My first LSD trip

Daniel drunk by Marit Lasson
“Daniel drunk” by Marit Lasson

At the age of 31 I was in bad shape. I was an alcoholic for 13 years, depressed for four, I hadn’t had a job in ages and I lived with my grandmother. I went through life in a haze where I constantly blamed all my failures and shortcomings on others.

By pure chance I was one day offered to buy ten hits of LSD. I had tried LSD once when I was 17 and remembered it as a strange and twisted experience, so I bought the acid thinking that it would offer yet another way for me to escape.

That weekend my friends and I drove out to an isolated farm. None of us really knew what to expect. At that time I had no idea what a chakra was. I did not even know the word.

A couple of hours after we took the acid my throat chakra opened up wide and from my neck a beam of energy shot straight out into the universe and connected me to everything. That allowed me to move outside myself, up the beam and observe.

When I saw myself from the outside, I saw that all the pain, all the sorrow, all the failures that I carried around and projected on other people, were in fact my own creations. The realization was that I truly created my own life. And just as I can create fog and pain and anger, I can choose to create clarity, liberation and harmony.

Some call it by the name Alaya or the basis of everything by Wonderlane at Flickr
“Some call it by the name Alaya or the basis of everything” by Wonderlane at Flickr

In that moment, I chose a different path. It required no effort, it was like turning on a light. Once I did so I no longer needed to think about it, because the light was lit. I chose to take control of my life again. I chose to take responsibility for my life and for my choices. I decided to sober up and begin to clear out the fog and the pain that blinded and enslaved me.

Then and there a new chapter of my life began.

Three months later I was sober, on the road to recovery from my depression, I had a job and an apartment.

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Collecting smiles in Europe

Roberto Antonio Corona Contreras looking for smiles in London.

He arrived in London three days ago to collect smiles. With his camera Roberto Antonio Corona Contreras finds people and smiles in the crowd, and takes the opportunity to ask people what makes them smile.
– I want to share their good thoughts with you, which I do on Facebook and my web page. I the near future I hope to make a video blog of it, and next year I intend to publish a book with smiles.

To date he has collected hundreds of smiles from more than 50 countries. It all started in New York in April of last year and now he has made ​​his way to Europe, where he will be travelling until May 22. The itinerary is not quite clear yet, so he is still open to invitations.
– If I may wish for anything right now , it’s getting inspire more people to smile more often . Please spread my message and my video .

Collecting Smiles Facebook Page:
Collecting Smiles website:


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I died and you planted a tree on my grave

I died and you planted a tree on my grave.

The tree grew, its roots went deep into the ground, and soon a part of me was part of the tree. I pushed my roots downwards and I stretched out my branches. The sun caressed me, the rain washed me clean and when I shed my leaves, I got to dance in the wind. Another part of me ached in the soil, nurtured me.

A squirrel and a woodpecker took turns to tickle me. I was a nest, a home and a sanctuary. A hunting ground, a pantry and a seat. Leaves sprouted and life flourished and decayed with me.

A bird ate my fruits and I went flying. The rain carried my nourishment, and I gave it to nourish other life. I flowed into streams and rivers and eventually oceans, where I drowned and was reborn until I became clouds.

In small fragments the memory of the person I was before I died lives on. To think how small, how trapped and vulnerable I was then, before I died. Before I lived.

Photo: Tree Panels by Marilyn Roxie on Flickr

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A new beginning

For much of my life I have felt that I need to have multiple identities. Of course we are all different with different people, since we assume different roles in different contexts.

That is not what I mean.

What I mean is that I have felt a need to keep things strictly separated and actively hide certain aspects of myself and my life. The past few years I have started challenging that, which I feel has helped me to heal and integrate. Whatever I hide inside seems to make me irritable, dishonest and starts consuming me from within. What I openly show is released, transformed and heals.

It’s scary to reveal things about myself, especially things that I know that some people will disagree with, and most especially things that I know that small people might try to use against me. But I have come to the understanding that my real enemy is my own fear and that I’m only vulnerable as long as I am trying to hide something.

Now I intend to challenge this. It is time to integrate. It’s scary, but I know that the end result only can be good.

I have two things to confess initially.

1. I have a strong spiritual contact, which has become increasingly clear in recent years. Those who know me know that I come from a strict atheist and outright religious hating background. Therefore, this spirituality is not something I consciously invited or sought to find, but it landed in my lap without me asking for it.

I have not and will most likely never be part of an organized religion, since I primarily rely on my own contacts, abilities and experiences. And that is what my contacts tell me to do. I don’t need anybody else to show me the way, because I can see the way clearly.

I am a channel for angels, especially Archangel Ishmael. With his help I have, among other things, guided souls to the other side and cast out dark energies. I am also a channel to master Isaac, who taught me about forgiveness and whose technique I recently started a website to spread.

I don’t call myself a shaman or a guru, but that is the kind of work I sometimes do. I have, when I read books on the subject, realized that I work shamanically. But I do not work from books. I almost exclusively use techniques which are given to me directly from the natural and spiritual world. The books have always come to me in retrospect, to confirm what I’m doing. Not to teach me. In addition I occasionally help people with their life questions.


2. I have worked for many years with psychedelic drugs, mainly LSD and psychedelic mushrooms . I would probably not be alive today if it were not for LSD, which saved me from a deep depression and a long lasting destructive alcohol abuse.

I have worked very seriously with these substances, both with myself and with others. I have used substances for medical and spiritual purposes, and come to regard them as plant teachers. Working with this I have collected a lot of experience based knowledge, which I am about to share with you.

It is my firm belief that it is morally reprehensible that these substances are illegal. These substances are sacred and can help people relieve and heal such things as depression, substance abuse , trauma, post traumatic stress, death anxiety and empathy disorders. They are also part of a several century old tradition of spiritual work, where they are used to help people open up to other realities and come in direct contact with the source. Somebody has an interest in criminalizing this. Do not play along.

In order to credibly be able to discuss these issues, I however feel that I need to stop working with these sacred substances. I am therefore completely clean and will from now on refrain from using illegal substances.

Welcome to my new blog.
Let’s begin.

Photo: All of us by André P. Meyer-Vitali on Flickr

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From the bottom of my heart
with love and gratitude
I offer the fruits of this blog
to the highest supreme reality that I can imagine
to God
to Shiva and Shakti
to father Sun and mother Earth
to the Whole
where you and I are one.

~ * ~

I am grateful for my fantastic life.
I am grateful for all the meetings and all the lessons.
I am grateful to you for enriching my life.

Thank you for all the love that helps me to dare.
Thank you for all challenges that help me to grow.

This is my next step.
Full of curiosity I wonder where I’m going.

"love" by Porsche Brosseau on Flickr
“love” by Porsche Brosseau on Flickr

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