Mårten on the subject of time and how it can break

These are notes from a channelled conversation with a spirit contact named Mårten. In it he discusses time, trauma and identity. This is a rough translation from Swedish.

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– Trauma changes time, there becomes a gap in it. Strong traumas fracture our experience of time. When something happens in a place that time is carved into it. In a place with many traumas, such as Auschwitz, time is fragmented and chaotic. It still is. Time has not moved on, which means you can go there and experience it again.

– It is the same for people. Time can break for them. For someone traumatized by losing someone, for example, time can become so fragmented that the experience could just as well have happened 7 seconds ago, as 7 years ago. A person like that breaks every day.

– Thus both a place and a person can get stuck in a certain time.

Identity and time

– Time is linked to the identity we create in the life we ​​live now. In our basic state that time does not exist, it is only now. When we are through meditation work our way down to our basic state we come to now, which also brings great security. In the ego, identity, we create time. It is with the help of the time we then create memories, what we’ve been through and what we dream about.

– Our memory teaches us the basic, practical social things. Therefore we need time, in order to learn and create our selves. We build our dreams on what we have experienced.

– When it works you go from one time to the next, but when there is a trauma time is fractured. Small images are spread and shattered. If that happens you can get stuck or move on without the image. It is the image of one’s self or expectations for the situation.

Fragmented time

– People with traumas have fragmented time. This may occur in many ways, for example by assault, accidents, vulnerable situations, lost love, alcohol and drug addiction, psychoses, neuroses, depression and apathy.

How can we mend fragmented time in a person?
– It depends. The person has to want to.

– One way is by remembering. A piece of time breaks. The pieces are still there in your backpack. You feel broken. Putting together the pieces begins by remembering how the image was before it was broken. This is not something to do by yourself.

– Go into the difficult things to reach the realization that it is okay that it happened.

Can you bring such time fractures to the next life?
– Yes, as karma.

How does one work with time that has been shattered by alcohol?
– By remembering. It is still there, that what was before the intoxication. There is something about yourself that you do not remember.

I forget who I was during that time. I don’t remember the hardest parts.
– You behaved in a way when you were drunk that you now do not want to remember as a part of you. Compare before and after. What disappeared in-between?

– The biggest key is identifying yourself. Every day and in every situation you decide how and who you want to be. You have to decide all the time, facing each new situation. A large part of our identification is based on how we have been and what we have been through in life. It determines our decisions and how we choose to be today.

Paused and enlarged time

– Sometimes time is broken in a way that it stops right there. We note details that we always remember afterwards. Pause. Then the problem is not to remember, but to get the image to assume the same proportions as the rest. The image stands out from everything else. That is as great a trauma. An equal displacement in the ability to identify.

– It depends on how time was broken, what one has done since, and our attitude.

Remembering and patterns

– There are some keys, but they have so many different variables. To remember has so many different variables. Remembering with the mind can be one tool, but you can also remember with the body or by saying things aloud.

– Then there is the aspect of patterns. We have time to create patterns and logic. We learn order and how to create patterns. This means that trauma of various kinds also create patterns, which often makes it happen again if it has happened once. Maybe that could also be a way to remember, until we actually remember it, until we actually see what is going on.

– The process is the whole thing, our process. Things happen and we get stuck. That’s why we have all these lives and continue to reincarnate, because we didn’t learn. So we bring it along to the next life too.

– It is through our identity and the experience of this life that we can get through the illusion and down to ourselves. See it as our core or essence. On it are various layers. Identity is one layer. That means that whatever we do in life can not damage the core. Any dirt will be on the outside of it.

Energy inward and outward

– Energy that harms, that stems from the illusion that the ring of identity is the self, is directed outward. We create the illusion that we are separate from God.

– Real healing energy can mend the identity ring. Then the energy is directed inwards, towards the core, and then we realize that we are God, that everything is connected, that everything has meaning, that we are complete. When we look for explanations outside of ourselves we direct the energy outward.

How do we direct the energy inward?
– Just do it. When we actually do what we know is right for us. It all ties together. When I know what I need to do I am in contact with the core, and then the energy is directed inwards. When we disconnect the mind, which is a huge process. When we become aware that we are not our thoughts. When we wake up.

– Most people have a little energy inward and little energy outward. Being in contact with ones intuition and feelings makes the energy go inward. The mind switched on, then the energy will go outward. The more energy goes inward, the greater humility the person will have. It becomes a tool. Such a person is aware that she is not the work she performs. She doesn’t identify strongly with such things.

– The essence, our soul – whatever we experience, we cannot damage it. Our identity can be damaged and create a “broken person”, slit personality and other disorders, but inside of that the soul is intact.

– With techniques for getting in contact with oneself so much healing occurs by itself, because that is the nature of energy – to heal.

Hallucinogens as medicine

– Hallucinogens can be excellent tools in this context, but the identity ring cannot be too broken. The identity ring needs to be quite intact, because it is through it that we create the context and intention. If the ring is broken the energy goes outward and becomes harmful.

– How noticeable hallucinogens are depends on how strong your identity ring is. If your ring is full, you are in balance.

Getting stuck in a time

– There is another way for time to break. We talked about 1. gaps, 2. that it is frozen and magnified, and 3. that a piece of time breaks so that it becomes choppy and fragmented. One can also get stuck in a time, often in a sequence. With a longer period of difficult things you can start reliving what is happening. It is repeated for real or it feels like it is being repeated. Outside time continues, but on the inside the same time pattern is repeating itself.

Four time injuries

– The person who has had a time injury needs to identify what kind.

Four time injuries:
● gaps
● frozen and magnified
● broken, shattered, fragmented, choppy
● stuck in a time

– In recovery we need to create a new identity based on the present. The past is no longer relevant.

Photo: Trolley Drain by darkday on Flickr

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Someone who takes care of you

The widow lived alone in a town house. Her late husband had left a small savings account which was now a buffer in her old age.

Her neighbours, however – they had no buffer. They were a family with several children who always barely seemed to survive. If it wasn’t the car malfunctioning, then one of them lost their job or the other fell ill. Expenses rose while income dwindled for them.

And while the widow was old there was nothing wrong with her memory. She clearly remembered what it was like when she was young and tried to make ends meet. She helped the family as often as she could, and when things really looked as they would fall apart completely, she was there and helped them get back up again.

So finally one day her bank account was empty. She had lent every penny to the neighbours and they had no way of repaying her any time soon. And now she was the one needing money, but there was none.

In another part of the town a Christian business man put a large sum of money in an envelope. He occasionally got divine guidance which he always tried to follow, even in the cases that he didn’t fully understand why. What he was to do with the envelope was still not clear, but he took a drive and eventually stopped in front of a house where he was told to deliver the envelope.

The widow opened the door and had no idea who the stranger outside was.
– This is for you, the man said and handed over a thick envelope.
Then he wished her a good afternoon and said goodbye. She closed the door and opened the envelope. There was 9700 Euros – the exact amount that had been in the account when her husband passed away.

Photo: A helping hand by Matthew Cheatle on Flickr

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Far from human concerns

Stand in an open area outdoors; preferably on a small hill that catches the wind. With soft body, stand with your legs together, extend your arms as if they were wings, bend the knees a little and close your eyes. Feel the wind lift you. Feel yourself sail in the breeze and how the smallest adjustments make you lift or drop. Take wide turns and scout.

Look down at the ground. Notice the meadows, trees, forests, waters, streams, rivers. Houses, people, roads.

You are off the ground. Soar far from human concerns.

Photo: Soar by Basheer Tome on Flickr

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Naysha: Kambo or Sapo

Kambo is an ancestral medicine that is used by indigenous tribes from the Amazon. It comes from a kind of frog that lives in the Amazon which contains substances that acts as a powerful natural energizer and helps eliminate health problems in the person by increasing the immune systems efficiency. The natives especially use it for hunting, because it sharpens the senses: vision, smell, hearing and taste.

Kambo not only works in the physical body, but also revitalizes and cleans the chakras.

How is the kambo collected?

The frog is never hurt during the process of taking the mucus from its back. Shamans pray to the kambo spirit and then the frog starts to release the substances that are then collected with a stick. The frog is then returned unharmed to the forest where they live in the trees.

How is it used?

kambo2The person should drink at least 2 litres of warm water before the kambo is applied in order to help the detox.

The shaman or person with experience of kambo uses a stick to burns dots in the skin where the kambo is then applied. As far as I know the numbers of dots can go from 3 to 15, but I am not sure about this. Normally the burning points for women are on the legs and for men on the arms. There is no mysterious reason to why. It just looks better that way. The burn marks can leave small scars.

What are the effects?

The kambo medicine works for 15 minutes. During this time the body experiences a lot of physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional changes. To be honest, you might feel as if you will die, since your heartbeat increases and most of the times you will also vomit.

The kambo works in the liver and it’s like squeezing a lemon. The kambo takes out all the toxins from your liver by tricking the body that it is being poisoned. The liver then begins working immediately to expel everything which is harmful.

Kambo treatment is good for people that drink too much alcohol or have taken too much medication. It also detoxes the blood and can help with chronic disorders. It is also great for revitalizing the immune system.

Kambo is also a medicine for the spirit, because perception generally increases, which helps with intuition, dreams and stimulates the third eye. It also unblocks that which is stopping the energy flow that is vital for our bodies.

Naysha Silva Romero

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In an air-raid shelter

The woman hugs her jam-packed backpack.

She sits nestled in the basement along with some 20 others during yet another bombing. One bomb falls so close that the dust in the basement is sent whirling. The woman jumps up in panic, throws on her backpack and gets a hold of a sledgehammer. Between the basement and the neighbouring house’s basement there is an escape hole in the wall which is provisionally sealed up. She brings the sledgehammer to it with all her strength. In her eyes the look of a panicked animal.

– Calm down, the person in charge of the house during the bombing tells her. We don’t know whether the bomb struck this or the neighbouring house.
The woman turns around in anger.
– That is easy for you to say, she hisses. You have nothing to lose. You only own rags and junk. I, however, I have a backpack full of valuables.

Photo: The bombing of Dreden during the second world war.

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The problem girl

The little girl had barely begun school when the complaints from her teachers started.
– She’s all over the place. It’s impossible to have her in the classroom, they complained and recommended the family to go see a child psychologist.

The mother sternly told the girl to be on her best behavior when they stepped into the psychologists office. She sat on her hands so that she wouldn’t be an annoyance while the grown-ups talked about her problems.
– Can you stay here, the psychologist asked the girl after a little while. I just want to talk to your mother in private.

As the psychologist and mother left the room the psychologist turned on the radio. There was music and as soon as the grown-ups were out the door the girl could no longer sit still, so she started dancing. After a minute the grown-ups opened the door a little and peered in.
– You see, said the psychologist. There is really nothing wrong with your girl. She is a dancer.

So it was that Gillian Lynne came to attend a dance school instead. There she flourished when she met other children like her. Eventually she became a ballet dancer. She became an actress, theater director, choreographer, and more. Among her most famous sets are CATS and the Phantom of the Opera.

Photo: Katka balet dancer by Jozef Turóci on Flickr

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The natural outcome

I listened to Advaita (Mihai) Stoian talk about sleep once. He said that he only needs 3-4 hours of sleep a night, but was quick to add that one should not strive to sleep so little. It is not a goal, but a natural consequence of having come so far in one’s personal development. You don’t get to needing that little sleep by setting your alarm much earlier. You get there by dedicated work to raise your vibration. When you do so and vibrate on your higher chakras, you will naturally need less sleep. If you just try to sleep less you will drain your energy and hurt yourself.

We often confuse goals with things that are natural outcomes of other processes. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about stepping away from monogamy where I wrote about when I understood that it wasn’t fair of me to expect my partner to be monogamous. However, having that understanding on the intellectual level and having that understanding in the heart are two very different things. Some think that when they have an intellectual understanding of something they just need to change their life to match the understanding.

In the case of monogamy and polyamorous relationships I would argue that, at least in many cases, people might have an intellectual understanding, but are nowhere near ready to have such relationships. And this is where I believe that many confuse a goal with a natural outcome of another process. They have the intellectual understanding, so they try to be polyamorous by simply making a choice. But since they are not ready in the heart, by doing so they are actually hurting themselves.

To be ready for a polyamorous relationship one needs to have worked through the nasty little games of trying to manipulate, own and control other people. And on the other side, one needs to stand free from manipulations and ownership. Many that strive to be polyamorous might believe that they are open and free, but are in fact struggling with very different issues, such as sex addiction or self-harm. To have a harmonious polyamorous relationship such issues must be solved, or the relationship will be the facade that legitimates destructive behaviour.

When one works through and solves such imbalances one eventually reaches a point where it is natural to be able to have more than one sexual and/or romantic relationship. But it is a natural consequence of having evolved. If you haven’t evolved but try to take a short cut by going straight for what you are not ready for you will drain and hurt yourself.

Photo: Ethereal Love by akshay moon on Flickr

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