasitic energies will undermine you by luring you to keep a poor diet, but a pure diet will not remove such an energy. At least I do not know of any such diets. They need to be removed, but to do so you should work with someone who knows what they are doing, or it might be dangerous. I recently wrote a post about a method to remove such energies and gave a few other tips that can be useful in that process. There I also briefly mention how to deal with the nastier types of parasites.

Let me elaborate a little from that post. There are different kinds of parasitic energies and they are more or less difficult to handle. Here are three common types that I have encountered:

  • Lazy parasites. These are quite unconscious and are more like slugs or ticks. They suck energy from the host and give them bad thoughts and habits, but they are not aggressive or consciously manipulative. Such energies can give laziness, low self-esteem and such. They are quite easy to remove and won’t put up a fight.
  • Past life parasites. Trauma from past lives can take on the form of parasitic energies in this life. It is more conscious than the lazy parasite and can be both communicative and manipulative.
  • Demons. A demon is conscious, communicative, very manipulative and can be very aggressive. They are also parasites, since they feed off the person’s energy, but in other aspects they are quite different from the two other that I have mentioned. I have a feeling that demons are souls that are part of the human reincarnation cycle, but I’m still missing some parts of the puzzle.
Eliminating bad energies

Good and bad are human concepts. At another level of consciousness good and bad cease to exist. Things simply are. For the human soul there is no such thing as good or bad. There are simply different experiences and the soul wants to experience them all. Before we are born our soul will choose many of the experiences we have in life and it will not only chose the happy stuff. It will choose sickness, abuse, addiction, poverty, hunger and stigma too, simply to have the experience and by that also the possibility to draw lessons from it.

Wanting to eradicate what we conceive as “bad” is a very human thought. No, we cannot eradicate parasitic energies, but we can free people of parasites and by doing so we can also help such energies to evolve and become something other than what they are right now, or become “good” in the long run, to put it in human terms.

Photo: Adrian ii by Joel Bombardier on Flickr

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With lifetimes of training

Someone asked a fellow shaman:
– How long does it take to become a shaman?
– Well, at least a couple of lifetimes. But often much longer than that, he answered.

I suppose that is why you shouldn’t trust a shaman with a Western style “shaman diploma” given to them after a weekend course. Few people who have spent lifetimes becoming a shaman would be interested in such a piece of paper.

Photo: the distant past by Joel Kramer on Flickr

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Extracting parasitic energies and demons


A method for removing parasitic energies from a person

This method was explained to me by mother Ayahuasca and pieced together the understanding I already had. When doing such work I ask for help from Archangel Ishmael, but other angels and spirits can be equally helpful to work with.

  1. Call in/meditate with the energy you are working with. When I do so Ishmael appears right behind me and I can easily channel his energy to my hands.
  2. While standing up, locate the parasitic energy. It will likely be attached in a specific place, such as a chakra or the spine.
  3. To remove the energy you must first detach it. I do so by channelling Ishmael’s power through my hands into the spot where the parasitic energy is attached.
    ∙ Another way that I have encountered is by pumping in energy at the base of the spine to detach the parasitic energy.
  4. When the energy is detached, push the energy out into a limb and out, for example through a foot into the ground. It is best to do this in nature. If done indoors the parasitic energy can linger and try to get back in, but once it realizes that it won’t be getting back in it will move on.
    ∙ Another way of doing this is to have the client hold a crystal in one hand and to push the parasitic energy into it. After that it can be released somewhere else.

In the event of possible violent extraction

If the parasitic energy is strong and aggressive it can take over the person’s body and violently fight for its survival. If the person is well rested and fit that can pose quite a challenge or even a hazard. One way of lessening the intruding energy’s ability to do so can be to weaken the body, so that there is less force in the fight. That can be done by dieting, fasting and working with the person when s/he is tired. I have heard that it is quite common to also have several strong helpers that can hold the person if s/he becomes violent.


If a parasitic energy has been in place for a long time there will be other unfavourable patterns that have gathered together with it, such as habits, ways of thinking and so on. Removing the parasitic energy doesn’t mean that habits and thought patterns automatically disappear. You need to be aware of which behaviours are your own and which are effects of the intruding energy. Work to find patterns that aren’t yours and change or reprogram them.

There will also be a void after the energy and you need to be careful not to invite new parasitic energies in its place. As with many things in life uncertainty is often more scary than that which you know is bad. We stay in bad relationships because we are afraid to move out into uncertainty. It is the same with parasitic energies. You not only need to kick them out, you also need to keep the door closed.

Closing the door

There are many things one can do to close the door. Here are a few:

  1. The Promise. Promise yourself to keep them out. One way of doing that is to say out loud that no such entity is welcome in your body. Here is a technique for giving yourself a strong promise.
  2. Protect yourself. Some like to imagine themselves surrounded by heavenly light, call on angels or wear protective jewellery. Others feel no need for protection and don’t need it. Do or don’t do in any way that you feel is good for you.
  3. Fight off attacks. Be observant of your body, feelings and thoughts. If you feel that you are under attack, call on your protection, say “you are not welcome here” and stand your ground. Keep the door shut.
  4. Change behaviours. As I wrote above we may have other negative patterns that are linked to the parasitic energy, but that have not been removed. Observe yourself and make changes or reprogram yourself. Here is a post about reprogramming.
  5. Solve underlying issues. Many parasitic energies are covering up deeper issues or trauma. By solving them you permanently close that door, because the energies can no longer use your triggers and insecurities to sneak back in.

Photo: Christine by Kurtis Garbutt on Flickr

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