About Daniel

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Daniel Wilby and I am a self taught Swedish/British shaman with a passion for personal and spiritual growth. My healing journey began ten years ago when I happened to get hold of some LSD. At that time I had been an alcoholic for 13 years and deeply depressed for 4 years. I took the LSD expecting yet another escape from life and myself, but ended up curing my alcoholism for good with only one session and it took me another three months of hard work to cure my depression.

For the first four years my journey was all about me. I was traumatized and needed to heal myself. Then one winter the spirit world introduced itself to me, my energy shifted direction and I began helping others to heal and grow. Since then I have done work solving trauma, depression, addiction and abuse. I help people forgive, shed what is no longer beneficial for them, reprogram themselves, find their life purpose and grow.

One of my main tools has naturally been psychedelic medicine. My expertise is in LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, but since I want to work legally in Sweden I am learning San Pedro and seeds containing LSA. I do want to point out that although psychedelic medicine is one of my main tools, most of my work is done without plants or substances and I often help people with no interest in those modalities of healing.

I work closely with the spirit world, and especially Archangel Ishmael and the ascended master Isaac, several spirit helpers and mother Earth.

Meditation is central to my practice and in my work with others. I also work with tarot cards and do readings in person or over mail/Skype.

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This is my fourth blog and it started off as a therapeutic tool and a way for me to integrate all I have learnt these past years. Here I have written about life, love, spirituality, visionary plants, psychedelic medicine, personal growth, sex, trauma, addiction, and more. I share techniques and ideas that have come to me during my journey.

The blog is no longer active since I am directing that energy elsewhere. For sporadic mails of what I’m up to, sign up for my e-mail list.

I love dancing, traveling, good food cooked from scratch, closeness with presence, nature experiences and meaningful conversations. I have two wonderful children that I love dearly and a third one on the way.

Feel free to contact me.

Heal and grow